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Prison Break Fodder

Prison Break: Just Business

Just-Business.jpgNo urinating in the stairwell. That's the golden rule. -- Hotel Clerk

Don Self is an angry man. Maybe he wants to relieve himself in the stairwell, but most likely he'd be happy with that little piece of Scylla. Fortunately, Linc is a much angrier man. He's also short-tempered. So even though Donny tried to gas Michael, Sara and Sucre out of the warehouse, Linc popped him one. It was a nice reunion.

So Self explained that the group has a lot to gain from selling Scylla. They can split the cash, buy an island, and still watch The Company burn from their own private satellite. Of course, the gang has its reservations. Four seasons of getting screwed over has that effect on a person.

Not Gretchen though. That chick will side with anyone, huh?

Much of the group's plan for tonight relied on Mahone tapping his old buddy Agent Lang (who is looking quite svelte). He asked her if there was anyone in the bureau that was trust worthy. Apparently, the answer was no.

However, that wasn't the only plan. Sucre hid in the back of Gretchen's car and tracked the two to a hotel.

While everyone was waiting, Michael informed Linc that he once thought he was guilty of murder. We all did, Michael. Tattooing your entire body and breaking out of prison is enough of a payback for anyone.

Meanwhile, The Company was busy running through video from around town, trying to match up the faces of Linc, Michael, Self and Gretchen. That part was as boring as it sounds. I guess we just needed to know they were working on it. Even Lisa was bored; she resigned. The General then informed her that he really wanted a son -- like he wouldn't have resigned too. What a baby.

They did find Self and Gretchen, though. Everyone did. However, The Company had guns. The boys did have a pretty nifty gas/hairspray gun that was powered by Bic. Just when everything was about to go down, Gretchen left the room only to be pummeled by Sucre. Of course, she did her share of ass-kicking as well, even opening his old side wounds. Before she could shoot his beautiful face, Sara pushed her down the stairs. Part of me feels bad for the girl; she just wants to save her kid, after all.

That brings us to the hostages. T-Bag was still with Rita and Emily. Apparently, he is no longer Cole Pfeiffer, respected businessman with embossed business cards. Now he is just good old T-Bag -- and he's not all that happy about it. He was also completely paranoid, even knocking out a Bible salesman and taking him as a new hostage. He can't kill that hostage though. Why? No clue. How many guys has T-Bag killed since the beginning of the series? Now for some reason, he has a conscious. Well, that bit him in the ass, because his paranoia proved to be correct. The guy was Company and now he's back to being T-Bag, punching bag.

Back at the hotel, Don tried to make a break for it off the fire escape, which was rigged too (of course!). After he fell to the ground, Michael grabbed his bag and we were back in business -- for about two minutes. As Michael headed down the alley with Self's bag, his nose started gushing and he passed out.

Self got the bag and caught a ride with Gretchen. The Company then scooped up Michael. When he woke up, he was strapped to a Company hospital bed and the missing chip had rejoined all of its other little chip friends, in Scylla-land. Also, someone was holding Michael's hand. Who the heck was that? And were those Company-issued hospital gowns?

Well, of course, that hand belonged to The General. He is even creepier than we thought. He is also quite the bastard too. He recruited Linc to get Scylla back. In return, Michael will get the surgery he sorely needs. Confused? Talk about a twist.

Speaking of which, Don was about to sell Scylla, when he shot Vican. Maybe he was sick of his sass. Mahone also left the episode in custody. According to next week's preview, that looks short-lived, though. See you next week. -- Rachel Cericola

Posted by Rachel Cericola on December 9, 2008 12:20 AM
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You know, i have a feeling the buyer of Scylla will be...


-- Posted by: sPIKEYBEN at December 10, 2008 4:35 AM

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