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Torchwood: Adam

Torchwood_Adam.jpgGwen is back to work at Torchwood after taking a long weekend in Paris with Rhys. When she arrives, a new employee (or so we think) is there. His name is Adam. The others believe he has been there for years and when Gwen arrives she has no idea who he is. Once Adam touches her, she is suddenly filled with memories of Adam and "remembers" him.

We soon find out Adam came through the rift and has manipulated the memories of Team Torchwood for his own use. He has implanted false memories in the team, but his interference in their natural memories has its consequences.

Gwen arrives home from work with no memory of Rhys. Upon seeing him she thinks he has broken into her home and is stalking her. She calls Jack and Adam brings her back to the Hub while Jack records Rhys on video of how he met Gwen so that Gwen can recall her memories.

Because of the memory manipulation, Jack's long-buried childhood memories begin to surface. We then find out who Captain John Hart in the ep "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" referred to as Gray. Turns out Gray is Jack's little brother. A brother he lost in an attack on his home planet.

Tosh, on the other hand, has found her self-esteem as a result of the memory manipulation and she believes that she and Adam have been dating for the past year. Owen, normally snarky and a womaniser, is now this nerdy geek pining after Toshiko.

Owen and Tosh study a box that was among a bunch of artifacts that they have been given to catalog. Ianto offers to look in his diary to see if there is any info about the box. He leaves and soon Owen is proclaiming his love for Tosh. Tosh reprimands him for being inappropriate, that he's not her type anyway and she's with Adam.
As she spends more time with Rhys, Gwen starts to remember bits and pieces of their life.

Ianto reads his diary and realizes there is no mention of Adam in it. Adam confronts him and Ianto soon learns that Adam isn't who he claims he is. While he can manipulate memories, he can't manipulate memories written down or recorded. He then forces false memories on Ianto â€" memories that Ianto is a serial killer and that he has killed three girls.

Jack comes back to the Hub to a disturbed Ianto. He confesses to the killings and Jack doesn't believe him. He hooks him up to a lie detector but it shows that Ianto is telling the truth. Still, Jack doesn't believe him. He scans the CCTV video and finds Adam manipulating Ianto. As he goes back through more video, he realizes that Adam has physically touched everyone at some point, causing them to change the way they react to him.

Jack runs to the lab and scans the blood samples of the members of Team Torchwood. There is no blood sample from Adam. Ianto goes through the personnel files on the computer and everything looks okay, but Adam's personnel file was updated a mere 24 hours ago.

Soon, everyone is at work and Jack arrests Adam. Tosh, upset at her lover being arrested, holds a gun to Jack. Ianto wrestles it away from her and Jack puts Adam in the cell next to the weevil.

Jack gathers the team and brings them to a calm hypnotic state. He gives each one a short-term amnesia pill (Redcon Lite?) to erase the past 48 hours. In her trance, Gwen tells Jack that she loves Rhys but not in the way she loves him (Jack). Tosh talks about her lonliness, Owen describes the stormy relationship with his mom, Ianto talks about Lisa ("Cyberwoman").

Jack goes down to see Adam, who is disappearing/dying from the amnesia pills. Adam teases Jack with a memory from his childhood but then manipulates himself into it. Jack's pissed that the one memory he had of his brother and dad is now tainted by Adam. Adam tells him the box they were working on contains his last memories and if he dies, so would they. Jack hesitates but then takes the amnesia pill. He soon crumples to the ground in slumber as Adam dies.

Once the team has awoken from their sleep, they all wonder why they are missing two days, but Jack doesn't know either.

Jack finds the box and inserts the stray piece. The box soon opens and in it is a handful of sand.


Written by the same writer who wrote the previous week's episode "Meat," this story was a little bit better but not by much.

The opening to me was a little confusing. I would have like to have seen a scene where Adam begins to manipulate the team. As it was, I thought he was a yearly auditor or something from another sector of Torchwood. While most of the characters stayed pretty much the same, Owen's significant change also threw me for a loop. I kept wondering if I had missed an episode of not.

It was interesting to have confess her love to Jack, but with that, they both won't remember it due to the Redcon Lite pill.

What did you think?

Posted by Connie on March 1, 2008 8:02 PM
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