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Veronica Mars Fodder

Veronica Mars: Spit and Eggs

Finally, the Hearst rapist is caught (now I won’t be able to chuckle to myself every time I type ‘the rapist’ and think of Sean Connery, damn) and Veronica can relax for a while, right? Wrong. She’ll soon hear the terribly sad news that our lispy Dean O’Dell got a bullet through the brain and be on that case faster than you can say "I'll see what I can do." C’est la vie de Veronica Mars.

Although it is maddening to think we won’t be seeing any new VMars developments until 2007, at least R.Thomas & Co. left us with a delicious morsel of an episode to chew on until then. Starting out with a bang this episode touched on almost every storyline, jumping back and forth seamlessly, one of the show’s key virtues.

Before I even get into the wonderfully Aaron Echolls-like chase scenes, etc. I must mention the other crucial turn of events: Logan, in a rare moment of lucidity and rationality, tells Veronica to hit the road. It was more of a “it can be really hard now, or unbearably painful later, so I choose now” deal, but to Veronica it was like a punch in the stomach, another in a long line of letdowns she’s experienced in her relatively short life. True to her character she puts up a steely facade to her friends and dad, but finally breaks down when she’s alone. It’s obvious Logan is still in love with Veronica and she does finally let him take the role of protector for once, so who knows how long the split will last. I think she’s longing for another Duncan and might find him in silly ol’ Piz, but, for me at least, the silver lining is the prospect of sexual tension-filled, witty interactions between the former couple.

While most people thought they had the hair clipping culprit pegged (Some said Dean O’Dell, some said Tim the T.A.), I don’t think I heard anyone guess it would be Mercer Hayes AND Moe the R.A. Didn’t Veronica, at Logan’s request, get Mercer out of jail for this already? I guess we all should have been more skeptical of the, “I don’t know how the date rape drugs got in my lock box, I swear” line.

It all starts at the Pi Sig’s big blowout, after a classified ad in the school paper announces the rapist will choose his next victim at the frat party, where Veronica and her Mystery Gang (Wallace, Piz and Mac, donning a hilarious “Ask Me About My STD” t-shirt) play the roofie police, using clever little coasters from Parker and the Take Back the Night gang to test girls’ drinks. [side note: Who’s excited for this season to come out on DVD so we can watch Piz’s ridiculous distraction dance over and over? He’s a primo dancer.] Finally they find a positive testing drink cup and Wallace and Logan try to beat the rapist to the girl’s apartment. (Veronica, surprisingly, backs down without much of a fight when Logan insists he go instead of her.)

But of course, they’re on the wrong track. The girl who was drugged was actually Carrie Kaiser the younger sister of the girl whose name was written on the roofied cup, Kim Kaiser. So Veronica sets out solo to Carrie’s dorm, realizing just before she leaves that Mercer’s radio show is pre-recorded and his alibi is shot. Now, at this point, shouldn’t Veronica, who has been drugged twice and date raped before, call for some sort of backup? No, our heroine just calls in a bomb threat at the dorm to try and evacuate everyone and prevent the rape, but of course dim-witted Deputy Sacs ignores the call as a prank. So here’s Veronica, bloodied from Mercer’s beating when she hides in Carrie’s bed and attacks him her trusty tazer/jabs a unicorn horn into his thigh. R.A. Moe takes her into his room, gives her tea (He’s been offering tea to everyone since the beginning of the season, so she thinks nothing of it) and when he goes to “save Carrie” she starts to feel the familiar effects of ghb—this girl should really just carry around some sort of antidote with her—and that’s when the Usual Suspects ending kicks in. Instead of Kaiser Sose it’s Carrie Kaiser, but the scene is complete with the shattering of a dropped coffee mug and the realization, while staring at Moe’s clipboard, that she just let the perp walk away. In a show of superhuman strength, Veronica staves off the drug’s effects long enough to make use of her new rape whistle and Parker, finally being useful to the story and still not even pretending she’s wearing a wig, comes running.

In a fitting ending, Keith tracks down the scum and books ‘em, and Logan (by using his expert window-smashing skills on a police cruiser) ends up in Mercer and Moe’s cell to teach them their lesson, and Veronica is at home with a cup of coffee surrounded by her friends...the ones who aren’t beating up the bad guys.

But, of course, nothing in Neptune is ever really resolved. How were Mercer and Moe, who seemed in this episode like sloppy criminals, so careful they left no traces of DNA on any of the victims? Who was Mel, the scary cigar smoking man who forced O’Dell to reinstate the Greek system at Hearst? Did drunken O’Dell actually shoot Professor McStoney and/or Mrs. O’Dell at the Neptune Grand? Was that all a dream? Why would someone want to kill the Dean and what is the significance of Weevil being the one to find him? Is Veronica's new hairdo here to stay?

And, most importantly, can anyone identify that bafflingly uncool band playing at the Pi Sig party?

We’ll have to wait until January to start guessing. Until then, I’ll be re-watching my season 1&2 DVDs and singing along with Veronica’s classic karaoke scene. I suggest you do the same.

Posted by Alyce on November 29, 2006 9:47 AM
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