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Entourage Fodder

Entourage: Drive - Review


The wait is finally over and the boys of Entourage came roaring back for the sixth season premiere tonight on HBO. This episode had it all: classic Johnny Drama lines, the guys giving E a hard time, Ari treating Lloyd like his lap dog and some Vinnie sexual escapades. Throw in some great naturalistic dialogue and superb editing and this season looks like one hell of a ride. Buckle up because Vince has a drivers license!

Creator Doug Ellin is one smart guy. He knows that the fans are split right down the middle with half of them longing for the days when the guys were carefree and talking smack all the time and the other half looking for character growth and development. So what does he do? He gives us both without it feeling forced. This show has always been about friendship and it was put on ample display without being sappy. And he managed to give some screen time to nearly every single character in the shows arsenal. Nicely done Doug.

The episode didn't have any crazy surprises and in fact not much happened at all but it did have a solid story with great banter. I was actually pretty surprised how laid back everything was. It seemed more like a mid season episode instead of a premiere of a show that hasn't had a new episode in 8 months!! Not that I'm complaining at all.

On to the recap and review . . .

The episode picks up 4-5 months off from last season's news about Vince getting an offer from Martin Scorsese to play the lead in his "reimagining" of the Great Gatsby (called simply Gatsby) and Vince has finished shooting the movie, the trailer has been released and is now promoting the film. Things are going extremely well for Vince and the gang as he has his next film already lined up. Get this, he's playing Enzo Ferrari in a bio pic (must be the hair) and he needs to learn how to drive. Turtle's relationship with Jamie-Lynn Sigler is going very well and he spends most of his nights with her. Drama's TV show "Five Towns" is still going strong and Miller Gold is doing very well with new partner Andrew Klein signing clients (even in these bad economic times as Ari mentions in passing.) But the big news is that little E is scoring lots of women at a record pace. People assume the show is about Vince but it's really about Eric Murphy as he's the soul and conscience of the show. As E goes so does the rest of the gang, plain and simple.

There is even a nice subplot about Lloyd giving Ari an ultimatum about being promoted to an agent. First he tries to talk to Ari and when he gets the brush off he blows up and yells at him in a celebratory meeting prompting Andrew to utter the classic line, "tough queer." By the way did anyone notice that the amazing scotch Ari and Andrew were drinking is real and very famous? I was salivating like crazy over The Macallan Fine & Rare Collection 1971 Vintage they were drinking as it's one of the rarest AND most expensive single malt scotch whiskeys in the world (for sale anyway). Damn, I wish I had some of that! Nothing like living vicariously through the guys of Entourage, right?

Vince's adventures in driving lessons are predictably bad as he bangs into E's Aston Martin and can't parallel park worth a damn. When we see him actually taking the test and running over cones and barrels I laughed out loud. I wasn't prepared for these sequences to be so funny. Of course when the inspector mentions how he's looking forward to the new Scorsese film I thought, uh oh he's gonna pass! He gets his license for two premiere tickets and then tells the story on the Tonight Show. That may come back to haunt him, you watch. His appearance on Leno is somewhat dated since Jay left that show about 2 months ago! Watch for Doug Ellin to weave this and the fact that Andrew signed the showrunners of "My Name is Earl", as that show was cancelled awhile ago, into a major plot point of the season.

As mentioned screen time is given to every single character of the last few years. We get to see Jamie-Lynn, Babs, Andrew, Shauna, Ari's kids, Mrs. Ari and of course the luscious Sloan played to perfection by Emmanuelle Chriqui.

It seems that Sloan may be around for awhile as she calls up E after his latest one night stand and tells him that a friend is looking to sublet her house for a year and she thought of him. Of course he jumps at the chance to meet with her and she wastes no time in letting him know that she's been keeping tabs on him and chides him for "still living in a frat house." E responds in the only way he knows how by assuming she still loves him and now it's only a matter of time before he badgers her into submission with his impish school boy charm. In order to save face in the "frat house" E lies to everyone about the real reason of the Sloan meetings. When he finally tells Vince that he's thinking about moving into his own house Vince gets all apathetic and assures him that he'll be fine all on his own. Problem is that neither of them have ever lived on their own before. We'll see how long the separation holds up. I can envision Vince falling in love with the next girl he hooks up with and having her move in with him into his big old mansion. That will go over like a lead balloon, right?

Meanwhile, Ari gives in somewhat to Lloyd's demands and offers him a counter proposal. If Lloyd survives the next 100 days of Ari abuse, um I mean training, then he'll get that promotion. First up? He directs Lloyd to lose 15 pounds for Tom! Who said Ari doesn't have a heart?

The episode ends on a melancholy note with Drama on an all night shoot for his show, E at Sloan's place and Turtle getting high in a bathtub with Jamie-Lynn and our boy Vince sitting alone in his empty house with the Verve's "Lucky Man" playing out to the credits.

Random thoughts . . .

First off I have to say how great it was to see the whole gang again and it was an extremely nice touch to have EVERY major character get some screen time, except Dana Gordon. My hat's off to you Mr. Ellin!

The good natured and brotherly teasing they guys give E was just right without going over the top. A very smart move to reintroduce these characters again after such a long layoff. If a newbie watched this episode without ever seeing any other they would immediately get who's who and what they are all about. Brilliant.

Jeremy Piven as Ari Gold has still got some serious chops. The long layoff, mercury poisoning and bad press has not affected this guy at all. He clearly brought his "A" game back in full force. It was classic how he ignored Drama and actually kicked Lloyd.

It was great to see Vince on top of the world again as an A-list star, driving and having sex with a beautiful girl. Sullen Vince doesn't work for me.

Kevin Connolly's acting has improved dramatically. Gone is the one-note technique he so often used. I guess acting in some films with good actors helped him, right? You really see his feelings on his face and his body language, very nicely done. Once again E is relevant and is the one to watch this season.

The characters are continuing to grow as the boys are finally growing up. Character development at it's finest.

It seems all the ugliness of last years brilliant season finale has been dissipated. The guys are as close as ever. This season's tag line says it all: life changes. friends don't.

Loved Turtle's reaction when E threatens to tell Jamie-Lynn a lie about him. Priceless. And Jerry Ferrara has lost tons of weight and has never looked better. He must be in love.

The producers are finally getting smart and actually say that the houses have certain length leases. That's always been a problem with continuity as they could never lock down locations. The guys now have the mansion again from season 1. Problem solved.

Drama and Turtle spying on E like little kids was retro and hilarious. Enough said.

Business appears to be very good at Miller Gold as there are still tons of people walking around the agency ignoring the boss. What are they doing exactly?

Best exchange:
Lloyd: I had dinner with my parents last night and my father spent the entire meal reaming me out.
Ari: You never told him you like d*ck.
Lloyd: He knew that by the time I was nine.
Ari: I'm not following you but the phone is ringing.

Next best exchange:
E: He passed you for premiere tickets?
Drama: Why? Cheryl Walters' let me go in the back door for Young Guns 3-D tickets.
Turtle: Disgusting.

Best Drama line:
It's all the girls he's been getting. P*ssy can smell other p*ssy and they have to pounce on it. That's why when you're on a hot streak you gotta press it. Just like in blackjack.

Bottom line is that this show was just downright funny while being laid back. You actually feel like you're navigating success with best friends in Hollywood and in the end that's what the show has always been about. I give the premiere 5 out of 5 Hot Chicks for the continued growth of the characters, great comic timing, superb writing and very funny situations. Overall a great start to a very promising season, let's just hope that the audience is still there. An eight month layoff is way too long, are you listening HBO?

-- Janaki Cedanna

Next week: The premiere of "Gatsby" gives Eric a chance to hang out with Sloan---even if it's not an official date---and Turtle makes his first public appearance as Jamie-Lynn Sigler's boyfriend. Meanwhile, Ari worries about Andrew's extracurricular activities when he organizes an outing for their wives. Sounds like lots of fun!!

Posted by Janaki Cedanna on July 12, 2009 11:44 PM
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The mansion they live in now isn't from Season 4, it's Season 1, the show premiere episode, "Entourage", in fact. Remember them playing basketball when E told the guys that he had dinner with Ari to discuss Vince's future? Same hoop, in the same room that E launched that shot from sitting on the couch last night.

-- Posted by: Brian at July 13, 2009 2:55 PM

Hey Brian,

You're right, thanks for the correction!
Don't know how I got that wrong.
Gotta keep me on my toes.

-- Posted by: Janaki at July 13, 2009 3:00 PM

What song was played when Vince was all alone on the couch at the end?

-- Posted by: Anonymous at July 13, 2009 5:52 PM

The awesome song at the end was "Lucky Man" by the Verve.

Thanks for reading!

-- Posted by: Janaki at July 13, 2009 8:28 PM

What's the song playing while Vince is trying to parallel park and hits Eric's car?

-- Posted by: Anonymous at July 13, 2009 9:17 PM

I want to know the name of that song too!

-- Posted by: Anonymous at July 13, 2009 9:47 PM

You can go to and the entourage page. It will give you all the songs played from each epiosde

-- Posted by: Michael at July 14, 2009 11:24 AM

What song is being played on Eric's car radio when he and Sloan pull into her driveway toward the end of the episode? Right before she invites him in. It is obviously a sweet song but I have no clue who the artist is. Please help.

-- Posted by: Dave at July 14, 2009 12:03 PM

Here's the link to the music credits for this episode. Enjoy!

-- Posted by: Janaki at July 14, 2009 1:11 PM

Yeah for some reason that song is not listed in the credits. Maybe because it was only playing on E's stereo.

-- Posted by: Dave at July 14, 2009 2:03 PM

I wonder if they kept that Leno bit in there to keep the show into context with another underlying plot line....Andrew landed the "My Name is Earl" guys, which has been cancelled as well. There will be turmoil with Andrew in the coming weeks.

-- Posted by: Knuckles at July 14, 2009 2:50 PM

Knuckles: There's been lots of talk about the show dating itself by Vince's appearance on Leno and Andrew signing the "My Name is Earl guys" but I believe that Doug Ellin is smart enough to incorporate these pseudo miscues into the overall plot line.

I'm sure this will become a point of contention between Ari and Andrew. One of many as various sources have reported that Andrew will nearly be the downfall of Ari and Miller Gold.

Besides it's pretty obvious that Andrew is an alcoholic as nearly every time we see him he's drinking or talking about having a drink. This will also be a major plot point this season. Maybe Lloyd will be the one to blow the whistle on Andrew?

As a sidenote did anyone salivate over that awesome scotch they were drinking? It was the very famous Macallan Fine & Rare Collection 1971 Vintage. Unbelieveable stuff. I want some . . .

-- Posted by: Janaki at July 16, 2009 7:14 PM

Hah. You had me up until the whiskey line. Well played, sir.

-- Posted by: Oriz0r at August 17, 2009 8:41 AM

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