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Torchwood Fodder

Torchwood: Day One

Gwen is having a lovely dinner with her boyfriend Rhys when suddenly a meteor streaks across the night sky. It hits just beyond the city. First day at work is gonna start a little earlier than Gwen thought.

Torchwood arrive at the crash site to see the Army already there. Our guys and gals push their way through to examine the meteor. They take samples and whatnot, as Gwen watches, unsure what to do. Owen taunts her and Gwen tosses a tool at him, missing him, but striking the meteor. A loud hiss starts as a purplish gas makes its way out as Jack tosses gas masks to everyone. Rut-ro.

Near a nightclub, a young woman, Carys, is confronted by the purplish gas while she is leaving a weepy yet angry voicemail message. The gas flows into her and makes Carys sexually aggressive. She goes back into the nightclub and picks a guy up at the bar. Pushing him into the women's restroom, they get it on – and just as climax begins, the guy dissolves into a mist of gold, which Carys absorbs.

Meanwhile, Gwen is apologizing profusely for her mistake and promises to make it all right. Ianto tells them about the incident at the nightclub. The team watches the CCTV tapes and sees the whole thing transpire. They try to track down Carys. Carys is feeling the alien affecting her body but can do nothing about it. The team arrives at her home and Carys makes a run for it, but Owen tosses a stone to the ground that creates a force field, imprisoning the person inside it. Jack pockets the stone and reprimands Owen for once again taking alien technology outside of the lab.

Carys is placed in a holding cell, next to the weevil. The alien speaks through Carys and tells Gwen that it's only here to feed off human orgasmic energy. Carys cries out in pain and Gwen goes into help her, but Carys grabs her and kisses her. Gwen kisses her back passionately, much to Owen's delight (as he's watching from vid monitors above). "Treat," Owen tells Toshiko and Jack who eye the two snogging with delight but then realize they need to help Gwen and take off for the cells. Carys eventually pushes Gwen away, telling her "it has to be a man." By the time Jack and Toshi arrive, Gwen has more or less regained her composure.

As the group dine on Chinese take-out, Jack leaves the table momentarily. At that moment, Owen and Toshiko grill Gwen about info on Jack. Owen thinks he's gay, "Paramilitary is not the dress code of a straight man." None of them seem to know much about their fearless leader.

Toshi goes through the data and discovers that the alien is emanating a heavily toxic cloud of pheromones, making her a walking sex bomb. No man should be around her. "Owen!" Toshi and Gwen exclaim and race to the cells. Too late. They find Owen standing buck naked in the cell, his hands over his private parts and Carys nowhere in sight.

On the floor above, Jack traps Carys, but she grabs the case with the severed hand in gel, which causes Jack to pause. She holds it hostage and tosses it behind the counter and takes off while Jack mourns his severed hand.
Meanwhile, Owen has been experimenting with the bioscan of Carys and shows Jack and Gwen what will eventually happen to Carys if they don't get the creature out of her. He demonstrates on a rat which eventually explodes. "Ratjam." Owen says.

Wondering where she'll go, Toshi suggests she might visit and ex-boyfriend. They track him down and get there but too late. All that is left is a pile of dust. As they check her background they find Carys worked as a temp for a fertility clinic. They race over there but Carys has already left her mark. Each room where sperm donors are given some privacy features a piles of dust. They finally catch up to Carys who is too weak to fight. Figuring that he's immortal and has plenty of life to give, he kisses Carys to help revitalize her.

Gwen offers herself up to the alien as a host since she's stronger than Carys. The alien exits Cary and starts toward Gwen, but just as it is about to penetrate her, Jack throws down the force field stone and traps the alien inside. Separated from its host with nothing to feed off of, it dies immediately, a pile of Kool-Aid on the floor.

Thankful that Jack just saved her life, Gwen leans over and kisses him, leaving Jack with a look of surprise and thoughtfulness.

Gwen escorts Carys back to her father and all is right with the world... for now.


Great second episode. I like how Gwen is still in the real world, the consciousness of Torchwood, if you will. But isn't it in the training manual that you're not supposed to chuck chisels at meteorites? Next week's ep is just as promising.

There doesn't seem to be anything I don't like about this show.

What did you think?

Posted by Connie on September 24, 2007 1:55 PM
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so informative, thanks to tell us.

-- Posted by: DedoVioheds at September 29, 2010 9:48 PM

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