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Office Fodder

The Office: Shareholder Meeting

Our beloved blogger, Andy, is off this week. It's too bad, because it was a pretty good week for The Office.

Once again, Michael can't get a break. Dunder-Mifflin's head honchos pick him up in a limo, only to have him face his worst nightmare -- being booed. He really knows how to work a room, though. It was nice to see his sales skills in effect during this episode. Also, Oscar has been getting some screen time lately. We were really hoping that Michael would save Dunder-Mifflin, but it was an even bigger bummer when Oscar drew a blank in front of the bigwigs.

Where exactly will this storyline go anyway? Despite Michael creating an even larger headache for the company, having him swipe the limo ride back to Scranton was priceless.

Back in the office... Could Ryan have been a bigger douche? We've seen the attitude before, but this might have been an all-time high on the jerk-o-meter. Maybe it was just his outfit. What style is he now? It seemed like he was clinging to last week's wardrobe, minus the Weezer glasses.

Jim is still not the likable Jim, but we were happy to see him score a few points tonight. Not only did we feel bad for him, but that closet trick was very reminiscent of the prankster that once used to put staplers into Jell-O.

Another awesome revelation: Dwight has "a shirt guy."

Did you guys have any favorite parts? Shout them out until Andy is back. We have time; there's no new episodes until December 3. Have a happy Thanksgiving!

Posted by Rachel Cericola on November 20, 2009 11:21 PM
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