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Prison Break Fodder

Prison Break: Quiet Riot

Quiet-Riot.jpgDid "Prison Break" try to smarten up this season? And when I say, "smarten up," I mean like the original "Charlie's Angels" movie. It's still not all that smart, but it throws in a lot of technical mumbo jumbo to pull my brain out of its sleep state.

First, we had Sara explain all of Michael's impending brain surgery. I have to side with Linc's statement, "Do we really have to hear this?" In Michael's defense though, Linc: He has this little brain surgery thing later today. If the guy wants to hear about the process, please indulge him.

Then we had the whole Scylla plan, which was a lot of geek speak. Michael needed to explain things to everyone, since he needs brain surgery right away. When all was said and done, the big plan was to have Gretchen doll herself up like a schoolgirl and woo card number 6 out of The General.

Of course, the guy doesn't woo easily -- even though he is the father of Gretchen's daughter. Whoa -- The General is Emily's daddy? No wonder the two dumped her off on Gretchen's sister.

So, Michael blew off his brain surgery to go get that last card. This is where we got to see all of Michael's tech talk acted out, as the remaining boys broke through that Scylla wall. Overall, that whole segment was kind of boring. It was no Cameron Diaz doing back-flips in a white leotard, I can tell you. Still, just as Michael got his sweaty mitts on Scylla, he sounded an alarm and The General kicked his men into high gear. Judging by next week's preview, this was all part of the plan, though. We shall see.

Back at GATE, Cole Pfeiffer made the company $35,000. Is that a lot? I know the economy is in a slump, but that seems, well... totally lame. He was rewarded with a cruise, which normally T-Bag would be all over. It could give him the chance to tan the rest of the body to match that fake hand. However, he had to pass. There's Scylla to be had!

His boss gave him a look that something might be afoot. Seriously, though. Could most people take off for a cruise that day? If only this makes him realize that Cole Pfeiffer is a shifty character, no wonder $35K seems like a lot to him.

Speaking of shifty: T-Bag finally made Trishann to be a Fed. Not because he called her agency and got Don Self on the line, but because she wouldn't strip for $1,000. Of course, any secretary would do that, right?

So instead of stripping, Trishann teamed up with Self -- to walk right into a trap. Now the two are being held by Feng and his henchmen. Now what? Guess we will see (well, maybe) next week. -- Rachel Cericola

Posted by Rachel Cericola on November 18, 2008 2:37 PM
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