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Torchwood Fodder

Torchwood: Adrift

03_torchwood_19_march_2008_web.jpgTeenager Jonah Bevan was on his way home when a bright light appeared over him. Seconds later, he is gone. Seven months later, PC Andy Davidson (Gwen's old partner) wrangles Gwen into investigating Jonah's disappearance. Her research shows there are more cases similar to Jonah's.

She and Andy go to a group therapy session for loved ones with missing persons put on by Jonah's mom. They expect that they will be the only ones to show, but when dozens of people show, Andy and Gwen are confounded.

With Tosh's help, they determine that the negative spikes in rift activity (previously discarded as background noise) is possible rift activity pulling things out of Cardiff instead of dumping them here. Gwen puts all the info together and matches it up with all the missing persons in Cardiff. She takes the info to Jack who tells Gwen to drop it because nothing can be done.

Ianto anonymously gives Gwen a GPS device with a hidden location stored in it. The GPS takes her to a facility on an island off Cardiff. The facility holds 17 of the missing people that the rift took but were either brought back or found their way back home. One of the 17 is Jonah. The young teenager is now aged 40 years and deformed. Saved from the burning planet that the rift dumped him on, Jonah was put on a rescue craft where he witnessed the burning of a solar system.

04_torchwood_19_march_2008_web.jpgJack confesses to Gwen that when he started at Torchwood, there were only two of these "refugees" and that they were locked away in vaults. He set up the facility to take care of them. The employees there think the patients there are part of experiments gone wrong.

Gwen brings Jonah's mom to see him, but she believes it to be a cruel joke until Jonah tells his mom things only they would know. She realizes that it is indeed her son and wants to take him home. Before she can say more, Jonah starts screaming â€" a scream so horrible everyone flees. We find out that they caught Jonah at a good period because he screams for 20 hours a day because he had looked into the heart of a dark star, driving him insane.

Jonah's mom later tells Gwen not to show the island to anyone else. While Gwen takes down her notes on the missing at the Hub, Jonah's mom packs up her son's things, soon she sits down on his bed and cries. Gwen returns home to prepare a candlelit dinner for Rhys â€" a rare together moment they get to share due to her job but the events have saddened her and she cries on Rhys' shoulder as she tells him what had happened.


I really liked this episode. On one hand, it shows how cold Jack can be, but on the other hand it also shows how caring he is. Gwen is constantly trying to balance her job and her marriage but one or the other loses out in the end. Ianto is probably more powerful than any of Team Torchwood because he's the one that buries the bodies and keeps all the secrets.

What did you think?

-- K. L. Connie Wang

Photos: © BBC Worldwide

Posted by Connie on April 10, 2008 3:06 PM
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