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True Blood Fodder

True Blood: Season 1 Recap

This True Blood Season 1 recap is intended to bring the reader up to date on the goings-on in Bon Temps, LA.

For this special installment, we turn the writing duties over to Sookie Stackhouse, penning a letter to her dear deceased (read: murdered) grandmother, Adele.


Dear Gran,

Gran, I love you so much. I miss sitting with you in your kitchen eating breakfast. I know you came to a bad end because of me and I'm so sorry. But with Sam and Bill's help, I made sure that bad man will never hurt anyone again. I know you worry a lot about Jason, what with his drinking and fooling around with all those girls. But he seems to have found what he's been looking for with those Fellowship of the Sun people. I hope and pray that they can help him get over the loss of his true love, Amy. And also Maudette Pickens, and Dawn Green. Sometimes I swear that boy belongs in an alley. Or a barnyard. But he's a good boy, Gran. He tries so hard.

You know Tara, my best friend, works with me and her cousin LaFayette at Merlotte's, found herself in a patch of trouble. She was drunk-driving, I know I know, and she got caught and had to spend a night in jail because her mama Lettie Mae wouldn't bail her out even after all those times Tara bailed her out and cleaned her up and even paid for an exorcism. But Tara made a new friend by the name of Maryann who seems to really want to help Tara get back on her feet. Maryann claims she's a "Social Worker", and she and Sam seem to know each other, but I'm getting a strange feeling about her. Tara's even met a man who calls himself Eggs (his real name's Benedict) at Maryann's, and I think she's falling for him.

I'm still waitressing at Sam Merlotte's bar. There's been a lot of things going on there that I'm not too clear on. Oh, but before I go too far, I just have to tell you: Sam's a shape-shifter. He can turn himself into almost any animal, but he seems to prefer the shape of a really really cute collie. Only problem is if he falls asleep as a collie he wakes up as Sam and he's naked. He's got kind of a cute...well...never mind. Sam and Tara kind of took up with each other for a while there. I guess they were both lonely and looking for something or someone. I know Sam really likes me, but I just don't have those feeling for him. My heart belongs to Bill. I know you've always cautioned me about falling for a vampire, but he's a good man, and like you always said, the heart wants what the heart wants.

Speaking of Bill, he's had a really tough time of it lately. And I guess it's my fault. We were getting along really well, but things went bad for him when he was protecting me and had to kill a vampire. He went away for a while. He won't tell me exactly what he went through, but the pieces I've been able to put together say something about making an innocent girl into a vampire, and I guess she's a handful. He didn't want to do it, but he had to. I never knew there were so many rules about being a vampire. And he got really hurt when that bad man René (his real name was Drew Marshall) tried to kill me, and that's when Bill and Sam saved me. Arlene, she waitresses with me and Tara at Merlotte's, still feels bad about bringing René to Bon Temps. But I told her it wasn't her fault. He had us all fooled. I mean, I couldn't even hear his thoughts like I can with most everybody else. Except for Bill. That's why I feel so good around him. I can be myself, and not have to work at not listening to his thoughts.

Tara's cousin LaFayette is dead, Gran. I know you didn't like his lifestyle, but he was murdered and stashed in the back seat of Detective Andy Bellefleur's car. René, I mean Drew, couldn't have done it. But LaFayette knew some bad people and did some bad things. I think he might even have been selling V juice. I think Jason was into it for a while, but I swear Gran, he's clean now.

I love you and miss you so much, Gran.


Posted by Randy Welk on June 8, 2009 10:42 AM
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