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Veronica Mars News

Coming soon [maybe] to a theatre near you: Veronica Mars the Movie

Rob Thomas is at least considering going all Joss Whedon on us and taking Neptune to the big screen.
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'Veronica Mars' Meets Her Match: Network TV

It's over. It's really over? It's over. Seriously. Let the grieving commence.
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Still Keeping Our Fingers Crossed for 'Veronica Mars'

While the show's future is still on shaky ground, Mike Ausiello gives us an ounce of [circumstantial] hope.
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Operation: Save Veronica Mars

Don't want to see Veronica fail college after only one year? This group says take it to the streets.
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Veronica Mars: Back From the Dead Again

As the season's last five episodes start next week, here's some news on the dramafest behind-the-scenes of "Veronica Mars."
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Is "Veronica Mars" C-c-c-canceled? Say It Ain't So!

It's NOT official, but with the Pussycat Dolls reality show garnering higher ratings, Veronica's fate does not look good in her real life story arc.
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"Veronica Mars" is Back

More news and clues than you can pack into a VMars episode, and we all know how much that is.
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Veronica's Challenge: Solving the Mystery in Two Less Episodes

The CW orders only seven more episodes of "Veronica Mars."
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