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Veronica Mars Fodder

Veronica Mars: Lord of the Pi's

I can’t believe the CW is using the term LoVe. I thought character relationship acronyms were reserved for fan fiction and message boards only. Then they showed that god damn aerie logo and I remembered: they really are trying to market this show to the pubescent demographic. Perhaps I’m just fooling myself, but I like to think there is a substantial portion of us adults out there who appreciate the Big Lebowski references and dark humor, not just the soap opera romance.

But really, who am I kidding? That’s what’s so brilliant about this show. Even when the plot might drag on a bit (like, say, now) and some suspense may be missing (again, right about now), the fans still care about the characters and, as cheesy as it sounds, their happiness. Which is why it was so hard to watch Logan and Veronica this week as their relationship continued to crumble. It’s the classic lovers tale: Girl is hell-bent on uncovering the identity of a serial rapist and is almost attacked in the process, Boy gets worried about Girl’s safety and hires an burly, sideburned bodyguard to watch over her, bodyguard freaks out Girl by creepily following her everywhere, Girl confronts Boy, Boy says, “I love you,” and Girl pretends everything’s okay. Cue the perfected puppy dog look when Boy realizes everything’s not okay. Usually I’m on Veronica’s side always, but let’s be realistic. The rapist knows who she is and can obviously get to her. Why wouldn’t Logan worry? I hope something happens soon with these two because teetering on the edge of breaking up every episode does not suit LoVe. [I still stand by my belief that they are much more interesting broken up than together. Everyone loves a little sexual tension.]

In another semi-expendable single-episode subplot, real life heiress and former kidnap victim Patricia Hearst, with her appropriate last name, guest stars as Selma [Hearst] Rose, former trust fund hippie, heir to the Hearst fortune, blackmail/fake kidnap victim and the swing vote in the deciding the fate of Greek life at Hearst College. Watch out Logan, when she shuts down the Pi Sigs Dick will be looking for a place to stay. Basically all I got from this storyline was a glimpse of life after The Nanny with Charles Shaughnessy (a.k.a. Maxwell Sheffield) appearing as Selma’s cheating husband (Those early ‘90s TV stars really love their VMars guest spots) and a classic Keith/Veronica scene as they sneak onto Selma’s property. “It’s just like the time we went to Disneyland!” says Veronica.

Still no sign of Mac or Weevil and barely a glimpse of Wallace and his awkward haircut (my fingers are crossed that they’ll be central to big mystery #2), but Dick is back to play Veronica’s mole inside the Pi Sig house, where SexQuest 2006 has commenced. Probably not the best move when a rapist is terrorizing campus and your frat has already been accused of foul play twice, but tradition is tradition...I guess. Anyway, how about poor Chip, huh? The Pi Sig president was found with a messy buzz cut and a plastic Easter egg stuck up his...yeah. Apparently, that’s the calling card for feminist vigilantes with sizable vendettas against men. Not to say the vendetta isn’t warranted (watching your best friend be humiliated by the Pi Sigs so badly she walks right off the sorority house roof would be scarring) but they are obviously hiding something from Veronica. Raising the question: Is there even a rapist? The lack of physical evidence is hard to ignore and we definitely can’t trust the anti-frat gang after their wolf-crying.

Very excited for next week’s season finale-esque episode. Anyone want to start a pool on who’s going to die next week. Betcha a double sawbuck it’s not someone on the opening credits. That’s the extent of my prediction. I’ll leave the mystery solving to Veronica and her increasingly rocker chick-like wardrobe. Remember, her nose belongs wherever she decides to stick it, even if that means directly in the line of fire.

Posted by Alyce on November 22, 2006 12:39 AM
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