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Veronica Mars Fodder

Is "Veronica Mars" C-c-c-canceled? Say It Ain't So!

I'm officially a jinx. Why couldn't I keep my Debbie Downer/Doom-Sayer talk to myself and not reveal my gut feeling that season three could tragically be Veronica's last?

But before you panic, get the facts from someone entirely more reliable and knowledgable than me and my gut:

Kristin Veitch from E! Online first wrote yesterday that the CW had decided to officially cancel the fan favorite.

Later that night she posted an updated entry saying that the show had three possible fates:
1) being renewed for a fourth season featuring Veronica as a sophomore at Hearst, 2) skipping the next three or so years and returning in the fall with Veronica as a real live FBI Agent, or 3) ::draws finger across throat:: the guillotine.

So, do as she says. Write to Dawn Ostroff. Comment on the blog. Sread the word however you see fit: VMars is not ready to go. Don't let one of the few smart, witty, worthwhile shows get axed while mindless, contrived reality shows, melodramatic primetime soap operas and dumbed-down repetitive sitcoms thrive. We're the VMars army and we will not accept this fate.


[For more info go to Neptunesite- a great fansite with crazy up to date posts.]

Posted by Alyce on March 16, 2007 1:23 PM
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