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Veronica Mars Fodder

Veronica Mars: Papa's Cabin

I said it was too obvious. I said it was going to be someone random, someone who would elicit a "whattt?!" from faithful viewers. But no. Instead it was a usual suspect. The one who nobody trusted, who everyone thought could be the Hearst rapist, and when it turned out he wasn't a sexual deviant, who everyone assumed was a murderer. (Again, I make these overarching "everyone" statements based on the random sampling of the five or so people I know who watch the show each week, very scientific of me, I know.)

And not only was Tim not the Aaron Echolls/Beaver ohmygodsurprisehe'sthekiller suspect, but when Veronica exposed him she did it not at gunpoint, locked in a fiery freezer, or drugged into oblivion, but in the back of a lecture hall. Helloooo, it is not the end of a mystery if Veronica's life is not in danger, duh.

Maybe it wasn't as thrilling because we weren't committed to the mystery for twenty-two episodes, who knows. I'm not saying I could have written it better, but something was missing. Or maybe my VMars standards are just too damn high.

Despite the anti-climactic arc/episode ending, I must admit it was an entertaining episode. The whole Veronica/Tim detective duo bit (bound to happen) was a fun way to find some clues and the flashback bits of the Dean worked nicely.

Still weird to see Keith in his Sheriff's uniform. But he loves it. He's allll business, that Keith. And apparently they don't actually mourn officers killed in the line of duty in Neptune. What is this, The OC? I know Lamb wasn't the most astute, effective sheriff, but they should at least mention him maybe once in the episode.

But Keith is busy with important things. Like questioning Mindy, realizing her entire story was basically a lie, then letting her flee to Mexico on a houseboat she bought with the life insurance money she collected when Professor Landry was arrested for the Dean's murder. Why doesn't anyone grasp that concept that leaving the country makes you look ridiculously guilty? Gosh. It's clear that sooomeone is setting sooomeone else up.

Here's how it went: When he found out his wife was a two-timing tramp, Cyrus in his whiskey stupor stumbled to the Neptune Grand with his pistol, threatened to end Landry's career and to divorce Mindy, leaving her with zlich. So, fearing a life back on the street corner (kidding), Mindy paid a visit to the good Dean at his office [that's where he got the Xanax] and upon her return, Landry was gone.

With his alibi shot, Landry is arrested and enlists the help of his trusty TA Tim to find the one witness who can prove he was at a convenience store at the time of the murder. "I need you to find a needle in a haystack," Landry tells Tim. So to find this needle (a non-descript brunette who smokes) Tim finally comes to his senses and, with hardly any argument, convinces Veronica to be his partner in crime-fighting. Smart move, creepy man.

The detective duo's little clue-gathering stunts are cute. They even seem to be bonding. When they find the recordings of Landry's phone and hear the good Professor totally bashing Tim to a future employer Veronica seems genuinely sorry for the little guy. When they actually find the needle among the haystack of hookers, she turns out to be a fake, someone Landry knew from the juvie board- lame, Landry. Hiring fake alibis totally makes you look guilty. Why won't these people ever learn?

But it's too late, Landry's already taken off after Mindy and joins her on a boat to "Papa's Cabin"- no, that's not an unsettling name for his parents' house, it is in fact a resort that was one of Hemingway's getaways. How charming. By the time Keith (and his foreign law enforcement counterparts- way to keep it authentic) find Landry on the boat he's a complete mess and admits that a fight where he confronted Mindy about trying to frame him ended in Mindy overboard. What a shame. (Was that insensitive? I don't even care- good riddance.)

Meanwhile, back in Neptune, while everyone thinks Landry is the legit killer, Tim and Veronica take over his criminology class. When a student asks to discuss how their professor was just arrested for killing their dean (valid point, anonymous student boy), Tim obliges. Bad move, killer, bad move. As he explains the specifics of the case to the class, he gets sloppy. After planning out the perfect murder, Tim is now breaking the criminal rules and improvising and, of course, he slips up. And Veronica, of course, has one of her trademarked epiphany moments.

It was Tim all along. Tim who killed the Dean and Tim who framed Landry to get back at him for ruining his chances at a fancy teaching job. Talk about someone who takes his career seriously. In the end his pride was his downfall. Isn't it everyone's? And that was that. A semi-unexciting end to a semi-unexciting story arc in a semi-unexciting season.

Oh, and did I mention that Logan and Parker are pre-sort of-dating? Because they totally are. Parker tries to end it because she doesn't want to lose Veronica as a friend but Logan (in possibly the Logan/Veronica conversation ever to be void of witty sexual tension-charged banter) decides to ask Veronica's permission himself. If you ask me this whole storyline was a little lost in the context of the episode, but who am I kidding- we are suckers for some good Logan/Veronica drama and these scenes had future dramafest setup written all over them.

But, alas, we shall have to wait another eight weeks (yes, eight) to visit our friends in Neptune again. That's right the Pussycat Dolls are in town and they're booting Veronica out of her time slot. Come on CW, could you possibly be any more lame? And come on Veronica, you could have at least left us with a mystery to stew over during the hiatus, but no, the episode ended with a quiet Mars family dinner. Although, you have to admit, that closing scene was kind of precious.

Not to go all Debbie Downer, but could these next six episodes be Veronica's last? And if they are, will they do the show justice? All I'm saying is, if the season three finale is the series finale, it best be a mind-melter or else...

[yeah, i just threatened the entire cast and crew of VMars, so what?]

addendum: i have no concrete evidence that vmars is in fact even close to being canceled. i'm basically just starting rumors based on gut feelings. very irresponsible of me, i know.

Posted by Alyce on February 28, 2007 8:01 PM
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