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Torchwood: They Keep Killing Suzie

The team arrives at a crime scene at a suburban home. The homeowners were found in their bed, throats slashed. A similar murder happened the previous day. Though, this crime scene has the word "TORCHWOOD" written in blood on the wall.

There doesn't seem to be any connection in the vics. In analyzing a sample of the killer's hair, Tosh finds compound B67 in it. Owen IDs it as Retcon, the ingredient used in the amnesia pill Jack gave Gwen in the pilot episode. "A dash of retcon," he told her. Since retcon isn't in wide use (really only by Torchwood), the murderer must be someone they gave the amnesia pill to. Gwen suggests they use the Resurrection Gauntlet to ask the vics themselves. Owen's a little leary because of the glove's effects on Susie, but Jack relents as the murders are happening because of Torchwood.

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Jack tries the glove on the very first vic but with no avail. Gwen tries it on and it instantly responds to her. They get no info from the first vic, but they get info from one of the couple in the house we saw in the opening of the ep. Vic tells them their attacker was named "Max" and that the attended something called "Pilgrim." The other common factor? Max knew Suzie, the woman Gwen replaced.

Tosh researchs Pilgrim and finds they are a religious support group run by one of the murdered. Torchwood looks into Suzie's stuff and finds a book of Emily Dicksinson poems and a flyer for Pilgrim. Jack thinks they need to use the Glove on Suzie.

They get Suzie's body from cryo-storage and try to revive her. Not much luck. Tosh suggest they use the alien knife that Suzie had used to kill people. Jack cuts her with the knife, but nothing. Then he stabs her and she is resurrected. Suzie's furious they brought her back and even more furious that it is Gwen using the glove. They ask her about the amnesia pill and Max before their standard two minutes is up. Time is running out and Suzie appears to die again. Gwen collapses. Ianto notes that even though she has this ugly knife in her chest, Suzie is just unconscious but very much alive.

Jack interrogates Suzie who now has an entry wound at her chin and a big ol' exit wound at the big of her head. Suzie's a little bitter but Jack brings her back to the case. He has pictures of all the Pilgrim members, but Suzie notices one is missing. One Lucy McKenzie and she works at the Wolf Bar.

Jack, Owen and Gwen go to the bar while Suzie and Tosh watch from a feed. They keep an eye out for Lucy as well as Max. Owen sees someone who looks like Max, but it's not him. Suzie eyes Max and warns Gwen just as he's about to knife Gwen, but Jack comes to the rescue and stuns the guy down to the ground.

Jailed at Torchwood near the Weevil, Max chants "Torchwood" as he goes into a flight of rage now and again. Jack asks Suzie about Max and finds out that Suzie had given him the amnesia pill every time she talked to him – once a week for two years. She had no one to turn to, no one to talk to about their secret job so she talked to Max and made him forget about as soon as she told him. The amount she had given him over the years pretty much caused Max to OD on retcon.

Later, Suzie and Gwen are talking and Suzie finds that Gwen has replaced her in every aspect, even sleeping with Owen. She tells Gwen of her dying father who has cancer and Gwen decides to help her leave Torchwood so she can visit him.

Owen shows Jack an analysis of images he captured when Gwen used the glove. Looks like the connection between Gwen and Suzie remained open and energy is draining from Gwen into Suzie still. Jack goes to get Gwen but finds the two gone. As they about to go to search for them the Hub is put into lockdown.

Back down at teh cell, Max is reciting a line from Dickinson's poem "Because I could not stop for death." Jack thinks Suzie masterminded this long before she died. Once killed, Suzie would no longer see Max and without her giving him a trigger word would cause Max to go all postal, forcing Torchwood to track him down. Max was a setup, the big master plan was for Suzie to be resurrected and for her to escape.

As Gwen drives Suzie to see her dad, Gwen is looking more tired and droopy while Suzie is starting to look more alive.

The team manages to get an outside line and calls for help. Tosh thinks that if words caused the lockdown, maybe numbers will reverse it. They punch in the ISBN for the book into the computer and power is restored to Torchwood.

At the hospital, Gwen finds she is bleeding at the back of her head. Suzie tells her she's dying from HER gunshot wound and soon Suzie will be fix and good as new. She goes over to her father, grabbing his oxygen mask and killing him. She pushes Gwen into a wheelchair and they leave.

The team track Gwen's car and finds they at a ferry landing. Gwen's pretty close to death and Suzie is running toward the docks. Jack shoots her but she won't die. At this point, Gwen looks to be dead. Suzie, with multiple GSWs to the back, still won't kick it. Jack tells Tosh to destroy the glove back at the Hub. Once they do, Suzie dies and Gwen gasps for a breath.

Back at Torchwood, Jack is glad that the glove was destroyed, but Ianto reminds him, "Funny thing – gloves. They always come in pairs..."


Good ep! The whole Suzie storyline was so convoluted, I'm not sure if I followed it all, but it was cool.

What did you think?

Posted by Connie on October 29, 2007 8:13 PM
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so informative, thanks to tell us.

-- Posted by: DedoVioheds at September 26, 2010 12:19 AM

so informative, thanks to tell us.

-- Posted by: DedoVioheds at September 29, 2010 10:09 PM

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