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Torchwood Fodder

Torchwood: Reset

Torchwood_Reset.jpgAfter a series of murders occur, Jack calls for UNIT (United Nations Intelligence Taskforce) medical specialist Martha Jones (Freema Agyeman) to help out. Martha greets Jack like an old friend, curiosity raging through the rest of the Team.

Martha tells the team there have been similar murders throughout the UK. Jack and Martha chat, dropping hints about their travels with the good Doctor. He tells Martha that she should have contacted him if she was looking for a job, but she tells him that she wasn't look. UNIT headhunted her with a recommendation from an "impeccable source." The two conclude that it must have been the Doctor.

Meanwhile, Owen is trying to use an alien artifact he has called a "singularity scalpel." Ideally, it can eliminate an object within an object without disturbing the external object (did catch all that?) Owen tries to eliminate a crumbled piece of paper he has put inside a paper cup and ends up almost blowing Ianto's head off.

As Team Torchwood investigates the murders, they find that all the victims medical records have been wiped. As they question the roommate of one victim as well as a victim who survived a murder attempt, they quickly learn that the subjects were "cured" of diabetes and HIV, diseases that are manageable but not curable. The woman with HIV tells Owen and Martha about The Pharm, a medical facility where she was a test subject and about Reset, a drug that she was given. Just as she finishes telling them this, she has a seizure and dies. Soon, a swarm of fly-like alien creatures exit the body through the mouth and try to enter Owen and Martha, but they soon die before they get the chance.

Owen and Jack go to the Pharm to talk to the Director, Professor Aaron Copley but they are turned away.
As the team looks for a way to infiltrate the Pharm, they soon find a site where the Pharm recruits human subjects for test trials. Martha volunteers to go in undercover. She enters the Pharm with contact-lens that double as cameras so the Team can monitor her progress. She is soon accepted as a clinical trial subject.

As Tosh and Owen keep watch over Martha, Tosh hints about Owen's infatuation with Martha and that it seems to be a perfect match, as they are both doctors. Owen brushes it off only saying that even if he tried any moves, "Jack would have his kneecaps." Owen and Tosh talk about a pool tournament that Tosh had originally used as a way to ask Owen out on a date (which he was oblivious to). Owen is surprised and they agree to one date to see where it goes.

Back at the Pharm, Martha is able to get into the administrative offices and find out more info on Reset. She finds that Reset is not a drug, but an alien aprasite called a Mayfly. Released into the human bloodstream, the larvae "reset" the human body, eliminating even the most minute medical issue. The subjects become so normal they're abnormal. One deathly side effect is that the larvae eventually hatch and kill the person from the inside.
Martha is soon caught and Dr. Copley finds that her blood cells have mutated due time/space travel. Intrigued, he questions her about her travels and Torchwood. Because of her mutated state, he finds her a most interesting test subject and inject her with Reset.

Gwen and Ianto catch the Pharm assassin who has been carrying out the murders. They show him the weevil to scare the bejesus out of him. Turns out the assassin has a mayfly in him and is about to kill him. Jack needs him alive so Owen uses his handy singularity scalpel. He screws up and the mayfly explodes out of the assassin's body like an Alien, killing him.

They needed the assassin alive to get them into the Pharm, but Tosh concocts a Weekend at Bernie's idea of using the corpse as the driver and remote-control drive the car into the Pharm. This impresses and scares Ianto at the same time. :o)

Once insider, the team find that the Pharm has been using all kinds of alien life forms as medical research. They are all being tortured for their blood, antigens, etc. Jack and Owen find Martha, but she's already been injected with Reset. Jack is shutting down the Pharm. Owen figures third time's a charm and uses his singularity scalpel on Martha, killing the mayfly in her safely. They exit the building and meet up with the others as Jack motions for Tosh to complete the shutdown procedures. Tosh taps into her laptop and the facility goes into shutdown mode.

Before the Team can get into their vehicle, Professor Copley points a gun at Martha. Owen soons gets in front of Martha to protect her. Jack holds a gun to Copley's head. Owen tries to talk sense to Copley, but Copley shoots Owen in the chest. Jack, in turn, shoots Copley in the head, killing him.

The Team run over to a fallen Owen, but Owen is dead.


A much better episode from the last two! I gotta figure Owen might be dead but is he really dead?

I liked seeing Martha Jones (Freema Agyeman). While I know she'll be on a few eps of Torchwood, I would like to see more of her in future seasons.

What show hasn't Alan Dale been on? Ugly Betty. Lost, Navy NCIS... The guy's even in the new Indy Jones movie.

What did you think?

Posted by Connie on March 3, 2008 8:55 PM
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I've been saying this all over the blogosphere since I saw the episode - I think this may be a backdoor pilot for a possible series about UNIT with Martha as the central character.

-- Posted by: Toby OB at March 4, 2008 12:28 AM

Toby - I can totally see that. It would be like CSI: Torchwood :D

-- Posted by: Connie at March 4, 2008 12:42 AM

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