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Torchwood Fodder

Torchwood: Sleeper

In the second ep of the second season, two burglars break into an apartment. The couple living there are scared, of course. The husband grabs his cricket bat while the wife, Beth, grabs the phone to call the cops. The burglars enter the bedroom and they hear the operator on the other end of the phone. They about to harm Beth and her husband. Suddenly, the burglars are apologizing and there is a flash of light. Next thing we know, Torchwood is on the scene investigating the death of the burglars.

Beth can't remember the events of the evening. Torchwood takes Beth into custody as they suspect she is alien. They put her in the cell next to the weevil, who cowers in her presence. Owen tries to get a blood sample but he is unable to penetrate her skin. Jack decides to put her in a mind probe.

First, nothing happens. Eventually, they find alien technology in her forearm. Turns out she's a sleeper agent and has no clue she is an alien. Turns out they are probably here to survey our planet before taking it over.

Around Cardiff, other sleepers "awaken" and their one arm with the alien tech transform into weapons. The sleepers carry out suicide bombngs at key locations.

Beth escapes and Torchwood finds her with her hubby, who is in hospital. She wants to remain human. That's all she knows. She is having a hard time with the knowledge that she is alien. She accidentally stabs her husband. Jack and Gwen convince her to help them find the other sleepers. Jack find the lead sleeper but is stabbed in the process. The sleeper warns him that others of his kind all over the Earth before he proceeds to blow himself up.
Back at Torchwood, Beth tells Gwen she can't live knowing that she won't be herself on day. She uses her arm weapon to threaten Gwen, forcing Team Torchwood to kill her.


I prefer the episodes with a single story line versus those with a multi-ep arc, but this episode was kind of boring to me. Seems like it has been done before?

What did you think?

Posted by Connie on February 6, 2008 2:39 PM
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