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Veronica Mars Fodder

Veronica Mars: The Debasement Tapes

I'm not sure if it's just the gorgeous weather putting me in a better mood, but I ate this episode up. Lots of character involvement, guest star, indie rock, life lesson-learning realizations, red herrings early on and no Parker (I just don't like her v. much, sorry). Granted the mystery wasn't quite as life-threatening as most of the better VMars episodes, but, it left me quite satisfied (and no, it's not just because I think Paul Rudd is cute). And to top it all off there's NeptuneDrama- Vinny is running against Keith for sheriff, ooooooh!

So, the entire hipster crowd at Hearst College is gearing up for the return of Desmond Fellows (Rudd), the remaining half of the cult favorite nerd rock duo My Pretty Pony. He's playing a show to keep the student radio station in business (they curse on air--unbelieveble, I know--and now they've got a huge bill from the FCC) and Piz wins the chance to be his escort, but, of course, if only to get Veronica and Piz interacting again, there's a mystery to be solved. The mystery of the missing backup tapes, which are actually CDS, but whatever.

In true rock 'n' roll fashion, Fellows is quite the scummy burnout. Popping pills, boozing, doing it all for the chicks and the money, much to the dismay of superfan/idolizer Piz [or should I say Fez, Plax, Poz...] Classic: "Hey, Monica, How old are you?" "Eleven."

But with a little help from the Veronica-Piz super mystery solving/inspiritational duo he ends up getting back to what's important: the music. Cue Full House! 'Twas quite adorable though when Veronica reached for Piz's hand at the end- Kodak moment really.

But look- Logan is getting jealous! Dun dun dun- always wants what he can't have. I guess one episode of happiness is all he ever gets. Can you say romantic cliffhanger season finale anyone?

As for Mac, she's doing the noble thing, dumping Bronson before going after her geeksoulmate Max, with whom she spends an entire night with making Logan's class project ( They bond over hacker lingo. It's precious.

In other news, Leo's back as a super-excited Deputy. "Just like old times," he says. With only three episodes left (eek!) who even knows what could happen. The show seems to be getting into a character-driven phase, and with most of the cast probably departing if next season's plans pan out, I for one am glad. I just wish Wallace, my man, would get a little more screen action.

P.S.- Anyone know where I can download that D. Fellows song?

Posted by Alyce on May 8, 2007 8:54 PM
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