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Torchwood Fodder

Torchwood: Ghost Machine

Ep opens up with our Torchwood team chasing a guy through Cardiff. Tosh is tracks the alien energy signature through the CCTV network. Gwen gives chase and gets separated from Owen and Jack. She manages to grab hold of the guy but he escapes, leaving Gwen holding his jacket. Frustrated that she almost had him, Tosh informs her that what she has, she's got him. She digs through the pockets of the jacket and finds a handheld device, almost like a Star Trek phaser. Stupidly, and typical of a rookie, she pushes one of it's buttons and activates it. She "phases" out of present time and finds herself in the past watching a little boy who is lost and just wants to go home. She calls to him, but he doesn't hear. She phases back to the present. Jack and Owen arrive. "I think I've seen a ghost," she tells them.

Watching CCTV footage back at homebase, the footage shows Gwen standing at the scene, no boy to be found and seconds later, Owen and Jack bringing up the rear. She recalls that the boys name is Thomas Erasmus Flanagan. Jack orders everyone to start searching the databases, criminal records, etc. for this name but Owen beats them to the punch and locates the Flanagan in the telephone book.

They go to Flanagan's home and Flanagan, now an old man, recalls how he was evacuated to Cardiff during the World War II but there was no one there to greet him because of some mix-up. He was kindly taken in by a couple and remained in Cardiff.

The team IDs the man they were chasing – Sean Harris, a petty thief. They go to search for him but turn up with nothing. Torchwood decides to try to replicate the vision back at base. One of the team tosses the "phaser" to Owen who also activates it. He phases out of time to see Lizzie Lewis, a young woman from the 50s/60s era being attacked by a young man named Ed Morgan. Owen watches helplessly.

Back at base, Torchwood finds that Lizzie was raped and murdered under the same bridge in 1963, her killer never found. Jack discovers that the device contains a quantum transducer which converts human emotions into ghosts. Owen wants to reopen the murder case, now that they know who the likely killer is, but Jack puts the kibosh on it, reminding him that he only saw an echo of a moment, amplified by this alien technology. The Number One Priority is to find Sean Harris and interrogate him about the alien device.

Jack sends everyone home but Gwen. They go to Torchwood's private shooting range. He shows her the vast variety of firearms Torchwoods owns and intends to show her how to use them. As he is teaching her the basics of holding a gun, they have a moment – a tease of sexual tension between them. They blow off some rounds and some heat (wokka, wokka) when Gwen realizes she needs to get back to Rhys. She asks Jack where he sleeps and he tells her he doesn't.

Gwen arrives at her flat and we see she's taken the device home with her. Rhys is out with his buddies so Gwen uses the device to go back in time and see some of the good times she's had with Rhys. One involves Gwen trying to staple the fly of his pants together when the zip breaks. "You're not touching my valuables with that thing!" he says as she chases him, laughing. She breaks off from the device as Rhys arrives home. She kisses him as if she hasn't seen him in decades.

Meanwhile, Owen is obsessed with Lizzie and spends most of the night tracking down the killer. He finds Ed Morgan and confronts him. Morgan demands that he leave and as he exits, he spots Harris and runs after him. He catches him, but instead of cuffing him and taking him to base, they go to a pub and have a drink instead.
The team arrive at the pub while Harris explains how he found the device and what it has showed him. He, too, has seen the events surrounding Lizzie and Ed. The team is about to leave when Harris asks if they want to see the other half.

Off the team goes to Harris' apartment where they find the other half of the device along with a tin of alien bits and pieces, debris washed up through the Rift that runs through Cardiff. The two halves click together like Legos. He tells Gwen he's only used the one half and asks if he is going to die. That he's seen it. Gwen runs out to ask Jack something and "accidentally" activates the device. This new vision is from the future (?) and it's of Gwen holding a bloody knife. "I was too late... I couldn't stop it... Owen had the knife..."

Back at homebase, Jack tells Gwen that what she saw was one of many possibilities of the future. Tosh tells Owen that she's gone through Morgan's medical records and it shows he has had bouts with claustrophobia, depression, paranoia and even attempts at suicide. Owen confesses to Tosh about his visit to Morgan and then realizes Morgan was under the impression that Owen wanted money from him leading him to realize that Harris was trying to blackmail Morgan.

Tosh and Owen return and tell Jack what they now know. They find that Gwen has gone over to Harris' to tell him that what he saw might not be real. Jack and Owen head over while Tosh keeps an eye on the monitors. She sees that Morgan is heading for Harris' flat.

Harris sees Morgan outside and rushes out, Gwen not far behind him. Morgan threatens him with a knife when Owen and Jack arrive and disarm him. Owen has the knife in his hand. Still angered about Lizzie, Owen threatens Morgan and looks as if he is about to kill him when he thinks better of it and hands the knife over to Gwen.
Relieved that everyone is alive, Gwen holds the knife only to find Morgan lunging toward her and into the knife. He falls over, a large knife wound in his stomach. Owen does some CPR, but Morgan is dead. Gwen, her hands bloodied, like in her vision, tells Jack, "I was so close...

Gwen is relieved that no one died, but Morgan lunges at her saying, "I knew you'd come for me." The knife in Gwen's hand plunges into Morgan's stomach, and he falls. Owen attempts CPR, but Morgan dies. Gwen, in shock, her hands bloody, tells Jack, " I couldn't stop it... Owen had the knife..."

The team tells Gwen that Morgan's death was not her fault. They agree the device is not meant for their world and Ianto place the device in their archives.

We close with Gwen watching the dawn break over Cardiff Bay, feeling responsible for the evening's death. Jack tells her that there are ghosts all around and they just have to learn to live with them. He hugs her to him as they watch the sun rise.


Um, okay, if I'm working for a covert operation that investigates alien technology, my number one rule would be "DO NOT PUSH ANY BUTTONS ON ANY ALIEN DEVICES!" What in the world was Gwen thinking when she pushed the button?! Who knows what kind of mayhem that would have cause. And then she does it again? And Owen too? Now, come on. I would think the Torchwood Team would be smarter than that.

What about the lack of security at that place? It seems anyone can take any device home, even though they are not supposed to. It just makes me laugh. :D

What did you think?

Posted by Connie on September 24, 2007 6:41 PM
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