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Veronica Mars Fodder

Veronica Mars: Season [Read: Series] Finale

"A long time ago we used to be friends but I haven't thought of you lately at all..."

And we're back where we started, basically. In three glorious (I'll admit at times not of the highest caliber, but every bad season 3 episode is made up for by the quality of seasons 1 & 2) seasons we've seen our main characters (I mean Veronica and Keith) go from social outcasts scrounging to make ends meet to, well, presumably the same. With the evidence tampering charges there is no way Keith will remain Sheriff Mars. He'll be chased out of office just as he was years before, not-so-coincidentally thanks to Jake Kane. If anything Veronica has had cause to be even more cynical, bitter, suspicious and too grown up for her age.

Although on the surface life in Neptune seems to be staying stagnant, almost transgressing, so much has happened. Families have been torn apart, torn themselves apart, despite the desperate grappling for some sense of normal domesticity. People have died, people have been born, people have run away (and come back and run away again). Lives have been ruined, lives have been saved. People have been there for each other and abandoned each other.

A seemingly superficial show about Nancy Drew-esque little blonde and her detective work in sunny California somehow managed to become a dark, sometimes twisted, story of betrayal and loss. Every happy moment in Veronica's life is somehow tainted with a dark past or a foreshadowed tragedy. Remember that voiceover line? "Want to know how I lost my virginity? So do I." That's when I knew this was no ordinary crime mystery/drama.

Stop me if I'm being too much of a sentimental television nerdface, but I for one feel like a close friend is moving away. I'll still be able to re-watch old episodes and fall in love with Veronica and her scrappiness all over again, but I won't be able to see her grow anymore. And that, my friends, is sad. Very sad.

But let's face it: we all knew this day would come, and [thank the heavens] they ended on a high with, in my opinion, two fantastic episodes back to back. They proved how much lost potential there is there. The Castle plot line (while reminiscent of the Tritons) gotten way more play. Weevil's back to his old ways and lord knows that produces scandalous entertainment. Logan and Parker are broken up, leaving the path wide open for an "epic" reunion (though I sometimes feel Logan/V are past the point of no return). And if not, the Piz/Veronica fling could have turned into something more. I mean, there's no catch with Piz. Can Veronica handle that lack of drama and tragedy in a partner? Or is she just drawn to it all, hence her connection with Logan "brass knuckles" Echolls? And what about the Casablancas? They surely could have spiced things up a bit, especially with Dick's sudden bipolar attitude, switching from the perv we know and love to an emotional basketcase (understandably). P.S.- how classic was that Mac/Dick scene? "Now I know what my brother saw in you," and he tries to kiss her. HA.

I think what I loved most about these episodes (other than the fact that they involved two pretty classic VMars-style mini-mysteries) was the nostalgia. The throwbacks to old episodes and to inside jokes. [Matchbox 20? I mean, honestly, I for one an surprised they bit their tongue with the Rob Thomas joke for this long]. They really turned up the camp in this one. Ms. Mars using a Venus razor? There was absolutely no other reason for that scene. It wasn't quite to the level of the Arrested Development final episodes, but the self-parodying was definitely on high.

And think of all they crammed into these last two episodes that hearkens back to the old days. The Castle is the fancy version of the Tritons, Kristen Bell gets to stretch her vocal chords again, Wallace travels by car trunk like Veronica once did, this was not the first videos of a sexual nature that played a prominent role in an episode (remember the popsicle?), Wallace once again goes to the mat for Veronica (and we thought he'd lost his touch), and perhaps the two most obvious: the giant painting of Lily (um, creepy much?), fittingly featured in the cyclical last episode, and Keith's fall from law enforcement grace.

It's the change and lack thereof that makes this finale fitting, but the loose ends that make it frustrating. But that's it. There you have it folks. Then there were two. Father and daughter. The heart and soul of the show. The perfect team. In the end, it's really all about them just trying to get through it all.

I'm sorry, was that mushy?

Well, you know what they say, "Veronica Mars, she's a marshmallow."

Posted by Alyce on May 25, 2007 9:30 PM
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