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Survivor Heroes vs.Villains: Finale, Part 1: Review

"Challenge monster here. Rawr!”

Season 20: Week 14

Finale Part 1

Airdate 05/16/2010


One Hero left. Can Colby suddenly turn into a challenge monster and stay alive?


Night 36

The tribe squabbles over whether Sandra's idol play at the just-concluded tribal council was good play or not. Russell is miffed at not knowing she had it but Sandra rightly points out how many times he had an idol and never told her. For myself I remember the one thing nobody's bringing up - it was the LAST opportunity to play an idol so for goodness sakes why not? Had one vote shifted Sandra would have been in a tie with Rupert and we all know how well Sandra does in tiebreakers. Russell is also miffed at Parvati because he thinks she knew, and her protests are to no avail. Colby is, of course enjoying all the Villain dissension, and hoping it takes attention off him. If I were he, I'd concentrate on winning the next two challenges because no Villain wants a two Villain-one Hero finale.

Day 37

Tree mail arrives, saying they'll need a steady hand to win the next immunity challenge. It's the "balancing dishes" challenge from China. Russell shares that Colby's out unless he wins immunity. He says the best final three for his own chances is him, Sandra, and Jerri, because neither of the women has been a strategic player. And the juries always vote for the best strategic player, right? Methinks Russell is confusing strategy and tactics. Tactics is about winning the next battle. Strategy is about winning the war. Soldiers and politicians often confuse the two.

Immunity Challenge

The challenge is to take a balancing stick with a platform on one end, laying it across a ball-shaped fulcrum and holding the other end, then stack large and small plates, bowls and cups on the platform without dropping them. Last one with dishes left wins. The holding end of the stick has a downward bend in it to at least give a little mechanical advantage to the holder.

First object to stack is a large plate, followed by a large bowl. If I recall correctly, somebody in the China challenge came up with the idea of stacking things upside down, thus lowering the center of gravity and sometimes putting it below support of the object, making for greater stability. I don't see anyone trying it here, and I suppose it may depend on the order the objects are placed in, whether it's a good idea or not.

Next up - another large plate. Then we add a small bowl, small plate, cup, and another large bowl. So far everybody's still in. Cup, small bowl and we're up to nine dishes. Some hands are beginning to shake. Parvati's looks steady as a rock. The players, of course, have to maintain their stacks with one hand while reaching over to a table and retrieving the next dish called for with their other hand. Sandra and Jerri's hands shake a bit and Sandra's stack falls, making her the first person out.

More are added and the stacks are up to 14 high, and Jerri's wobbling again. The stack drops and she joins Sandra on the bench. Soy dish, medium bowl. Russell is wavering. Colby's stack is haphazard, but steady. Russell's falls and he becomes the third on the bench, only Colby and Parvati left in.

A gust of wind blows through the clearing where the competition is held, and Colby's stack starts to wobble. They each recover and add a large bowl. They hold these for a few minutes, then Colby's stack falls over without warning. Parvati wins immunity! Adios, Colby.

Jerri interviews that "once again Parvati has escaped her elimination vote". OK, so Russell might have voted her off in preference to Colby, but how would it really serve any Villain to leave a hero in right up to the last cut?

Back at Camp Yin Yang, Day 37

Parvati is just happy that with Colby not winning, she didn't have to make a painful decision - i.e. which Villain to throw under the bus. When they get back to camp Colby makes a speech about being proud to be the last Hero standing but knowing he's going so he's not going to try to hustle, just enjoy his last day in camp with his friends. So of course he immediately begins hustling. To Russell, his pitch is that if they get rid of Sandra (a poor challenge player) he can help more in keeping Parvati from winning the next immunity challenge. Russell recognizes at least that he couldn't win if Colby makes the final three.

Tribal Council

Rupert comes in with the jury, a little cleaner perhaps, but otherwise looking just like he did in the tribe. Same scraggledy beard and hair, same tie-dye shirt. Jeff questions Colby as the sole remaining Hero, why it's not a no-brainer for the Villains to get rid of him? He says he's been hustling, principally trying to convince Russell to take him forward instead of Sandra. He says it would have been easier if Sandra had won immunity, since it would have been easier to convince the other Villains to vote off Parvati since they're all afraid to stand against her in the final 3. Sandra just takes all this discussion of her worthlessness with downcast eyes and no expression on her face.

Sandra says if she's so secure, maybe she shouldn't have packed, and that, this being Survivor, you can't believe anything anybody says at this point. Parvati agrees you can't believe anyone at this point. Russell says you just have to hope your alliances hold.

Voting time:

Parvati votes for Colby.

Jerri votes.

Colby votes for Sandra.

Sandra votes for Colby, saying "Well, Colby, today's your day top go home, so adios."

Russell votes.

Jeff reads the votes:

Colby: #1, #3, #4
Sandra: #2,

Colby gets a hug from Jerri, then gets his torch snuffed and heads down the trail without a look back, cowboying up.

Jeff congratulates the remaining Villains on being in the final four.

Closing Remarks

Colby says he knows if he'd won today he's have had a shot at the million, and it's disappointing, since he used to be so good at challenges. [Colby in fact has the record, over his three seasons of having the most challenge wins, 7, despite his miserable performance this season.]

Voting against:

Colby: Sandra, Jerri, Russell, Parvati
Sandra: Colby


Remaining Survivors:

Yin Yang (Black)Seasons
Jerri Manthey2, 8
Parvati Shallow13, 16
Sandra Diaz-Twine7
Russell Hantz19

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Posted by Cecil on May 24, 2010 8:03 PM
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