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Prison Break Fodder

Prison Break: Going Under

Going-Under.jpgYou will work with a Bassett Hound in a birthday hat if that's what I tell you to do. That's what being an employee means. -- The General

That guy must be great at the annual Company Christmas party, eh? Ask Michael's mom or dad.

That's right -- mom worked for The Company too. Is this place sort of like McDonalds, and everyone has worked there at one point or another?

Anyway, that little tidbit about mom was Linc's "get well" gift to Michael. He finally had his surgery this week. Of course, he was also awake during the process, which allowed him to still get in plenty of screen time.

Linc got his share too, and wow. That guy had a lot of anger to showcase. First, he kicked off the episode by pulling out one of T-Bag's teeth with a pair of pliers. Then he scooped up Sucre and propped up his Tombstone II playbook in the back of an SUV, and went after Self and Gretchen.

Michael's surgery was kind of cool, if not nerdy sounding. However, the standout moment was when his subconscious took him back to Fox River, where he was reunited with DB Cooper (aka Charles Westmoreland) -- and his cat. When the two meet up, Michael talks with the man about what a downer the whole journey has been. The whole thing was sort of philosophical, and frankly, took away from a lot of the action. Well, except for the part where Michael died for a few seconds.

In the meantime, Linc and Sucre went to find Gretchen and Self, who were waiting for their Scylla buyer. When the two realized that The Company snatched T-Bag (as well as a tooth), they took off, leaving their crushed cell phones and the buyer's minion.

Briefly, Self and Gretchen were on the run together, and... was anyone else waiting for those two to make out or what? We know that Gretchen tried to flirt, but there was a lot of tension there -- as well as plenty of bad one-liners.

When the transaction went down, we got to see a peek at Scylla for about 10 seconds. It's not The Company's little black book after all. However, just when we were about to find out its contents, the buyer skipped out without paying -- unless you count shooting Self in the arm.

Mahone was still on his way to god-knows-where. When we met up with him this week, the ride was approaching the 3-hour mark. It seemed like he used much of that time to guilt Agent Lang. During a pee break (it's a long trip!), he managed to snag a pipe, which he didn't use to break heads; instead he smashed his way out of the car.

The guilt trip worked. Lang may have caught up with Mahone, but she let him get away. Speaking of getaways... Sucre has left the building and the show. Apparently he is sick of helping out the brothers -- or at least wants to devote more time to his big-screen career. Still, couldn't he wait around until the fall finale? That's next week. -- Rachel Cericola

Posted by Rachel Cericola on December 16, 2008 12:49 AM
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