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Veronica Mars Fodder

Veronica Mars: Of Vice and Men

When will the world stop punching Veronica in the face over and over? Drugged again? Almost raped? Quite the ending to quite the episode. As if she needed another reason to lose faith in mankind. But the last scene ended with just the right amount of heart and cheesiness mixed with that ominous feeling you get when you know the happy ending will inevitably give way to more tragedy and woe. Such is life in Veronicaland.

If I had a dime for every time Veronica uttered the words “I’ll see what I can do,” I’d be swimming through them like Scrooge McDuck. Better yet, how about we start a drinking game? This week it was a delinquent boyfriend who finally turned up at the Neptune Sheriff’s Office drunk tank after a run in with the always-classy Fitzpatricks. Though not much of a subplot, it served to reintroduce us to Liam& Co., who hired Vinny Van Lowe (members only jacket and all) to find Kendall’s missing money (a.k.a. the genuine Picasso Keith sold and donated the profits from). My guess is the River Stix gang will be a big part of the post-Hearst rapes storyline.

Speaking of which, Mercer Hayes is no longer suspect #1. Conveniently for Mr. Techno, his call and request show (which, I’m sure is tantalizing) happened to air on the nights of the rapes. Good thing Veronica’s sleuthing abilities allowed her to look that up on the station’s computer because apparently, when searching his giant bad boy brain for an alibi, that incredibly obvious one never came up. To top it off he implied my old pal Dean O’Dell framed him because of a substantial debt from boxing bets. O’Dell has done some morally questionably things, but planting date rape drugs on a student? But, as we all know, everyone in Neptune is guilty until proven innocent and Ockham’s razor doesn’t exactly apply to this show.

So, using my small group of VMars-watching friends as a sample set, I will unscientifically conclude that opinion of Piz is split down the middle. Some say there’s no sexual tension, there’s no chemistry and that Veronica and Logan are too perfect to split. Personally, I’ve been waiting for a ridiculously cute Piz-Veronica courtship and dating plotline to ensue, but after Logan’s wonderfully executed puppy dog eyes and knight in shining armor play in this week’s episode, I might be changing my colors. Sure, he needs to quit the self-destructive behavior and attempt to at least start dealing with his laundry list of deep-rooted issues. Sure he took off as a motel full of people burnt to the ground in TJ’s, but no one can accuse him of not loving Veronica and no one can deny their chemistry (well, when they’re not at each other’s throats...and even then sometimes). We shall see if he sets himself a little straight before Veronica finds someone with less baggage to add to her overflowing collection.

In protest of Keith’s fling with the married Harmony, Veronica moved out for the week and took over Wallace’s bed while he was at a motel studying, Paper Chase-style. (Seriously, lamest excuses for character absences everrrr.) She also basically crushed his soul with that comment about how he used to be her only source of faith in the male race. That and the fact that Vinny was blackmailing Keith with photos of his steamy night at the Neptune Grand finally knocked some sense into him and he broke things off with Harmony, for good I hope.

With each episode this season seems to get darker and darker, not up Lily Kane murder-caliber, but it’s getting there. Parker acting a little more believably traumatized and a little less “find out if he likes me” might make it more believably dark, but Veronica’s slight change in attitude (i.e. bitching out the appropriately-named Scarlet in the food court) is right on track with how she usually acts when the big mysteries are about to be solved.

By the way, did anyone else get a wee bit creeped out when the school bus glided past while Veronica was driving? Strange coincidence or bad omen?

Posted by Alyce on November 15, 2006 12:00 AM
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