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Top Chef Masters -- The Lost Supper

Many apologies for the looooong time it has taken me to post this review. I love computers when they work. This week on Top Chef Masters, some former judges realize how hard it is to make all of their ideas work in the confines of Top Chef. We have competing this week:

Wylie Dufresne - New York - Chef and owner of WD-50. (very well known for "molecular gastronomy"). His charity is Autism Speaks.

Suzanne Tracht - California - Chef and owner of Jar and Tracht. Her charity is JFS/SOVA Community Food and Resource Program.

Graham Elliot Bowles - Chicago - Chef and owner of Graham Elliot. His charity is the American Heart Association.

Elizabeth Falkner - California - Chef and owner of Citizen Cake and Orson. Her charity is The Edible Schoolyard.

We had the return of one of my favorite Quickfires this week. Ye Olde Vending Machine! The chefs were given quarters and directions to the vending machines. Last time this challenge came up, the most memorable dish by far was Michael's concoction of chocolate with a cheeto stuck in it. I am hoping to see more interesting fare from the Masters.

Quickfire Dishes:

Wylie - Red onion grilled cheese sandwich with a Dr. Pepper reduction. (my guess is Dr. Pepper paid lots of money to be featured in this episode as all of them used it in some way)

Suzanne - Fried shallot rings with micro-green salad and Dr. Pepper aioli (see what I mean)

Graham - Tuna salad with pickled shallots, ginger-orange bubbles, beef jerky with miso powder.

Elizabeth - Braised Beef Jerky (in Dr Pepper) with Orange juice, lemon, horseradish ice cream (yup, ice cream).

Perhaps the most interesting thing about the quickfire was the judges. Last week it was girl scouts, this week it was Elan, Betty and Michael who all took part in the first vending machine challenge! How's that for payback?

The stars turned out this way Wylie - 3, Elizabeth - 3.5, Graham - 4.5, Suzanne - 5.

The Elimination challenge for this round was nicknamed "The Lost Supper", no not that Lost Supper. They were going to create dishes for the creators of the TV show Lost , Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof. They were limited to items that would be available on the island all of the Oceanic Flight 815 survivors landed on. They were given fresh tropical ingredients and an official Dharma list of things they could purchase, canned, from the store. The biggest complaint was that they were not able to use fresh herbs and spices, as none of them were available.

Each of the contestants presented some very ambitious dishes with the ingredients that they had. Here are their dishes:

Wylie - Roasted Chicken with in-shell poached egg; beets with diced corn and plantain puree. Wylie had some time management issues. He did a lot of running around for no apparent reason. The critics were divided on his dishes. In the end, he earned a total of 20 stars.

Suzanne - Risotto with uni, clams and prawns; wild boar strip with oyster beer sauce and mango corn salad. All of the critics commented on how much her dish seemed to look over the top, meaning there was way too much on the plate and that it would not work well together. However, they all changed their minds after they tasted it. She earned 22.5 stars from them.

Elizabeth - sous-vide ancho-beer braised boar loin; coffee scented poached boar loin and yam-papaya pudding. The critics admired her coffee scented boar, but panned her babyfood-like pudding. Elizabeth earned 16.5 stars in total.

Graham - Maki rook with tuna and dehydrated pineapple; Tuna nicoise, tuna a la plancha. The critics enjoyed his dishes. They were particularly pleased with his tuna nicoise. His "tuna three ways" was a great hit. He earned 20.5 stars from the critics.

Suzanne wins! All of the critics were highly impressed with the way she saw and used the different ingredients she chose. This means that we now have Hubert and Suzanne with spots for the next round. I can't wait to see who will join them this week!!

Posted by Wendy on June 22, 2009 5:27 PM
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so informative, thanks to tell us.

-- Posted by: DedoVioheds at September 29, 2010 9:27 PM

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