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Torchwood Fodder

Torchwood: "Dead Man Walking" and "A Day in the Death"

teamtorchwood.jpg.jpgHi everyone! Sorry for the tag-team blog but I've been busy with a thing called Life.

This week's episode as well as last week's ep revolve around the aftermath of Owen being shot and killed in "Reset." In last week's episode, "Dead Man Walking," a very dead Owen is sitting on the medical table in his own autopsy lab at the Hub. Martha Jones is about to slice him open to perform an autopsy when Jack runs in and tells her to stop.

Jack then goes to an abandoned church which is now Weevil Central. He grabs one of their many treasures and returns to the Hub. He shows the team that he has a resurrection glove, not unlike the one that brought Suzie back to life in "They Keep Killing Suzie." Gwen warns him that this is dangerous but Jack wants everyone to say their goodbyes in the allotted two minutes while he gets the code from Owen for the alien morgue. He brings Owen back and after two minutes lets him slip away, but Owen hasn't gone back to the afterlife. He's still alive- so to speak.

There is no obvious energy source for Owen's life force. He's not draining energy from Jack like Suzie did from Gwen. Owen is quarantined but he escapes and tosses down more than a few at a local bar but as he is dead he is no longer able to digest drinks or get "excited" enough to have sex. Jack catches up with him, they fight and both end up in jail. Because Owen can't digest the alcohol, he forces himself to vomit the offending liquid in a rather gross visual.

Once they are out they are about to attacked by weevils but then suddenly the weevils bow down to Owen, who has gone all black-eyed and talks in some weird tongue.

Turns out Owen's cells are morphing and that something came back with him when he was resurrected. Gwen finds research that shows Death returning after he has found 13 victims whose souls will allow him to remain in our earthly plane. The story only says that "faith" stopped it.

Owen takes the high road and says that if they inject him with embalming fluids, his neural pathways will shut down and Death won't have a chance of coming back. As they are about to proceed, the resurrection glove comes to life and attacks Martha. It's destroyed, but it has drained life from Martha, aging her 50+ years.

Death has returned and has escaped Owen's body and heads to a hospital, in search of the thirteen souls. Owen takes on Death as is already dead himself and wins.

Back at the Hub, Martha tells Owen the energy keeping him alive is dissipating but it could be anywhere from 30 minutes to 30 years. Owen wants to keep his job at Torchwood.

13_torchwood_26_february_2008_web.jpgIn "A Day in the Death" we find Owen on a rooftop with a suicidal woman who is ready to jump. He shows the woman his fatal gunshot wound and we go into flashback mode. Owen is relieved of his duties until they can determine if he is safe to work or not. Martha has temporarily taken over his post and Owen thinks she's after his job. All Owen can do now is make coffee.

Tests conclude that Owen is 100% human again and will not age. As he is the living dead he has no need to eat, breathe, sleep, or go to the bathroom. He tosses about a scalpel as he chats with Martha and doesn't realize he's sliced his hand open as he can not feel the wound. Since it won't heal on it's own, Martha starts to stitch him up, but Owen soon takes over as he knows he'll have to do it on his own in the future anyway. Martha warns him that he is fragile now. As he won't heal, he needs to be careful with the actions he takes because he can't break any bones, etc. etc.

Team Torchwood, in the meanwhile, has been monitoring energy spikes from home of recluse Henry Parker. Parker collects alien artifacts and hasn't been seen since 1986.

We find out that the woman on the roof is distraught over the death of her husband.

In another flashback we see Owen in his loft and Tosh comes to see to him. They get into an argument and Owen breaks his finger on purpose to show Tosh how "broken" he is. He then tries to drown himself but since he no longer needs to breathe, he can't really drown, can he?

17_torchwood_26_february_2008_web.jpgTeam Torchwood is trying to figure out a way to infiltrate Parker Manor but security is set up with heat sensors. Since Owen emanates no body heat anymore he says he's the man for the job.

Owen gets into the manor and finds Henry Parker (Richard Briers) hooked up to more machines than you can count. Parker tells Owen that he has suffered three heart attacks and is being kept alive by an alien artifact he calls "The Pulse." Owen tells him it is hope, not machines, that is keeping him alive. Parker soon has another heart attack and as Owen doesn't have any breath in him, he is unable to perform CPR and Parker dies.

Tosh warns Owen that "The Pulse" is about to explode. Owen tells them he's going to try to absorb the power and they all say their heartfelt goodbyes. The Pulse begins to glow brighter and brighter.

The woman on the roof asks what happened next. Obviously it didn't explode as Owen is sitting next to her. Owen pulls out The Pulse from his backpack. It wasn't a bomb, after all, it was an alien reply to one of the satellites launched in the seventies to make contact with alien life.

We go into another flash and we see everyone bidding Martha farewell and Owen promising Tosh he'll open up to her in the future. We see Owen walking down a ways when something flutters down from above in front of him. He picks it up and it's a picture of our woman on the roof and her husband. He looks up to see her on the roof. That's why he came up â€" not to jump himself, but to save her.

Owen tells her that if she can see a glimmer of hope than she must stay in this world. She introduces herself as Maggie as she and Owen watch the lightshow The Pulse is creating.


No one else has the code to the alien morgue? They should have had a better backup plan!

So what does this mean for Owen? Is he basically invincible? Can he die again? I'm a little confused. I mean, if he's already dead, if he's shot or stabbed in the heart, does he die again?

Again, I didn't care for these last two eps. This was more of a character study than an action/alien ep.

Can't the whole of Cardiff see Owen's little light show? Come on!

I'm looking forward to next week's ep - looks a bit amusing.

What did you think?

--- K. L. Connie Wang

Photos: © BBC Worldwide

Posted by Connie on March 18, 2008 3:26 PM
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