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Survivor: Loose Lips Sink Ships Review

"[sigh] I guess third time isn't charm, after all.”

Season 20: Week 13

Loose Lips Sink Ships

Airdate 05/13/2010


Well, the women have wasted their majority without ever taking advantage of it. Will the villains do likewise? Is Russell really on the outs and allying with the heroes? Or is it an elaborate fake?



The SURVIVOR Finale is THIS SUNDAY, MAY 16, 8PM (Check local listings)



Night 33

Jerri and Parvati confer over their confusion - they thought it was Rupert's night to go home. Parvati says she thinks Russell changed his vote at the last minute - probably over that 'how close Parvati and I are' remark of Danielle's. Jerri relates how Russell threatened her with going next if she didn't vote the way he wanted. Parvati says she completely distrusts Russell now.

Russell continues his cover story that Danielle wanted Parvati voted out. Parvati tells him she just wants to make sure the four villains left are solid, and Russell says 'of course', but privately shares that he thinks that doubt means she and Danielle were indeed plotting against him.

Rupert crows privately over his good fortune at tribal and relishes how close he's getting to a million bucks. He's played this game before, and presumably watched it. Surely he realizes just how much the producers appreciate irony in such pronouncements. If I was him it keep up my "I'm dead" litany.

Day 34

Tree mail arrives with a product placement phone. It tells them to be prepared to be a leader and check their memos. The memos are videos from relatives of each of the remaining Survivors saying they'll see them at the next challenge.

Reward Challenge

The challenge is a bucket relay with their relatives Parvati, her dad Michael; Jerri, her sister Jennifer; Russell, his wife Melanie; Colby, his brother Reed; Rupert, his wife Laura (it's their 12th anniversary); Sandra, her uncle Fernando. Sandra's reunion is particularly touching as Fernando was with her mother when she 'passed', comforting her.

The challenge: The Survivors will be paired with their relatives and will run to the ocean and fill a bucket, then toss the water over about a ten foot gap to the relatives also with a bucket. The relatives pour the water they catch into a third bucket, which by a Rube Goldberg contraption will set of a chain reaction when full to declare them the winners. Winners get a plane trip to a nearby island to tour the blowholes that we've been seeing in the opening credits.

The trick is apparently to throw the water in such a way as it holds together in a cohesive clump over the interval and can be caught. If it fractures into a spray, very little gets caught. Jerri is pretty good at this, others not so much. Colby gets increasingly frustrated, apparently blaming his brother (who's only catching, after all) for not instructing him better in what to do. It's part of a pattern of poor challenge performances by Colby, who used to be pretty good at them, making it to the finals in season 2.

Working steadily, Jerri and Jennifer win the reward to take the trip and are allowed to choose another Survivor and relative to go with them. Jerri chooses Parvati and Michael and begs to be allowed to bring another. Jeff allows it and Sandra and Fernando join them. Apparently Jerri has never heard the aphorism "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer" and chooses all friends, leaving her enemies in camp to plot against her (and them). Russell comments to his wife "She's in trouble now." The men part from their relatives and head back to camp, while the women and theirs take off for adventure.


The blowholes are indeed spectacular. Volcanic vents in a shelf undercut by the ocean, when big waves come in the plume of water shoots out a hundred feet in the air. The tourists are afraid to approach at first, but a little Samoan man shows them how to walk out to the holes and throw a coconut in at just the right time to make it shoot up in the air like a cannon shot. After amusing themselves for a while, they spread out a picnic repast and review the pictures they've been taking of themselves with the product placement phone.

Sandra tearfully explains that it's only been a week since her mother passed (while the game was going on, I presume, although we've seen no hint of this previously) and her husband is serving in Afghanistan, so that's why Uncle Fernando, who's always been very close to her family, is here. She's got a message painted in gold on her blouse, "Mom, send help from heaven," along with the "1/2 my heart is in Afghanistan" that was there previously.

Jerri brings up game strategy, and Parvati tells her that Russell can do nothing against her because she and Sandra have her back. "What's he gonna' do, recruit Colby and Rupert?"

Back at Camp Yin Yang, Day 34

That's exactly what Russell is doing. The men talk about Jerri's naiveté in her choices, and Russell calls them 'unappreciative little bi***es' and the three men vow to stick together to the final three. Privately, Rupert expresses skepticism at Russell's bona fides, but says he's all he's got to depend on. Russell thinks he can swing Jerri's vote as well, and considers Parvati the only remaining threat.

Night 34

After the women return, Rupert stays up late sawing wood (literally) and breaking up more firewood and irritating everyone that's trying to sleep, especially Jerri.

Russell gets up and Jerri gets her chance to talk to him and they appear to still be best buddies, Russell saying he was worried Parvati was swaying her against him and Jerri saying no such thing did, or ever could, happen.

Day 35

Jerri interviews that she wanted to talk it out with Russell when they got back to camp last night, but Russell and Colby were already asleep. She's also very irritated at Rupert for his sleep-interrupting activities.

Immunity Challenge, Day Not Stated

It's another endurance/concentration challenge. Survivors must hold up a wooden pole about five feet long and four inches in diameter with the back of their hands spread a couple of feet out from their shoulders. The top end of the pole presses lightly against a flat board above their heads. The least release of pressure will cause the pole to drop. The poles are very light, and the board above them does not offer much resistance to press against, so it's a very delicate balancing act.

Colby continues his string of disappointing challenge performances by dropping his less than fifteen seconds in. Sandra goes out before a minute has passed. Most of the survivors have adopted a strategy of pulling their hands in toward their shoulders to lessen the strain, but thereby tilting the column. Thus it touches the board only on its edge rather than its full circular surface. It should also be possible, by slightly rotating the hand, to 'walk' the top of the column to a more advantages position on the board, but it would be a very delicate balancing act to do so, especially with a column on each hand.

Rupert's hands tremble slightly, Russell seems steady, and Parvati and Jerri seem to be in Zen-like trances of concentration. Russell inexplicably drops a column next that seemed very well placed. As soon as Jeff compliments Jerri on keeping her poles dead center right where she started, she drops one. Parvati and Rupert left.

Seventeen minutes have passed and Rupert and Parvati steal glances at each other. One of Rupert's poles slips near the edge. Parvati tries to walk her left pole closer to center and her right pole gets away from her and almost goes off. Rupert tries to do a little adjusting of his own but gets no further from the edge. Finally he loses it with his right hand and Parvati wins immunity. So much for Russell's plans to eliminate her tonight. Rupert shares that Sandra is plan B. But of course, he doesn't know she has a hidden immunity idol.

Day 36

It looks like they're coming straight back from the immunity challenge, so I guess it was on Day 36.

Russell interviews that he'll have to flip back to the girls now that his Parvati plan is defunct.

Sandra tells Rupert that she hates Russell and wants him off but the other girls won't go with that. Rupert rats Sandra out to Russell. Russell immediately goes to Sandra, who's lying in the shelter with Peter and asks her if she's with him or against him and he tells her she'll go ext if she's against him. Parvati is amused by the contretemps. The whole camp, except Colby who doesn't seem to be around, is in on the conversations, and Jerri is freaked out by the goings on.

Peter tells Sandra that she and Jerri won't vote against her no matter what so she has nothing to worry about (isn't a potential tie something to worry about? - Especially if you saw Sandra's last 'make fire' playoff where Jeff practically had to hand the contestants blowtorches to determine a winner.) Sandra actually says she's rather not use her idol - despite this being the last chance to do so - that's how confident she is. [Why in heaven's name would you not?]

Tribal Council

Sandra says Rupert tried to stir up trouble between herself and Russell to save himself just like the Russell/Danielle friction did last time. Jeff is flabbergasted to hear Sandra said "I'm against you" to Russell. Parvati says the Villains are shaky, but she doesn't see anyone leaving a Heroes in the game to draw jury votes in the final three. Rupert says a Villain might want to get another Villain voted out to show he was the 'top Villain.' Asked, Parvati says she's not the top Villain. Asked "who are you talking about, Rupert", Rupert waffles and says "any of the top Villains that want to show that they're the top."

Voting time:

Parvati says she'll keep her immunity. Jeff reminds the players that tonight is the last opportunity to play an hidden immunity idol is anyone has it.

Colby votes.

Sandra votes for Rupert, saying "I'll write you name again and if I'm up there in the final three you'll still give me the million dollar vote.

Parvati votes.

Rupert votes for Sandra - "Now I wrote your name down, too."

Jerri votes.

Russell votes.

Jeff asks if anyone wants to play a hidden immunity idol.

Sandra stands right up and say she wasn't going to play it, but since she got mixed feelings at tribal council, she will. As soon as she can get it out of her bra, anyway.

Jeff reads the votes:

Rupert: #1, #3, #5
Sandra: #2, #4 (Don't count)

Rupert's smart enough to know that the first vote is his death knell.

After his torch is snuffed, he turns and looks silently at the tribe. Rupert is so hairy it's hard to tell what kind of expression he's exhibiting behind that beard and hair, but it looks… bad.

Next Sunday May 16th!

Finals. Two hours, three tribal councils, and a reunion show leading to ONE SURVIVOR!

Closing Remarks

Rupert says he thought he had it this time, but he's still proud of the way he played the game - he may not be as tough as he was six years ago, but he's still pretty tough.

Voting against:

Rupert: Sandra, Jerri, Russell, Parvati
Sandra: Rupert, Colby


Remaining Survivors:

Yin Yang (Black)Seasons
Jerri Manthey2, 8
Parvati Shallow13, 16
Sandra Diaz-Twine7
Colby Donaldson2, 8
Russell Hantz19

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Posted by Cecil on May 16, 2010 7:16 PM
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