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Veronica Mars Fodder

Veronica Mars: Postgame Mortem

Wallace is back! Yessss.

...aaand he's gone again. Great. If ever Veronica needed a little Wallace banter and a partner in detectivedom it would be now. Too bad.

But I suppose she's keeping herself busy enough, what with continuing the Dean O'Dell investigation and helping suspected criminals escape from jail. Despite being Logan-less, she seems back in the game.

Logan, on the other hand, seems anything but. Locking yourself in his suite clad in an old man bathrobe, hoarding the Neptune Grand's salt and pepper shakers and failing out of college. Sounds like a great plan. However, his bathing and shaving boycott has produced a cute little scruff, especially in all those pensive shots with sad indie music blaring in the background.

Through a chance encounter with an 13-year-old girl [Dick's new Vegas bride's little sis. Crazy.] Logan shapes up and finally decides to leave the hotel premises. The girl's prozac-induced youthful innocence and a Mariokart marathon melt his bitter, sulking heart and possibly even renews his hope for patching things up with Veronica. Although, if you ask me, this back and forth is getting a little boring and I want to personally thank the writers for not completely saturating this episode in "LoVe" drama.

Instead, we got another murder, a bunch more clues about Dean O'Dell's murder and a to be continued mini-mystery. This time it was the Hearst basketball coach who met his demise by the side of PCH after an argument with his b-ball playing son in the locker and another heartbreaking loss on the court. After the ever-astute Sheriff's Dept. accuses Josh Barry, the son, of the murder, the family goes to Keith to find the real killer (there seems to be a trend here...)

But the cards are stacked against the all-star, who apparently found his dad on the side of the road and instead of calling the cops, went home to wash off the blood. To top it off, Mason, the kid Wallace replaced as a starter and a shady and supposedly gun-toting character himself, goes to Lamb saying he saw father and son arguing at the crime scene that night. With that evidence, Lamb throws Josh in the holding cell and it's up to Keith and Veronica to sort things out. Then there's this Noel Stoltz character, a cookie-cutter Neptune billionaire and Hearst benefactor who hated Coach Barry and his losing squad. He was on a plane at the time of the murder, but, as we all know, that doesn't make him innocent yet.

'You believe me don't you?" Josh asks Veronica. How many times has she heard that from the other side of prison bars?

If you ask me, I don't trust a single one of 'em. Nor do I trust the always cool and calculating Prof. Landry, who we all know is smart enough to pull off the perfect murder but an all too obvious suspect, or the red-lipped Mrs. O'Dell, who is clearly capable of keeping secrets. With her reaction to Keith's accusatory tone-trying to kick him off the case-she's begging to be pushed to the top of the suspect list.

We now know that the a) Volvo Chesty O'Dell was driving was checked out of the Grand precisely around the time of the murder, b) She has no recollection of "Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang," the pay-per-view movie she and "Rory Finch" ordered around that same time, c) The room service kid heard a fight between two men in the room at around midnight.

Was it Miss Scarlet Lipstick in the library with the candlestick? The Professor with the revolver in the study? The delinquent son in the lounge with the rope? Or perhaps they're all just red herrings and the arc finale episode will be mind-blowing. Here's hoping.

Tune in next week to see Veronica the jailbird, the reappearance of our favorite members only jacket-wearing P.I., Vinny Van Lowe, and, apparently, Logan on a Valentine's Day scavenger hunt with Mac and Parker. Right.

Posted by Alyce on February 14, 2007 11:31 AM
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