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Veronica Mars Fodder

Veronica Mars: Un-American Graffiti

First, I'd like to just say that CWTV Player completely sucks. But that's not important.

I knew from the "previously on Veronica Mars" that this week's ep would be chock-full of romantic drama, but I had no idea how soft our characters had gone. Logan is Mr. Boyfriend, doing all the stereotypical right things with Parker (including scanning a sickeningly sweet photo of them on her birthday cake- gag). Mac is a dating machine, realizing her and Bronson maybe aren't so compatible and totally "mac-ing" (sorry) on Max at the party.

And Veronica...oh, Veronica. She's all weak in the knees for one Monsieur Piznarski--finally. The Logan/Veronica relationship may be epic, but this one's just cute as a button, no? My only qualm is that Veronica will become too comfortable. Come on V, we need some angst, some internal torture. Hopefully Thomas & Co. will oblige, but until then, I conclude they put out a solid back-from-hiatus episode. So there.

No big mystery, to my dismay, but I suppose I understand what they're trying to do by boosting the ratings with stand-alone mysteries. It still breaks my old school Veronica-lovin' heart, but if it means she's back for another year, so be it. The mini-mystery, although it seemed a bit rushed, did tackle some weighty issues, which is always commendable. The war in Iraq made an appearance on VMars for the first time (surprisingly, but I guess she has a little too much on her plate to be a political activist.) when Veronica is hired to find out who spray painted "Terrorist" on a Middle Eastern restaurant. The culprit is a misguided patriot, the brother of an injured US soldier who was pushed over the edge by an anti-American cartoon handed out by a restaurant employee. Notice though, how the character who was anti-American was arrested and the vandalizing, anti-Middle Eastern character was let off the hook? C'est interresant. But I'll agree with any storyline that has Veronica talking about Desert Fever. So good, so bad.

Keith Mars is ruling the Sherrif's office with an iron fist, ordering sweeps of local bars admitting underage kids. There were almost no funny "oh dad" lines in this week's ep- Sherrif Mars is all business. Although giving Piz and Wallace fake IDs with Bon Jovi and Biggie Smalls on them ["We dont' really all look alike Mr. Mars," says Wallace] was pretty ingenious. But when will he go back to being PI Mars? I don't think the uniform is particularly flattering, sorry Keith.

But back to the juicy stuff. Jealousy, lust, love, and of course, Dick trying to have a threesome/one night stand. Makes my heart melt, really. Corageously Veronica shows up at Parker's bday party at the Neptune Grand only to find Wallace and Piz brought the hot pool player, Mac is hitting it off with Max, Logan is getting his act together in almost too goody-two-shoes turnaround, and then have Logan set her up with a skeezy swing dancer [? I don't get it either]. But wait! Thanks to Wallace's keen eye [duh, Veronica, everyone knew] and short, serious motivational talks, Piz "goes all in" ambush kissing Veronica...ooooh! Then he busts out of there in what would have been a grand exit...if Veronica didn't run after him, ensuring, of course that Logan totally gets a glimpse of their makeoutfest. Double oooohhh!

Only four episodes left. They say the finale is going to be a classic VMars season finale, but I'm still skeptical. Maybe Paul Rudd will restore my faith next week...but probably not.

Posted by Alyce on May 2, 2007 11:05 AM
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