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Top Chef Fodder

Top Chef Las Vegas -- Sin City Vice

Top Chef is back and in Las Vegas! This season is set to be full of twists and turns. It may be the most exciting Top Chef yet. The quickfires are earning more than just safety from elimination. Like $15,000 more. Wow.

Alright, lets very briefly meet the 17 chefs competing: Ron, executive chef from Haiti; Preeti executive chef from San Fran; Mike I, rising culinary start nominee; Hector chef/owner rom Puerto Rico; Kevin, James Beard nominee; Ashley chef from Seattle; Jesse executive chef from Baltimore, Mattin chef/owner from France; Jen C. chef de cuisine for Eric Ripert's 10 arts; Jen Z sous chef from PA, Robin, chef/owner and cancer survivor; Ash, sous chef; Michael and Bryan brothers who like to compete; Bryan is a James Beard nominee and Michael is a Michelin star recipient; Eli, executive chef; Laurine, caterer; and Eve, chef/owner from Michigan.

Luck be a Lady Tonight!

To the quickfire! The first one is the mise en place race! Woo Hoo! Love it. Each cheftestant chooses a poker chip from a hat. This determines their team. Lucky Robin picked the gold chip, and she doesn't have to compete in the quickfire, she can move strait on AND she gets immunnity for the elimination challenge. Cool. They have a bit of a different spin though, the first leg: shuck 15 clams; leg 2: peel 30 prawns; leg 3: clean 5 lobsters; leg 4: butcher 2 chops from a whole prime rib. More difficult than cutting onions, butchering chickens and whipping egg whites, no?

From the quickfire, we learn that Preeti has no idea how to shuck clams, which is really bad for her team because clams start the race and she can't even get her 15 done before the other teams are all done. Wow. The race is really beween the blue and black teams. The blue team wins the mise en place race.

Their prize for winning is doing a cook-off to determine the winner of the challenge. The winner of the quickfire wins immunity and $15,000. Their challenge is they must create a dish with the item the prepared for the mise en place. The winner was Jen! Congrats.

The elimination round is to cook a dish they are guilty of. They will cook against their previous team members. One of them will be up for the win and another will be up for elimination. They have $150 to spend this time.

The chefs whose vices brought them to the top are: Ron -- made a tasty jerk bass , Mike I -- made an olive oil poached halibut, Kevin -- made a gorgeous artic char cooked slowly, and Jennifer C -- made a poached halibut with lots of alcohol. The one that walked away with the win was -- Kevin.

The chef's that let their vices get the best of them were Hector, Jen Z, Jesse and Eve. Really, their dishes are not worth mentioning save the one that was eliminated. Jen Z. made a pepper that was stuffed with seitan (a hard ingredient to begin with -- what were you thinking?!?!?!?!?!?) She goes home to her son.

Wonder what they will be up against next week? Only one way to find out.......see you then.

Posted by Wendy on August 22, 2009 10:16 PM
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