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Veronica Mars Fodder

Veronica Mars: Show Me the Monkey

Finally, life is back to normal. Finally, we can all again measure our days and hours according to their proximity to Tuesday at 9 p.m. [right now = 6 days, 22 hours.]

It's been six weeks Neptune-time since we last left our gang of witty mischief makers and not much has changed. Dean O'Dell is still dead, Logan and Veronica are still on the fritz and internally tormented by their relationship, Parker is still too cheery, Wallace is still m.i.a., Piz is still pining for Veronica and Hearst is still teeming with crazy hippie kids (okay, they're just activists, but Mac did say the smelled like b.o. and cloves).

Out with the Lilith House feminists and in with PHAT (People for Humane Animal Treatment) and their oh-so-cute ringleader Bronson. Did I mention Bronson has a big fat crush on our favorite computer whiz? Because he so does.

So here's the update on the next big mystery arc: Dean O'Dell finds out his wife Mindy is banging the hot Psych professor and the next morning Weevil finds him with a bullet through his skull in his office. Of course, at first, everyone thinks suicide thanks to the eloquent, not at all cliche "Good-bye cruel world" note in a document on his computer screen. [Actually, it said "Good-bye cruel worldzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz." Weevil guesses his head fell on the Z button. Classic Weevil one-liner.] Slutty O'Dell won't get any money if the insurance company determines her husband pulled the trigger, so naturally she goes to Keith, cool as a cucumber, asking him to investigate what she believes is a murder.

Of course the naturally curious Keith takes the case after finding the Dean's beloved bottle of scotch unopened in his office (which wasn't cleaned out?) and learning that his gifted daughter used the same Good-bye cruel world on the computer screen method in her Perfect Murder term paper. It all comes back to V, of course. I just hope there were no roofies involved in this murder. Frankly, I don't think that tiny body can handle any more. Naturally Professor Landry the adulterer is suspect numero uno, but can anyone beat him at his own game, even Keith? Or will he go down in VMars history as just another red herring?

This episode seemed a lovely mix of the stolen parrot and lost dogs episodes from season one with some obvious input from animal activist Kristen Bell. But I commend the writers for paying attention to both sides of the lab testing issue (even if the ever compassionate Veronica/Kristen's horrified expression was the obvious winner).

Although the monkey mystery was good filler, the kids without the lab coats were far more interesting. Parker is back to her manhunting self and tries to get Veronica and Mac some action too, signing the dorm room up for the floor's International party, which leads to a hilarious Veronica hoedown to some Barenaked Ladies reppin' Canada. Border control jokes follow, but unfortunately for Veronica matchmaking does not and "Ultimate Boy Quest 2007" is an ultimate failure until Mac, like a champ, marches over to Vegan Boy's house, asks him on a date and, what else? Oh yeah, definitely makes out with him. The Beaver curse is finally starting to wear off.

Meanwhile Dick plays male version of Parker, steps up as an actual friend (he may be a bad influence, but come on, he means well.) and forces Logan to stop his moping. Of course, Logan didn't have to screw the first moderately attractive surfer girl who made a pass at him, but he and V are on a break, right? ...Right? Pretty sure this can only lead to future disaster.

The Piz and Veronica heart-to-heart gave hope to V/P shippers, whose hopes and dreams were quickly and adequately crushed within minutes as Veronica shows up, once again, at Logan's hotel door. One look can say it all and hers said, take me. I'm yours and I cannot bear life without you. (Pretty sure it didn't say, I don't care that you hooked up with a skeezy surfer girl in your Xterra.) Have you ever seen anything as sad and deflated as the look on Piz's face when Logan shows up at breakfast. Breaks my heart.

Posted by Alyce on January 23, 2007 9:03 PM
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