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Veronica Mars: Charlie Don't Surf

I love Logan and Veronica as much as anyone, but seriously, writers, there are other characters. Apparently half the cast took personal days when they shot this week’s episode. No Piz, no Mac, no Weevil and only a quick flash of Wallace. I’m even beginning to miss Sheriff Lamb [okay, maybe I just miss when Veronica makes a total fool out of him, but still].

At least there’s still Dick. Oh, Dick. Remember when he used to have no lines at all? Remember when he wasn’t even a bit funny? I’m starting to forget those times, because right now he’s a show-stealer. In this week’s best scene, Dick shows up at the Mars residence to ask Veronica a favor. “I’ve been here before,” he tells Keith, “we had to pick up our maid once.” He surveys the apartment’s interior. “You have a little kitchen area there.”

But let’s start at the beginning. The episode opens with the ultimate battle: Dad vs. Boyfriend. Keith convinces Veronica to invite Logan over for dinner at the Mars abode. Now, we know Logan and Keith have not always been pals [I seem to vaguely recall Keith threatening Logan if he ever came near Veronica again, but I guess rescuing Veronica from gun-toting Beaver atop the Neptune Grand Hotel in season two earned back some brownie points.] but the dinner goes well, and ends with Logan staring longingly at Veronica and Dad as they banter away. If only he had a dad like that, but nooo, he got stuck with the abusive movie-star murderer turned murdered dad.

When Logan suspects his accountant is skimming off the top of his trust fund, he sets Veronica on the case and she finds, we think, an answer to Logan’s financial and familial longings: Part of his trust fund dough is being ciphoned off to his secret half-brother Charlie Stone. At last, someone to surf with, someone who is not in a fraternity (Dick), hiding from the Feds on another continent (Duncan), or tracking my cell phone out of love (Veronica). Or not. As it turns out Charlie [played by the CW’s other Logan, Matt Czuchry from Gilmore Girls] is really a sleazy Vanity Fair reporter out for a juicy story on the late Aaron Echolls. Pretty sure this is in the “what not to do” guide to journalism.

Charlie Stone is for real, a normal guy teacher in another California town, who is now being attacked by paparazzi and unlikely to return Logan’s phone calls. Poor Logan. He’s like a sad, kicked puppy in this episode. I miss his snark, but I have faith it will return soon.

Laura San Giacomo also guest-stars as an old acquaintance of Keith’s who’s looking for proof of her husband’s infidelity [no, sadly, there are no scenes at the Camelot Motel], making for a bizarre Just Shoot Me reunion. I have a general rule against parental love interest story lines [see: My So-Called Life], but let’s face it: Keith needs a woman. I hear Wallace’s mom is still single...

Surprisingly, the central mystery, the Hearst College serial rapist/head shaver, was sort of blah. In short, Veronica is hired by Dick to clear his fraternity’s name when they are threatened by the administration for their alleged involvement in the rapes. As always, she produces the results, obtaining an ATM photo from the night of the last rape showing the victim, Claire, with a full head of hair accompanied by an Asian college kid, not a member of the fraternity. My guess is he's a red herring. Everyone's a red herring until proven guilty, that's what I've learned. The psycho bra-burners totally have something to do with it.

Because she is chronically misunderstood, Veronica gets the cold shoulder from the rape victims and the crazy feminists (who are frankly just annoying right now) for helping out the evil frat. Even after Veronica plays her “I was raped, too” card, Parker [umm, that is so not a wig] refuses to take her side. Girls, listen to me, V.Mars knows what she’s doing. Trust her.

Posted by Alyce on October 25, 2006 12:32 AM
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