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24: 7PM-8PM: Jack is a Hostage

3.2.09.jpg 7PM-8PM

Olivia is still holed up in the White House with Aaron as her body guard. She is getting antsy and wants to go see her father. But Aaron tells her that her mother is getting ready to warn the public about another attack and it is safer if she stays put. Moss calls Taylor to let her know that they found Juma, but that they have lost contact with Walker. Walker makes her way out of the Potomac and finds a Park Ranger. He tells her that an APB has been put out on her and gets ready to call Moss when he is shot by Laurent. Walker takes off running again. Jack is in a holding cell in the white house (they have a prison in the WH?) and is trying to get Bill to go torture Burnette some more so that he will give up the information on Juma, but Bill refuses. Juma and his men get into the White House from the underground tunnel with the help of insiders. They take out a great deal of the secret service and learn that they only have 9 minutes until the next roll call to find the president or they will be attacked by secret service. Laurent has caught up to Walker who tries to use some psychology on him by telling him that Juma is the one who had his father killed but Laurent decides to strangle her anyway. She hits him with a shovel and he is then shot by Moss and the FBI who have arrived. Walker tells Moss she knows the target.

At the White House, Bill is leading Jack out of holding in cuffs when Bill gets a call from Moss letting him know that the White House is the target. Bill uncuffs Jack but tells him to do what he says. Juma and his men begin killing staff members and the secret service informs Taylor that they are under attack. Bill and Jack meet up with Taylor and Bill takes off her tracking bracelet. He tells her to go with Jack to the lockdown room and that she will be safe with him. Bill then scurries off to try and get Juma to follow him. Juma eventually catches up with Bill and he is taken hostage. Jack and Taylor make it to the lockdown, but she will not let Jack close the doors until Olivia is with them. Aaron says that they can't make it and as Juma's men approach lockdown, Jack has to close the doors. Aaron tells Jack that he will find another way out. Juma cuts off the phones so that no one can communicate. He convinces the head of Secret Service (Hovis) that he has Taylor and will kill her unless they evacuate the building. Hovis has no other choice and leaves. Juma tells his men to go around and find anyone else and bring them as a hostage.

Aaron realizes that Juma's message to Hovis was a bluff and he has to find a way to let Hovis know so that they can come back in. He and Olivia are currently hiding in an air vent. Juma's tech tells him that he can be through the doors in 15 minutes. Turns out that they have also been provided with the security codes. Moss and Hovis discuss their next move. Hovis tells him that they can move at anytime, BUT cannot do so until the VP gives them his okay since they do not have confirmation on Taylors safety. Jack and Taylor can see the hostages on the monitor, including Bill and Mayer, but there is no sign of Olivia. Jack tells Taylor that Juma had inside help and that this is a suicide mission because Juma knows there is no way out, and that he will take everyone with him. Maybe that explains why Juma constantly has watering eyes....

Jack short circuits the lockdown code access panel. Juma's man tells him that it will take too long to use explosives because they will have to drill. Juma calls up Jonas Hodges (Jon Voight) whom we haven't seen since the 2 hour movie. Apparently Jonas is the one who supplied Juma with all the access codes, and Juma wants another way into the room. Jonas at first refuses to help him (you've already gone this far, what's a bit more information), so Juma tells him that he will not deliver his shipment. Jonas figures out that Olivia is still in the building and tells Juma to use her as leverage.

Walker and Moss try and convince VP Hayworth to let Hovis and his men move in. But Hayworth says that he cannot give that order until he knows that the President is safe. However an off handed remark from his assistant about wanting to take the office (don't they always) might mean that Hayworth has another plan. Aaron realizes that there is no way out so he is going to try and get a signal sent out a window. Olivia demands to come with him and Aaron is eventually shot. He gives her the morse code signal to send out the window, but she is captured along with Aaron before the whole code can be sent.

Juma's men find the camera in the chandelier that Jack and Taylor have been watching them on. They sit Olivia in the chair and Juma tells her that he will remove her eyes, and tongue before slitting her throat if she doesn't open the door. She tells Jack to open but he refuses. She wants to know if Jack has kids and he tells her he has a daughter (though she's kind of crazy) and says that he couldn't let that happen to her, but then again, he's not the President. She orders him to open the door. Just as Juma is about to start carving on Olivia, the door opens. Jack is taken and put with the other hostages. Bill looks at him like he is crazy. Taylor tells Juma to let the hostages go now that he has her. He slaps her across the face and tell her that he doesn't take orders from her, and that she is about to make her last statement. Ever.

Posted by Stacey on March 3, 2009 5:21 PM
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Hey, pretty cool episode! I mean the president of the USA ...HOSTAGE!?!?
By season 9 Jack Bauer will only eat human flesh - He will have no option, or millions will die!

Another idea: He could have tortured president Taylor in order to get Juma in the lock room, to get him!

-- Posted by: Stilianos at March 9, 2009 3:22 PM

so informative, thanks to tell us.

-- Posted by: DedoVioheds at September 29, 2010 9:52 PM

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