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Torchwood Fodder

Torchwood: Fragments

04_torchwood_08_april_2008_web.jpgThe ep starts off with Team Torchwood (minus Gwen) about to investigate signs of alien life in an abandoned building. The team split up but find that it's not an alien life but cluster bombs. The bombs explode, bringing the multi-storied building down on top of our team. Amazingly, no one dies but each one is stuck underneath rubble. As Owen can't heal, any injuries to him would be permanent.

Gwen and Rhys arrive at the scene (Rhys gave Gwen a lift there) and they first find Jack. As he sits there underneath a pile of concrete, we see how he got recruited into Torchwood.

It's the mid 1800s and Jack is waking from a drunken stupor and last night's bar fight. He has a broken bottle stuck in his gut. He rips it out and tosses it away. He is found by two women who take him into custody and examine him, even killing him. The devices they are using are far more advanced than their current day and age and it is revealed that the two women are part of Torchwood. They've had him under surveillance for quite some time now.

06_torchwood_08_april_2008_web.jpgThey offer Jack a job, sort of on a contract basis. He declines but they tell him if he doesn't take the job they have no choice but to see him as a threat to the human race, just as they see the Doctor as a threat. He reluctantly takes the job and tracks down a deadbeat Blowfish (similar to the one seen in the season premiere). He takes said Blowfish back to Torchwood where one of the women guns him down. Jack, abhorred by the act, refuses to take on any more assignments. He goes to the local pub to drink away his troubles. A young female fortune teller and sets upon reading his fortune, despite Jack's refusal. She tells him that he will meet the Doctor eventually but not for another century. (We saw the same fortune teller in present day in "Dead Man Walking.")

With nothing better to do for the next century, Jack joins Torchwood.

Fast forward to 1999 â€" Jack returns to the Hub on New Year's Eve to find most of the team murdered. The last surviving member of Torchwood holds a locket and claims to have seen the future and that he killed them out of mercy. He's sorry he can't do the same for Jack. He then shoots himself in the head, leaving Jack Torchwood and the burden of recruiting a new team.

As Gwen and Rhys help Jack out of the rubble, they go and look for the next person â€" Toshiko. She's stuck under a big block of concrete but thank god she's small, she's still alive. (Had it been me, I'd be dead!)

We flashback five years prior where Tosh is working at a Ministry of Defence research facility. She's the one who stays late and gets there early. Her boss leaves and she immediately breaks into his office to get a code and then breaks into a secured storage facility where she takes plans to for a Sonic Modulator. She takes the plans home and begins to create the device. Once she has finished it, she takes it to a woman who is holding her mother captive. Knowing that Tosh has the potential, they decide to keep her mom hostage and have her work for them. Tosh refuses and the woman sets off the modulator, bringing Tosh and her mom to their knees (the rest have ear muffs on). Before any more can be done, soldiers break in and arrest everyone.

Tosh is dumped into the crappiest looking cell you've seen and she is given no access to the outside world and has no idea what happened to her mom. She's broke down and beaten. There's not much more for her to do, but then she is visited by Jack. He tells her that she created a working sonic modulator when the plans that she had had multiple errors â€" that's why the project was scrapped. He offers her a position at Torchwood. Since she doesn't have much of a future in a cell, she agrees.

Off the Team goes to find Ianto and Owen.

We learn that Ianto first meets Jack by helping him fight off a Weevil. Ianto wants a job, but Jack refuses. Ianto comments how he really likes his coat. The next morning, Ianto is waiting by the dock where Jack exits the Hub facade. He offers him a cup of coffee. Turns out Jack did some research on Ianto since he seemed to know what a Weevil was. Ianto explains he used to work for Torchwood One and lost his job after it was destroyed. Jack tells him he has no affiliation with them and no he's not giving him a job. Ianto tells him again how he really does love that coat he's wearing.

That evening, Jack almost slams into Ianto when he steps out in front of the SUV. Again, he asks for a job. Jack has had it with him, but Ianto offers up the capture of a pterodactyl. Intrigued, Jack and Ianto capture the ptero together and tells Ianto to report to work the next morning.

We find Owen lying in some rubble, but with a precarious ragged piece of glass about to guillotine him in half. As we go into his flashback, we see he was a regular doc with a beautiful fiancée, Katie. Katie starts to show signs of early onset Alzheimer's and is taken for tests and scans. She has a tumor and must be operated on. As Owen waits outside the OR, he hears screams and finds the entire surgical team and his fiancée dead. Jack enters and tells him Katie had an alien parasite attached to her brain and when threatened, gives off a toxic gas. Jack wants to take Katie's brain back to the hub, but Owen protests. Jack knocks him out with chloroform.

Owen wakes up in a hospital bed but no one believes what he saw. All evidence of Jack ever being there has been erased from the security cams. His bosses order him to take a sabbatical. Owen visits Katie's grave and sees Jack off in the distance. He chases him down and pummels him. Jack offers him a job at Torchwood as a medic.

12_torchwood_08_april_2008_web.jpgThe team reunite outside the building. Oddly, no one is really hurt. Tosh has a broken rib and whatnot, but they are all walking. The SUV has gone missing and Jack receives a message on his "watch." It's from Captain John Hart (James Marsters). He tells them he set the bombs out for them and then shows Jack a hologram of his long lost brother, Gray. Jealous that Jack doesn't want to be with him anymore, Hart is adamant that he is going to rip his world apart.


I really liked this episode because we got to delve into the past and learn more about the members of Torchwood.

It's funny, I can suspend disbelief at the sight of aliens and space/time rifts, yet I can't believe all four of them survived that explosion a) standing so close to the bombs and b) with hardly a scratch on them! Hah! LOL!

I am curious to how Ianto tracked Jack down.

What did you think?

-- K. L. Wang

Photos: © BBC Worldwide

Posted by Connie on April 14, 2008 2:45 PM
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Jack swans around in a distinct military coat and drives an SUV with 'Torchwood' painted on the side in really big letters. I'm guessing Ianto didn't have to look that hard.

-- Posted by: Danny at April 14, 2008 3:23 PM

so informative, thanks to tell us.

-- Posted by: DedoVioheds at September 29, 2010 9:11 PM

Wonderful post. I learned many interesting things. Thank you)

-- Posted by: Angela at January 24, 2013 8:36 AM

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