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Veronica Mars Fodder

Veronica Mars: Hi, Infidelity

It’s almost like I wrote a letter to Santa (if Santa was the entire VMars writing staff) and woke up on Christmas morning (if Christmas morning happened to be 9 p.m. on Tuesday) to everything I asked for wrapped up under the tree. Santa also left Laura San Giacomo under the tree. She wasn’t on my list, but I accepted her graciously.

What I’m trying to say is that this week’s episode “Hi, Infidelity,” really delivered. In true VMars fashion this week provided more twists and turns than the Pacific Coast Highway and even a gasp out loud moment for good measure.

So what did we learn this week?
a) The Neptune Grand is the new Camelot, a.k.a. sordid affair central.
b) Dean O’Dell is the new Van Clemmons, except with better comedic timing and a naive attitude toward Veronica. I mean, really, she lost an earring and happened to be looking for it after-dark in your student records filing cabinet? Nobody who has ever met Veronica would fall for that one. He’s obviously just a lonely guy. Likeable, but lonely.
c) When the world gets you down, when it feels like everyone’s out to get you, when you’ve been falsely accused of plagiarism just after your professor basically told you he wants you to be his next protégé, what do you do? Go bowling, of course. Like Piz says, “It worked for Nixon.” Unfortunately it doesn't quite work for Piz, who gears up for one-on-one time with Veronica and ends up confronting Logan's hostility and Parker's come-ons.
And d) Logan is still super sketchy.

It seems a rampant cheating flu has attacked Neptune and no one is immune. Logan is cheating on his sociology tests, getting away with it and getting a little too friendly with random hot blondes on campus.

Veronica is framed for cheating by her T.A. who has horrible hair but an almost-Mars-caliber penchant for mystery solving. According to him, it’s all for her own good. He’s just exposing Professor Laskey...err, I mean Professor Landry as an all too charming adulterer before he has the chance to switch his gaze from Mrs. Dean O’Dell and dig his fangs into his new protégé, Veronica. Little does he know Veronica is a pro at warding off hot teachers who get a little too close to students. [See: favorite history teacher Mr. Rooks] However, I’m sure this is not the end of this squalid tale. As we know, Veronica Mars is a marshmallow—a marshmallow with a soft spot for Dean O’Dell.

Then there’s Keith. Oh, Keith. I know I said you needed a lady friend, but I thought we were clear: No Just Shoot Me co-stars with gaps between their front teeth and no parent make out scenes. I suppose I can forgive you since you had just survived a pick-up truck smashing into the side of your car at full speed, but let’s face it, she’s married and you’re not the home wrecking type.

Even Wallace cheated on his exam, but being moral guy he is, Wallace chooses to confess, accept a 0 on the exam and quit the basketball team to devote his time to hitting the books. I’m a bit suspicious this is just a ploy to keep him from having to appear in some scenes, but at least it’s better than Aunt Mildred’s funeral or a distant cousin’s wedding ::coughcough::Mac&Weevil::coughcough::. Besides, how can you not love him for it? We should all have a Wallace in our lives.

Amidst all that voyeur, the rape case got even closer to being solved and Lamb actually [gasp!] made an arrest. Thanks to Veronica’s super sleuthing Logan’s pal/underground casino runner Mercer Hayes was charged with the campus rapes (but not Claire, because she’s a liiiar). He seems the perfect suspect. He’s sleazy, cocky, had date rape drugs hidden in his casino moneybox, a set of clippers in his drawer and Parker even recognized his cologne from the night of the rape.

Blah, blah, blah. We all know it wasn’t actually him. Previews for next week show Logan giving him a sketchy alibi and, well, how can we find out the perp before the 9-episode finale? I don’t even know where to point the finger anymore. I’m so confused. Help me Veronica. And while you’re at it, give the post-ironic Piz a chance. Remember, no one is immune from that deadly cheating flu.

Posted by Alyce on November 8, 2006 8:14 PM
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