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Veronica Mars Fodder

Veronica Mars: Mars Bars

What?! Sheriff Lamb? Say it ain't so. Sure, he could be a selfish conceited jerk, but under that bad cop exterior, we all know there was a lovable Lamb with a soft spot for the Mars "amateur crime fighting duo." Balboa County just won't be the same without his arrogant press conferences and Miami Vice interrogation techniques. P.S.- Why did his last living act have to be shooting at his reflection in the mirror? Give the guy a little credit. Seriously though, we all loved to hate him, but mostly we loved him because he was part of the VMars character web that just works so well.

Once you've had time to grieve, please read on.

Even before the murder of our beloved Sheriff, this episode had everything- clues, red herrings, pistols, Mac and Mac's special male friend, jail cells, standoffs, gunfights, interrogations, confrontations. Oh my.

For the first time since she learned to walk, I'm sure, Veronica spends more than two minutes in one place. Granted, that place is jail, but still. She pulls off the jailbird look smashingly with a badass tat and all. The second she's out (literally, the second she gets out of the patrol car) Veronica's back on the case, whether she likes it or not, as Josh the fugitive shows up with a duct-taped Mason stuffed in his trunk asking Veronica to help him flee the country. But, alas, we rule out too obvious suspect Mason because his gun was a .22 caliber and the gun that shot Coach Barry was a .45. Thanks, Veronica, junior ballistics expert.

Onto the next lead: Keith finds out (with no trouble at all) that before the coach died, Mrs. Barry hired Vinny Van Lowe to get a "money shot" of her husband with another woman. He manages only a vaguely incriminating shot and we find out the woman in question is not a jealous Navy officer's wife, but Mr. Barry's neurologist- apparently Barry had some impossible to pronounce but torturous terminal illness.

Mrs. Barry seems to be our perp- she took out a life insurance policy on her husband just days before his death, had access to money for hiring a hitman, and oh, look, she even has a .22 caliber pistol hanging out in the house. That's not sketchy at all.

Meanwhile the crazy (and probably smelly- he's been wearing the same clothes for a while) Josh is convinced he needs to flee the country (why do innocent people always act so guilty?) and with Veronica's help gets a fake i.d. and the valuable coin collection from his safety deposit box. But before he can jump the border, he finds a mysterious DVD with his name on it, pops it in, and learns (a couple years too early) that his father, knowing the havoc the unpronouncable illness will wreak on his body, enlisted a friend to kill him and make it look accidental to maximize the life insurance payout. Yikes.

With that mystery behind them, the Mars clan turns again to the ever-so-sketchy details of the O'Dell case. As Mindy is looking more and more guilty every second [particularly on the Xanax issue- the Dean was out of his meds, yet somehow they were found in his system after the murder, and we find out Mindy made a stop at the pharmacy on the night in question.] we also learn the creepy cigar-smoking man who visited O'Dell on December 10th was Mel Stoltz [billionare Hearst benefactor, remember?]. And criminal mastermind Prof. Landry continues to stay on the radar, barging into Keith's office with a bugged cell phone. Veronica has promise, says Landry, she doesn't need to be "slumming it" in a P.I. office. Ouch, Landry. Low blow. Besides, it was obviously TA Tim who planted the bug. He's the only other person investigating this mess.

But isn't the whole cheating seductress of a wife murders older not so attractive husband line so cliche? That's what the writers thought, too. New evidence (well, actually, an epiphany, but whatever) leads Keith and Veronica back to square one when they realize the overheard shot was actually fired an hour later than they thought, which was after the Volvo was returned to the Neptune Grand.

And another sketchy character becomes more involved in the murder as ex-husband Steve's fingerprints are found on the Dean's keyboard. And then he does something else that's sketchy. Oh yeah, he kills the Sheriff with a baseball bat while breaking into the O'Dell house! wtf? This guy's crazy.

As Veronica is in jail, helping out a suspected murderer, and making a million trips to the Sheriff's office with Keith, her pals are off taking part in a sexually-charged, all night long Valentine's Day scavenger hunt. The result? Well, they come in third, Mac finally seems to be over the whole Beaver fiasco, and Logan and Parker are looking a liiiittle too cozy following the night of bonding. Drama drama drama.

And then Weevil finds bloody gloves and a bloody shirt with the initials H.B.L. (Hank B. Landry) on it hidden in the basement of the Dean's office. Next episode is sure to focus on the investigation of the Prof., but a) how do you catch the guy who wrote the book on the perfect murder? and b) let's face it, the real killer is probably figuring out how to escape while they investigate the logical lead. Because that's the way it is in Veronicaland.

We all want to know who killed Dean O'Dell, but what I really need to know is if Keith Mars rises once again as Sheriff, what is to become of Mars Investigations? Can the show keep its gritty touch (which it already seems to be losing) without the 40's style P.I. firm and its laundry list of tawdry and scandalous clients? I for one am a little nervous.

Posted by Alyce on February 21, 2007 9:19 AM
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