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Veronica Mars Fodder

Veronica Mars: Poughkeepsie, Tramps & Thieves

Aaaaand they're back. Veronica and Logan, that is, together once again and hogging the spotlight. Weevil is the only beloved supporting character we saw on this week's episode. And I'm pretty sure Wallace has been kidnapped by basketball & Nelly-lovin' aliens. There really is no other excuse for his ridiculously long absence. And while I'm ranting, where are Mac and her PETA lover boy? Oh, how these writers tease us.

Anyway, they're back together and Veronica wants to play twenty questions about Logan's sexual deviance (or lack thereof). We all know that's going to end in screaming, tears, etc. Right? Right? Except it doesn't. Screw trailers that portray false drama. She spent about three seconds brooding and then, eeehh no big deal. Interesting though how Veronica brings up the Mercer/Mexico situation again. Might that come back to kick him in the ass? Time (or Veronica) will tell.

Onto this week's mini-mystery since Keith investigating O'Dell's death seems to bet getting absolutely nowhere. All we know is the Lillith House girls (anyone else sick to death of them and their egg obsession? haven't they been cleared of one crime already this season?) egged the Dean's office the night of the murder and Nish (the beotch of a former newspaper editor) is acting mighty suspicious. They need to get a move on- only three more episodes to crack the case, Keith. [Sidenote: where are all his other cases? No mention of bail jumpers or cheating spouses lately, what's the deal?]

Ah, yes, the mini-mystery, involving comics, hookers, female pimps and $10,000. Sounds exhilarating, right? Actually, not so much. I for one was not sucked in to this little plot. Other than its plug for Comic-Con and Battlestar Galactica and the recitation of the most awkward line ever spoken by a bespectacled geek ("Let me talk to your pimp") I'm not sure it was the best use of the limited VMars time we have this season. Are my standards set too high?

So, Cheater McGeek (the kid with the term papers and test answers) meets a girl over Cylon talk at Comic-Con and needs Veronica to track down his graphic novel-loving soulmate. But, there's one problem: Max (McGeek)'s roommates hired the girl so he could lose his virginity.

Max: Can you still find her?
Veronica: Um yes, but she'll still be a prostitute.

Love is blind.

Veronica narrows it down to two "escorts" from the online store and invites them over to Logan's Neptune Grand apartment to reunite the lovebirds, how sweet. One problem: Wendy/Fiona/Chelsea is all tangled up in working girl politics and needs some serious help to get out. But when Veronica realizes the hooker screwed Max out of his money she, as always, makes it her personal mission to bring Wendy down. Will she ever learn? Blackmailing a judge isn't quite as easy as she makes it out to be and Max ends up paying Wendy's "agent" ten grand (something about tattoo removal and braces) to get Wendy out of her jam. But poor poor Max gets his heart broken for the eighteenth time in one episode and can't handle the life of an ex-hooker's beau. You really start to feel for the guy here. With that type of character development investment could Max Moneybags be back for more in later episodes?

But here's the real shocker: Madison "trip to the dentist" Sinclair (with horrible bangs) randomly shows up. We all know this can't mean nothing, and find out Neptune High's resident slut is still up to her old tricks driving a wedge between Logan and Veronica. Apparently Madison and Logan hooked up during the couple's break and is back for more. Cue shocked and angered face.

And the million dollar question: Could Veronica really be pregnant? We shall have to wait for next week folks.

Posted by Alyce on January 30, 2007 9:00 PM
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