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Torchwood Fodder

Torchwood: To the Last Man

Ep starts in a British hospital in 1918. It's World War I and Tommy Brockless, a young soldier, is in hospital from being shell-shocked. We see a male and a female walking through the corridors of the hospital. The female has what seems to be an ancient Geiger counter. They walk around to another corridor and then a big flash of light. Then they see Tommy crouched in against the wall, Toshiko next to him. She tells him it's up to him to save the world. He gets up and walks to the two and tells him that he's in the ward over there and that they must take him and make sure he gets here (present time). The two go to the ward and back to Tommy and intro themselves as Gerald and Harriet from Torchwood.

Back to present day where we see Toshiko glamming it up as she gets ready for work. She's even put on a dress! She gets to work as they are about to defrost Tommy, who has been in cryogenic stasis since that day back in 1918. They defrost him once a year or so and take his vitals. He's given a day out in prep for when he is needed. Apparently a time rift is set to occur where 1918 and the present bleed together and it's up to Tommy to fix the fabric of time.

Toshiko has taken a shine to Tommy and Gwen wonders if there are any more frozen hotties in the freezer. Tommy has also taken a liking to Tosh and the two eventually get it on. Meanwhile, Jack shows Gwen a sealed box from the Torchwood group back in the 1918. It's time-sealed and will automatically open when the time rift occurs.
In present day, the old hospital is set to be demolished and it is this event that spurs the time rift between 1918 and today. As Gwen and Jack investigate at the hospital, both see "ghosts" from 1918 as the rift gets bigger.
Eventually, the box pops open and Jack reads the orders from 1918 Torchwood. He also notes that Tosh is part of the whole plan. Inside the papers is a drawing of Toshiko.

Once Tommy is told what he must do, Tommy refuses because his actions will close the rift and he will never see Toshiko again. Tosh tells him that what he does saves the world and he eventually agrees. Only after does Tosh find out that Tommy dies a few weeks after he returns to 1918. Jack gives Tommy a rift manipulator which he takes back in time with him but he's so scared he doesn't use it. The rift is getting bigger and Owen has an idea to psychically connect one of them back to 1918 to talk Tommy through it. Jack is about to go but Toshiko volunteers. Her image is projected back in time and she convinces Tommy that he was use the rift manipulator to save the world.

He does and time is restored again.


Interesting episode. Not well plotted, I thought. The concept is great though. I find that they don't give much explanation (like how Tosh could psychically connect with Tommy through time with a portion of his blood sample?) Though, since it is sci-fi, I guess you're supposed to take them at their word.

What did you think?

Posted by Connie on February 13, 2008 8:46 PM
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