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Top Chef Fodder

Top Chef: Penn & Teller

Magic things happen this week on Top Chef. Padma and Michelle Bernstein meet the cheftestants in the Top Chef kitchen. They are continuing on with another Vegas theme. The angel on your shoulder v/s the devil on the other one. Their quickfire consists of creating a duo of the battles of their personal devils. They have one hour and the winner gets immunity.

Michael: Angel- Rillettes of Salmon, Devil -- Confit of Salmon and Ice cream. Kevin: Angel -- Halibut and seasonal veggie, Devil -- devilied egg puree and bacon. Ron: Angel -- Chilean Sea Bass with Corn hash, Devil -- Chilean Sea Bass with Yucca. Ashley: Angel -- Scallop Crudo, Devil -- Seared scallop Puttanesca. Eli: Angel -- Scallop with radish top pesto, Devil -- scallop with brown butter risotto. Bryan: Angel -- frozen coconut. lychee and vanilla, Devil -- Dark Chocolate Mousse. Jennifer: Angel -- scallop crudo with olive oil, Devil -- Seared scallop with butter. Ash -- Angel -- custard that didn't set and he couldn't present, Devil -- Spicy asparagus custard with peppercorn shortbread. Robin: Angel -- Arugula, apple and fennel salad, Devil -- Cardamom apple ginger crisp. Laurine: Angel -- Chicken and veggie consomme, Devil -- Chicken saltimbocca. Mike: Angel -- Cucumber yogurt soup, Devil -- Rack of lamb kabob style.

The chefs that Michelle liked the least were Ash, Bryan and Laurine. The chefs that Michelle liked the best were Michael, Eli and Robin. The winner was Robin. Now, here's the interesting thing, Eli who I never thought was an a$$ or a jerk before, shows his true colors. He assumes that she won, because she told the story about how she is a cancer survivor. Eli, trust me, if she had the choice of being stricken with cancer so that she could win this quickfire, or lose the quickfire and never have had cancer -- which one do you think she would pick? Which one would you pick? Don't be a SORE LOSER and an ass. And, yes, Robin annoys the hell out of me too, but I will not make light of her battle with cancer.

Penn and Teller come in to show them some sleight of hand and then to explain how the sleight of hand trick works. Their elimination challenge is to deconstruct a classic dish. They draw knives for their dishes. Jen - meat lasagna, Michael - caesar salad, Ash - shepherds pie, Robin - new england clam chowder, Eli - sweet and sour pork, Laurine - fish and chips, Kevin - chicken mole negro, Bryan - rueben sandwich, Mike - eggs florentine, Ashley - pot roast, Ron -- paella.

Some of the chefs have experience in deconstruction, some do not. At this point, I really can't tell if Ron's issue is truly a language barrier, or if there is something else going on there.....this isn't the first time that he has not been able to pull off the challenge because of some misinterpretation of what was being asked of him. Not sure if it is genuine or a crutch. Jury is still out on that one for me.

The idea of deconstructing a dish is to separate all of the components in a dish and re-assemble them in a differenty way so that the originial dish is still represented.

Toby the tiger is back from England and judging this competition. All of the chefs are not looking forward to cooking for him. He is like the Simon Cowell of judging.

The chefs that were liked most by the judges are Jennifer, Kevin, Ashley and Michael. The winner was Kevin who won a set of calphalon union dishes! Great job on the mole!

The judges did not like Ron, Laurine and Ash. Ron ends up packing his knives and going home, so I guess I will still have to wonder exactly what his deal is.

Posted by Wendy on September 24, 2009 10:02 PM
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