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Survivor Heroes vs. Villains: Finale, Part 2: Review


Season 20: Week 14

Finale Part 2

Airdate 05/16/2010


One tribal council to go? Who will be the final three?


Night 37

The final four make their weary way back to camp. Parvati and Sandy talk about Rupert (on the jury) looking like a lunatic who might leap over the rail and kill somebody. It’s just that intense stare he has, combined with so much facial hair it’s hard to read his expressions. Rupert’s not hurting anybody – he’s a hippie and a teddy bear. Parvati shares that her eyes were opened as to how much of a threat she’s viewed as by the others, and that she thus has to work extra hard to win the final immunity.

Day 38

Russell talks to Jerri and they agree that if Parvati wins immunity, the rest of them are sunk because she’s the automatic winner. Parvati returns with tree-mail congratulating them and giving them a map for the standard stupid fallen comrades ceremony, where we’re supposed to get all mawkish over people who are NOT DEAD!, for cat’s sake. They’re off enjoying an expenses-paid world trip, or, if on the jury, living the life of luxury on the Ponderosa.

So I’ll just mention names here (in vote-off order) and quote if they have anything interesting to say in the segments (taped and voiced over the Survivors’ reminiscences).

Sugar “You can’t win this game playing good all the time. I proved that.”

Stephanie “I think people were gunning for me.”

Randy “My lack of ability to communicate with 26-year old girls is what got me booted. … What fazes me is having people clearly stupider than me controlling my fate. ”

Cirie “I attempted to play different this time but I feel like I wasn’t given a chance.”

Tom “The fact that you can be a winner in one season and then get cast aside for a guy who’s jumping around on one foot in the next is what makes the game special and worth playing.”

Tyson “I was basically the victim of my own stupidity.”

James “This time I actually tried to be a little more conversational.”

Boston Rob “I gotta applaud them for getting rid of me. It’s the first smartest thing they’ve done in 20 seasons. They’re starting to learn.”

Coach “I was and am number one on the hit list, and I’m proud of that fact. ”

Courtney “There were not pawns here. Everyone was a master of the chessboard and they were all playing a different game.”

J.T. “I give my idol to the biggest villain in the game, and he just used it to vote me out. It was beautiful.”

Amanda “I’m just not destined to win this game.”

Candace “I’ll definitely take a few lessons home.”

Danielle “I have no regrets. I am a good person and I am not a villain.”

Rupert “I feel very good about the way that I played the game, and that label of ‘hero’ – I deserved it.”

Colby “I’m proud of the way I played. I outlasted all the other Heroes.”

With the traditional ‘bonfire of the mementos’, memories are laid to rest - at least until tribal council.

Immunity Challenge

There’s a huge maze, which the Survivors will have to negotiate blindfolded. At various guideposts there are feelable indicators to the location of four necklaces they each must collect before finding their way to the target destination for the win.

The barriers are built about waist high, and there is much banging of shins and knees, and banging into each other. Each necklace has a symbol on it which matches the guidepost symbols.

Russell, Jerri, and Parvati are the fastest lookers, with Sandra trailing behind. The competitors learn to be silent, as others (Sandra mostly) learn to que on their voices. Jerri, Russell, and Parvati all collect four necklaces and are searching for that final station with the one immunity necklace. The three are within touching distance of each other when they converge on the post – Russell manages to grab the necklace. The three agree the challenge was fun – Sandra, way back, says it was the pits. Parvati worries if she’s still ‘Russell’s girl’, while Jerri is sure it means Parvati is out.

Back at Camp Yin Yang, Day 38

Russell shares he’s for sure taking Sandra with him because she’s likely to get only Courtney’s vote, thus increasing his chances for the million bucks. He tells her that. She’s OK with it. “He’s keeping me because I’ll never get a single vote. But I don’t know about tha-at.”

Russell tells Jerri he wants to take her with him in the finals, along with Sandra, and get rid of Parvati. Then he tells Parvati the opposite - he wants to take her and Sandra. Parvati points out he shouldn’t be so quick – that Sandra’s got at least three sure votes – Amanda, Candace, and Courtney. Russell says he doesn’t think so, then commits a HUGE Freudian slip and says “I’d rather take Jerri…” then realizing what he’s said and to whom, hastily corrects himself “I mean, I’d rather put Jerri on the jury because I’ve got her vote.” Parvati ask what if Jerri votes for Sandra instead?

Privately, Russell shares that he thinks Parvati is afraid of him taking Sandra, because she (Parvati) can’t even beat Sandra, and she’s maneuvering for second place.

Tribal Council

Jerri says she’s spent more time lobbying for herself this time than usually. Sandra say she goes to the person with immunity and lets them know how she improves his chances if she goes to final three with him. Russell says this is the hardest tribal council. Sandra says you’ve got to write it in the sand, do the math. Parvati says Russell can redeem himself by taking her, his closest ally. Parvati says she’s been protecting Russell. Russell begs to differ, and is annoyed at the suggestion that he needed any protecting. Russell says everyone came to him and told him the reasons they should stay, and they all made perfect sense.

Voting time:

Parvati votes for Jerri. “Hopefully, it’s you tonight and not me – because I want to win. Sorry.”

Sandra votes.

Jerri votes for Parvati saying "I have mad respect for you, Parvati. You have shown that you’re capable of kicking some serious butt. And for that reason, it’s not a good idea to sit next to you in the final three."

Russell votes. “Sorry I had to do this. I trusted you the entire game. I believe you have been loyal to me, but now my best shot to win the entire game is to get rid of you.” Well, we can be sure he’s not voting for Sandra, but we don’t see who his vote is actually for.

Jeff reads the votes:

Parvati: #1
Jerri: #2, #3, #4

Jerri rises and gives Russell a hug, telling him “I can’t wait to hear this story later.” After her torch is snuffed she half turns and gives a little wave and a “Bye, guys,” to her tribe.

Jeff congratulates the final three and tells them tomorrow night will be the final tribal council.

Closing Remarks

Jerri says “Crap! One more night! I was. So. Sure. I had this one. I’m leaning toward voting for Russell, because of the way he’s played the game. For the most part Russell makes decisions that make sense. Except tonight.”

Voting against:

Jerri: Sandra, Russell, Parvati
Parvati: Jerri


The Final Three Survivors:

Yin Yang (Black)Seasons
Parvati Shallow13, 16
Sandra Diaz-Twine7
Russell Hantz19

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Posted by Cecil on May 26, 2010 7:33 PM
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