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Veronica Mars Fodder

Veronica Mars: What You Missed

If you haven’t watched Seasons one and two of Veronica Mars, I’m sorry. You’ve missed out. I assume it can only be because you didn’t own a television when they aired. Really, there’s no other excuse. So, congratulations on your newly purchased TV set (hopefully it’s HD) and your superb taste in TV shows. Get ready for a heavy dose of film...err...TV noir, complete with sex, drugs, rock ‘n’ roll, murder, intrigue and a smattering of hot Californians for good measure.

In her third season, the badass, angsty, tiny, blonde Veronica [Kristen Bell] leaves the halls of Neptune High for Hearst College where she continues her adventures in teen mystery solving. But we're not talking Scooby-Doo here. On the surface, VM might seem juvenile, filled with puppy love and teenage angst. I won't deny it has its fair share of awkward make-out scenes and "Why me?" moments, but anyone who watches the show will know creator Rob Thomas isn't that shallow. Veronica has reason to do the "woe is me" act.

Just in case you don’t have the extra cash to Netflix/buy the first two seasons on DVD (you know, because you spent so much money on your new HDTV) here’s what you missed, in super-condensed, super-caffeinated version.

Veronica has an axe to grind. She used to be cozy with Duncan Kane, son of billionaire Jake Kane, the unofficial King of Neptune, until Duncan finds out his father and Veronica’s mother had an affair and Duncan and Veronica could possibly be brother and sister. Gross. Before episode one even starts, Veronica’s best friend (also Duncan’s sister) Lilly Kane is found murdered poolside. Veronica’s dad, Sheriff Keith Mars, accuses Jake Kane of murdering his daughter. The town goes bonkers, holds an emergency recall election, and Sheriff Mars is replaced by skeezy Sheriff Lamb and the torch-wielding mobs of movie stars, trust fund kids and bitchy socialites are enough to drive Veronica’s alcoholic mom LeAnn out of town. To top it all off, Veronica is roofied and date raped at an 09er party [the 09ers are the “haves,” who live in the 90909 zip code.]. Basically, high school sucks.

So, she chops off her long locks, quits pep squad, transforms into a rocker/loner chick and starts working at Mars Investigation, her dad’s ‘40s-style PI firm. Luckily she meets Wallace, future best friend and ally, early on or her scathing stares might actually kill. Season one ends like this: Turns out the movie star father of the school’s “obligatory jackass”/bad boy with a big heart [Logan] was screwing Lilly Kane, Logan's girlfriend, and killed her when she found out he was taping it all. Perv. In their pursuit of Lilly’s killer, Logan and Veronica’s hormones get the best of them and they end up making out in backseats and school bathrooms. [We also find out it was Duncan who slept with Veronica the night of the party, it was weird, but we’re told it wasn’t rape.]

But the perfect love story doesn’t last for long. When season two premieres, Logan is accused of murdering a PCH biker [the Latino gang from the wrong side of the tracks], hires a fancy lawyer and gets off scott free, erupting a class war in Neptune. Veronica and Logan eventually break up and she gets back together with Duncan [not her brother, it turns out]. In episode one a school bus with Neptune students goes off a cliff. Meg, Duncan’s ex, who we learn is pregnant with his child, is the only one to survive, and she eventually kicks it after having the baby. Duncan and Veronica steal the baby [Meg’s parents are whack jobs, can’t be trusted with the kid.] and Duncan skips town in a tearful good-bye.

End of season two: After teasing us for a whole season, Veronica and Logan are back together. Turns out it was Cassidy Casablancas [a.k.a. Beaver, neglected younger brother of hot shot Dick Casablancas] blew up the bus. We find out he, and practically his whole little league team, was molested by Mayoral candidate Woody Goodman, and one of the victims is about to spill the beans. Beaver obviously has some deep-rooted issues with all this and decided blowing up the bus was the only way to stop the info from getting out. We also find out he was also the one who raped Veronica way back when. Then he jumps off the roof of the Neptune Grand Hotel and blows up Woody Goodman’s plane. Yikes. Oh, and Duncan arranges a hit on Aaron Echolls who was acquitted at Lilly’s murder trial. Bang.

Okay, now I need to take a nap. So should you, that was a lot of recap. For the love of all things good in this world, watch the show so I don’t have to do this again.

Posted by Alyce on October 24, 2006 10:27 PM
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