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Top Chef Fodder

Top Chef -- Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

Ah, what can you do in Vegas besides gamble and drink? Get married! This week the chefs elimination challenge is bachelor/bachelorette party themed, but first the quickfire.

The chefs come into the Top Chef Kitchen and see a craps table. Well, alright then. They are also greeted by Todd English. Padma tells them that they will roll the dice to decide hwo many ingredients they will be able to use in the quickfire -- they are given salt, pepper and oil as freebees. Also, the winner of the quickfire will also win $15,000. Come on -- Baby needs a new pair of shoes!

The chefs whose rolls were not lucky for them: Jesse -- bad scallops; Eve -- too much blue cheese; Bryan -- too much yuzu. The chefs that rolled lucky: Michael V -- frozen gazpacho; Jennifer -- nice salmon; and Kevin -- a bed of greens with a perfectly cooked egg. The winner? Michael V -- $15,000 richer and one up on his brother.

For the elimination round, an engaged couple enters the kitchen with a tray full of shots. The chefs must create appetizers to compliment the different shots. They will also be grouped in teams men v/s women. (how original -- couldn't they have just drawn knives? but I digress).

The shots they had to pair appetizers with are Moscow Mule, Tequila, and Golden Delicious (which I can't find a real recipe for). The women are working for the bachelor and the men are working with the bachelorette. Each team has to do two appetizers to pair with each shot. The bachelorette is a pescatarian -- eats fish no meat, so they need to take that into consideration too.

There were some cheftestaints that had difficulty with the idea of doing a wedding challenge -- because under the current laws, they could not get married, but all persevered on!

I think my personal biggest problem with the cheftestants is that some of them chose to jump into the pool, that was being used for the party, after they "finished" their competition. Come on gentlemen, you are the hired help. This was not your party. I thought it was not in good taste....stepping down from soap box now.

The most successful appetizers were: Mike V -- apple sorbet with goat cheese cracker; Hector -- Tofu ceviche; Bryan -- sweet and sour macaroon with guacamole; Eli -- tuna tartare.
The least successful appetizers were: Eve -- shrimp ceviche; Ashley -- bay leaf panna cotta (one of two that she did, if she would have stuck with her first one, she might have been in the top -- don't they ever learn?); Preeti -- Tuna and eggplant on a wonton crisp with a shiso leaf (nuff said); Jesse -- lettuce cup that was sloppy and poorly executed.

The winner of the challenge is Bryan with his merangue guacamole appetizer. I would love to have tried it. I love a good guacamole! Going home tonight is Eve. Maybe she will have better luck at the casinos. One more thing that is bothering me -- why would you have a bachelor and bachelorette party together? Come on -- no strippers, and in VEGAS, ah well! Next week, more surprises!

Posted by Wendy on August 27, 2009 10:10 PM
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