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The Office: Double Date - Review

Dwight's up to something. He's offering everyone authentic New York bagels. Michael declines, though, saying he already had fish sticks for breakfast; his girlfriend, Helene (Pam's mom/Linda Purl) didn't want any because Michael's already an aphrodesiac.

"You're thinking of deer penis." - Dwight.

Ryan tells Erin he's a photographer now, and would like to take her photo. As an example of his "exposure in the workplace" series, he shows a topless photo of Kelly. You stay classy, Ryan.

Pam is screwed. It's her mom's birthday, and Helene and Michael want a double date with the Halperts. Remember, Helene and Michael hit it off at the wedding, and then Pam freaked out when she discovered the two were dating. So a double date should be a fiasco.

"Maybe he'll try dating that, too."- Pam, on Michael and her favorite food.

Michael finds out Helene is 58, and immediately is turned off. He wants to have kids some day, and he thinks she's too old. So he tries to sabotage the date, even as Pam begins to warm up to the idea of them dating, and Helene enjoys romantic gifts Michael got her.

To back out of it, Michael says he can't date Helene anymore because Pam isn't cool with it. Pam, though, says she's fine now. Backed into a corner, Michael just confesses Helene is too old.

"You're already taken that journey." - Helene

This ends up with Helene crying on the way home; we also find out Michael wishes he had grown old with Holly.

Michael wants to make it up to Pam, so Pam takes him up on his offer (to Michael's chagrin) of letting Pam hit him.

Like a showdown in the OK Corral, everyone shows up to watch. Michael is a wimp about it, and apologizes to Pam for dating her mom. She relents, but then Michael can't help but say Helene came on to him.

Pam slap/punches him. Michael limps (?!?).

In the subplot:
Dwight's goal is to do favors for everyone so that they owe him, and thus they'll help him get rid of Jim so he can have the co-manager spot. Really? This is Dwight's plan? I'm still not sure why the writers won't let Dwight just talk to corporate and tell them how Jim has been sucking at his job. Dwight, after all, met with Jan to discuss taking over Michael's spot.

Anyway, Dwight's scheme hits a road block when Andy immediately returns the favor by polishing Dwight's suitcase.

"Do not test my politeness"- Andy

The two then go favor for favor. Andy buys everyone lunch, so Dwight assembles everyone's tacos. Finally, Andy gets Dwight a gift card.

If that doesn't sound hilarious, it's because it wasn't, save for Dwight going "ay-ay-ay" when making tacos. Couldn't they have shown Andy trying to give Dwight a massage, or have Dwight buy Andy a stripper? And why not elaborate on how Dwight planned to get Jim out- what would he ask people to do? That would be funny, especially if we could hear what favor people wanted in return.


There's no way around the fact this wasn't a great episode. I'd give it Beets a Repeat on the poll below. Michael was a jerk this time, and not in a funny way. He made a woman feel bad about her age to the point of crying. When he told her she was too old, it was awkward- it was mean, not funny.

And they didn't get much humor out of the double date situation. It was over, really, as soon as she said she was 58. You knew what was going to happen. The idea of Pam punching Michael, while it could have been funny, ended up just kind of childish, save for watching Toby trying to give Pam advice how to punch Michael as hard as possible- that was funny. A better fight: When Dwight and Michael did some karate, street-style.

I didn't really get the subplot, either, and, as I said above, they didn't even do favors that were very humorous.

They can't all be winners.

Nice touches:

  • Michael saying "There's my girls" and calling Pam "Pammy"

  • Kevin's confusion on whether he really is fired

  • Creed covering up for no reason when Pam makes a fake call

  • Kelly saying she likes Helene's necklace, then shaking her head

  • Erin trying to help Pam out with the fake call, considering Erin and Pam don't always get along

Best quotes:

"Something's up. That paper was never supposed to arrive" - Creed

Also: A viral video/web site is up on "Subtle Sexuality" the music group formed by Kelly and Erin, with special rap appearances by 'Nard Dog and Mr. Understood (Ryan, who's douchier than usual). Kelly and Erin are rocking some gold spandex as they sing "Male Prima Donna." Funny stuff. Take a look below, and check out the site here.

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Posted by Andy Shaw on November 6, 2009 7:29 AM
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