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Torchwood Fodder

Torchwood: Something Borrowed

01_torchwood_web.jpgThe night before her wedding, Gwen lays chase to a shape-shifting alien through the streets of Cardiff. She soon captures him but they struggle in a fight and Gwen is bitten by the alien before Jack kills him off.

The body is transported to the Hub for an autopsy as Gwen goes off to her bachelorette party. She tells her girlfriends that it's "just a scratch." Her and her friends party like it's 1999, having fun and getting drunk.

The next time we see Gwen, it's 7am on the morning of her wedding. She slams off the alarm clock and throws back the covers... to see she's about 8.75 months pregnant. She looks down at her protruding belly and then into the mirror to make sure she isn't hallucinating. Rut-roh.

She calls Jack and Owen who determine that a few days at the Hub and she'll be good as new. But wait! Hold the phones! Gwen is set to get married in about five hours and there is nothing that will stop her from marrying Rhys today.

She calls Rhys back to the apartment, even though it's bad luck to see the bride before the wedding. When she insists, Rhys curses Torchwood once again. He comes home to see Gwen pregnant, but with what?!
After she insists, the couple decide to go through with their wedding anyway. They plan to explain to their parents and friends/family that she's preggers with Rhys' baby because explaining Torchwood to them would take a little too long.

Owen performs an autopsy on the dead alien that bit Gwen and they find it is a Nostrovite, a race of shapeshifting carnivores who mate for life. The female passes the eggs to the male who carries them to term. He then transfers the eggs to a host through a bite. When the eggs are ready to hatch, the female tracks down the host and tears them open to free her new babes. The team soon realize the mom is still out there and hunting Gwen.

Jack gives Ianto orders to find Gwen a bigger dress and sends Toshiko to the hotel to keep an eye on Gwen. Tosh takes the new gown (that Jack has picked out) to Gwen. She happens on Rhys' best man, whose nickname is "Banana Boat." She blows the guy off and drops the dress off to Gwen. It's beautiful and she loves it.

Tosh goes down to the hotel bar to wait for Gwen. While she is there, the female Nostrovite is picking up on one of the members of the wedding party. He tries to pin a brooch on her but pricks her skin. She wipes away the blood and suggest that instead of another drink they go for a "bite." He eagerly agrees and they head on up to his room.

Tosh goes over the space they just vacated to get a refill when she sees black blood on the napkin. The nostrovite!
She heads upstairs and bumps into Banana again who is desperately trying to make the moves on her. They both here a scream and Tosh pulls out her gun and goes toward the sound. The Nostrovite is about to leave the room when she happens on Tosh and Banana. They are soon taken prisoner by the Nostrovite and cocooned together in this black web.

Gwen confesses to her dad that the baby isn't Reese's, that it's alien, but Daddy doesn't believe her.

The team tracks the Nostrovite to the hotel. Ianto and Owen trace Tosh's transmitter to the room and release her and Banana. Jack runs into the chapel to stop the wedding. Tosh IDs the Nos. They ply bullets into her but she jumps out the window. Ianto jams the signals so no one can make a call out.

As she is a shapeshifter, she can look like anyone. Gwen and Rhys are back in her hotel room when Rhys' mom comes in and wants to know what's going on. Jack busts in and says, "Get away from her you ugly bitch!" thinking Rhys' mom is the Nos, but he is mistaken. As they can't duplicate smells, Gwen recognizes the horrid perfume she wears. Rhys lays one in on Jack for calling his mom a byatch.

They see the Nos next to Gwen's mom outside. She takes Gwen's mom hostage. Gwen walks toward her with her bouquet and a gun hidden behind it. She fires at the Nos, using most of her clip on her, but the Nos still escapes.
Back in the room, Gwen is alone when Jack shows up and they confess to each other that they have feelings for one another. They turn to kiss but Jack is the Nostrovite!

Owen and Rhys come back and Rhys takes Gwen and they flee to the stable. Jack, Ianto and Owen realize they need a bigger gun to kill the Nos.

06_torchwood_web.jpgAt some point, Owen showed Rhys how to use the singularity scalpel. Rhys and Gwen are locked in the stable, the Nos trying to break in. Rhys tries to use the scalpel but blows up something behind Gwen. He uses it again and Gwen declares her love for him, no matter what. He successfully removes the eggs. The Nos breaks in. Rhys is pissed, to say the least. He grabs a nearby chainsaw and is going to lay in on the Nos for impregnating his girlfriend, pretending to be his mom, etc. etc. Just as he's about to cut the Nos open, the saw stalls. "Crap!" But Jack enters and blows the Nos away with some crazy looking gun, splattering Nos blood on Rhys.

Jack helps Gwen up and spins her in his arms, but realizes Rhys is there and returns his fiancée to him.

The wedding goes off without another hitch. As the reception continues into the night, Gwen soon realizes that Jack retconned the entire wedding party so that they'll forget the whole incident. He offers Rhys and Gwen retcon but they decline. They leave for their honeymoon while Jack and the others clean up.

Back at the Hub, Jack, still in a fanciful mood from the wedding, pulls out a tin box full of old antique pics. One of them is of Jack and his bride.


I'm beginning to like Rhys more and more. He's the Everyman in this show who gets thrown into these alien situations because of Gwen and deals with it the only way he knows how. In this ep, it was with a chain saw!

Although it was a Nostrovite pretending to be Jack edging in to kiss Gwen, there is an element of chemistry between the two. Jack picking out a dress just for Gwen (which that seen seemed to be out of continuity to the rest of the ep), Jack and Gwen rejoicing over the death of the female Nostrovite then quickly realizing Rhys is standing there watching the two.

What was with the Banana guy? I didn't understand why that was his nickname. And no one noticed he was gone and not part of the wedding processional? No one questioned it?

What did you think?

-- K. L. Connie Wang

Photos: (c) BBC Worldwide

Posted by Connie on March 28, 2008 7:44 PM
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so informative, thanks to tell us.

-- Posted by: DedoVioheds at September 29, 2010 10:37 PM

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