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Battlestar Galactica: Key Points from "The Hub"

Well, it's nearing that time of the year my friends - we're only one episode away from the mid-season finale, and then who knows how long Scifi is going to make us wait for The Back 10 (given their previous track record, it doesn't look good). I can only assume that we'll find out this coming Friday how much Scifi is going to frak us.

But enough gloom and doom - you're here for a recap!

We spent most of last episode aboard the Galactica as Admiral Adama searched for Roslin and company, while Lee stumbled into becoming President of the fleet.

At the beginning of "The Hub," we're thankfully taken back a few days to find out what happened immediately after the hybrid jumped the rebel Cylon ship away with Roslin and friends aboard.

As the episode opens, we're with the rebel ship in the moments leading to the hybrid being reactivated and yelling "Jump!". The Cylon ship disappears with the traditional BSG spark of light - and the next we know we're on board an empty Galactica, sharing in Roslin's first "jump-vision." In the vision, Elosha appears (Roslin's former spiritual advisor that died during Home - Part 1), but before Roslin can figure out exactly what's going on, they finish the jump and Roslin is brought back into the present aboard the rebel ship. As Roslin, Baltar, a rebel #8, and Helo try to determine why the hybrid jumped, the hybrid jumps again, and we're back with Roslin in her "jump-vision."

Roslin and Elosha walk through the empty corridors of Galactica and down to the sick bay, where they witness a dying version of Roslin on her apparent death-bed, gasping for breath.

Cue the BSG sigh and opening credits!

Act 1

BAM! We finish the jump and we're back in reality aboard the Cylon base ship. As everyone ponders why the hybrid is jumping so quickly, Baltar thinks he can get information from the hybrid due to his past association with it. Whether from Baltar's pleas or no, the hybrid reveals that the #6 aboard Galactica has been killed (which is why it is panicking). #8 informs Roslin et al that it will do no good to try and tell the hybrid to jump back since it operates autonomously, and unplugging it will not work this time since the hybrid has connected itself to life-support. Baltar comedically tries to calm the hybrid, and right as it seems his words are having effect, the hybrid jumps again and we're back with Roslin's jump-vision.

This time we're in sick bay again with the dying Roslin, as Bill Adama, Lee, Starbuck, and Doc Cottle stand around comforting each other. Elosha approaches the death-bed and, speaking to the dying Roslin (although the words are obviously intended for the Roslin having the vision) admonishes the President for keeping those that obviously love her at arm's length. The finish of the jump brings us back to reality, where #8 informs Roslin that the ship is jumping to keep up with the resurrection hub, which also keeps jumping. The mission is still on.

Later, alone together, #8 and Helo plot strategy for how they'll approach the hub, attack, while #8 and Helo will infiltrate the hub and extract D'Anna. #8 attempts to console Helo's worries over the mission by massaging his shoulders, an act BSG Sharon used to do. This #8 reveals that she downloaded BSG Sharon's memories, which wigs Helo out to no end.

Helo goes to the base ship's hangar to talk to President Roslin about the mission, who continues the truce betrayal by ordering Helo to bring D'Anna straight to her if and when the #3 is returned.

Meanwhile, Boomer Sharon and Cavil have boarded the hub and resurrected D'Anna, informing her that she caused the civil war. Cavil tells D'Anna that he has brought her back to heal the Cylons and end the civil war.

Act II

Cut to - mission briefing. Helo informs his pilots that they'll be towed cold behind the Cylon pilots before being released for attack. The human pilots are none-too-happy about the arrangement. #8 reassures the human pilots that they can trust her like they did BSG Sharon.

In the hybrid chamber, Roslin and Baltar try to coax some coherence of their shared vision out of the hybrid's babble. The hybrid wakes to inform them that the #3 is online, and as Roslin realizes she means D'Anna, the hybrid jumps again.

In the jump-vision, Elosha and Roslin again walk the empty Galactica corridors. They end at sick bay again where Adama is reading "Searider Falcon" to a sick and dying version of Roslin. The finish of the jump closes the vision.

Back on the rebel Cylon ship, Baltar humorously tries to talk about God to a Centurion, as Helo and Roslin discuss final tactics, including the fact that the hybrid said a #3 was back online. Helo tries to protest bringing D'Anna solely to the President, but Roslin will not relent.

Cue sirens - they've arrived at the hub!


On the hub, #8 informs Cavil that a base ship has arrived. As Cavil tries to convince D'Anna that she needs to end this war (and D'Anna wonders why they haven't asked about the Final 5), #8 announces that heavy raiders are in route. D'Anna realizes that the Centurion inhibitors have been removed as #8 informs them that it's the rebel base ship and they're obviously planning on attacking the hub. Cavil quickly understands what destruction of the hub means and tries to use it as leverage to convince D'Anna of the need for reconciliation. D'Anna, however, kills Cavil for good by banging his head on the side of the resurrection bath.

And now it's time for 'splosions!

Vipers attack the hub as Helo and #8 attempt to get inside the hub and take D'Anna with them. Helo and #8 make their way into D'Anna's resurrection chamber where they find the newly deceased Cavil. The hub is coming apart under the attack, however, so they don't have time to take it all in. They escort D'Anna out of the ship.

Out in the heat of battle, BSG pilot Pike takes a hit and decides to jump, but just before he does a Cylon raider blasts him through the cockpit. Now we know how Pike ended up dead and floating back in Galactica-space from the previous episode.

While Baltar continues his conversion of the Centurion, he's interrupted by an explosion that destroys the Centurion and puts a deep gash in Baltar's side. Baltar is dragged into the room where Roslin is waiting for the return of Helo, where she drugs him and dresses the wound to keep the pain at bay.

High as a kite - Baltar reveals to Roslin that he was the one that gave up the access codes to the Cylons! Baltar goes on to say that God has taken away his guilt, and Roslin (rightly so) temporarily loses it and decides to remove Baltar's bandage and let him bleed to death!

Act IV

As Helo, rebel #8, and D'Anna evacuate the hub on a Raptor, the attack team sends off nukes and destroys the hub (presumably along with Cavil's pet #8). The rebel #8 tells D'Anna that it's a good thing the hub is gone, because now they're just like the humans - which makes Helo feel like a big piece of crap.

On the rebel base ship, Baltar begs for his life as Roslin prays to an unknown target (is it Baltar's one true God, or the gods?). The ship jumps and we're back in vision-ville.

Elosha is still overlooking Roslin's death bed as she tells Roslin to just love someone. Elosha disappears as we witness Bill Adama discover that the Roslin on her death-bed has passed away.

The jump completes and we're back in reality, where Roslin comes to the epiphany that Baltar deserves to live as much as anyone and covers his wound again.

Helo escorts rebel #8 and D'Anna back on board the base ship, where he informs the two that he has to take D'Anna straight to the President and nowhere else. When D'Anna states that double-dealing is very human and that rebel #8 must have missed that, Helo painfully tells rebel #8 that he's just following orders. Rebel #8 throws the word "trust" in his face and backs away with betrayal written in her features.

When Helo finally gets D'Anna to the President's chamber, Baltar has gone pale. D'Anna inspects him and informs Roslin that it appears he will live. Helo confirms that the hub has been destroyed and unhappily leaves the room.

Alone with D'Anna now, Roslin immediately inquires about the Final 5 aboard her fleet - and D'Anna says, "but you don't know you're one of them?" I have to admit, I was sold - and nearly blown away - until D'Anna laughs and makes fun of the look on Roslin's face. The music totally sold the false reveal - and I think the entire audience had a good laugh with D'Anna after all the conjecture of who the final Cylon is going to be.

D'Anna goes on to say that she's not talking until she knows she is safe. After all, she's the last #3 in the known universe. She'll tell Roslin who the 5 are when they return to the fleet (uh oh!).

As the base ship jumps its way back to Galactica, Roslin sits next to the hybrid and stares longingly into the middle-distance as she experiences the jump-visions. She tells Elosha during one of the visions that maybe something is there for her, on Galactica, her home.

We next see Bill Adama, floating alone in his Raptor, looking on incredulously as the base ship jumps into existence. The music swells, he boards the rebel ship, and he and Roslin embrace in a tear-jerker moment that culminates from all the crap these two have been through together.

Altogether, this was one hell of an episode, and reminded me yet again why this is possibly my favorite show ever. I highly anticipate / dread this Friday (although not as much as the series finale - ugh!).

Coming up - the last episode for God knows how long!

Posted by Perrin on June 9, 2008 11:34 PM
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