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Survivor 20-12 - A sinking Ship

"Surely I’m going home tonight.” “Don’t call me surely.”

Season 20: Week 12
A Sinking Ship
Airdate 05/06/2010


Will Russell’s coalition fall apart? Will it be his own big mouth that does it? Can Rupert and Colby dodge TWO bullets (hint, hint).



The SURVIVOR Finale will be SUNDAY, MAY 16, 8PM EST (Check local listings for time in your zone)


Night 30

Returning from tribal council, Jerri shares that it was nice that Candace helped them out, but nice only goes so far – Candace is next.

Rupert laments to Colby that the Heroes have only themselves to blame (i.e. mostly Candace) for their current predicament.

Day 31

A cute little bat yawns and stretches in the trees as day breaks. Rupert interviews on what a despicable person Russell is. He wants to show the other Villains how disgusting Russell is, and picks a verbal confrontation with him over breakfast. It gets pretty personal, but I don’t think anyone is swayed.

Immunity Challenge 1!!!

Survivor breaks tradition and opens with an immunity challenge – making this the first time ever, if I recall correctly, that we’ve had two tribal councils after a merge. My guess is somebody was counting on their fingers and realized that single eliminations would put the Survivor finale on Sunday, May 23 – which also happens to be the night of the big Lost finale extravaganza, and would sink Survivor’s ratings like a stone (despite the fact that Survivor has mostly been beating Lost in the weekly ratings.) So, a little hasty editing to produce a double elimination this week, and the Survivor finale is now scheduled for 8PM (EST) on Sunday, May 16. – my wedding anniversary and won’t that go over peachy with the missus.

Ahem. Back to Survivor. The challenge is to stand on a small wooden perch with one hand tethered overhead to a bucket of ‘water’. Slip or fall or just weaken and you get soaked. Without the perch, this has been run before and Parvati once lasted six hours. Of course her arm weighs about 6 ounces.

Only a minute in, Jeff starts hauling out covered goodies to tempt Survivors to stand down. Sandra says she’ll take the first one sight unseen. Russell says he’ll go, too. When they step down the bi bucket of water turns out to have been dyed, Sandra’s is white and Russell’s is blue. They step up to a glass of milk and an assortment of cookies. Sandra taunts the others with the goodness of their cookies

After 20 minutes Jeff hauls out another tray with four doughnuts and iced coffee. Colby bites and tries to, and mostly does, elude his green deluge. Now,, I’m wondering – have some folks given up? Russell may feel confident about the next vote, but Sandra, and even more so Colby are in trouble. Why such easy give-ups?

At 35 minutes, Colby is just finishing his iced coffee and Danielle and Candace are whispering deals, when Jeff brings out a bi platter of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and two glasses of milk, plus chip and dip, and candy. Jerri, Candace, and Danielle, all bite and enjoy while Rupert and Parvati remain in.

Of an hour and Rupert stumbles on his stand, giving Parvati the win and making Rupert sure he’s going home tonight. After Parvati gets her necklace, Jeff reads a hidden immunity idol clue. Saying the idol is hidden where two paths meet, in the shadow of a burning bush under a stone.

Villains, Day 31

Sandra goes looking, along with all the other Survivors. She seeks Candace and Russell looking near a trail junction under a red bush. She finds another red bush near there and, viola, finds the idol under it, picks it up quickly and strolls away, no one else the wiser. She notices it makes a big bulge in her pocket, and rehides it.

Elsewhere, Rupert not having found the idol, thinks a little, picks up an idol-sized rock and stuffs it in his pocket, then strolls back to camp, where Russell immediately notices the bulge. Russell begins plotting a split vote that night to flush out the idol. He tells Sandra, who must be cracking up inside, and keeps her knowledge to herself. The ‘knowledge’ quickly spreads among the Villain women.

Colby and Rupert do a little plotting of their own. They think the Villains will make a split vote for Rupert and Candace. If they throw their two votes to Candace, breaking the tie, then Rupert is saved.

Tribal Council #1, Night 31

Rupert says he and Colby are in trouble because of Candace. Candace says her last vote didn’t change anything. Colby disrespects that reasoning, and says she’d be better to just admit naked self-interest. Russell says they have to whittle down the two remaining Heroes next, and implies it’s Rupert tonight, which I’m sure is dissimilation. Asked about the idol hunt, Rupert does his best to project and air of non-committal smugness.

Voting time:

Colby votes for Candace. “I can honestly say I’m proud of the way I played this game. Can you?”

Parvati votes.

Russell votes.

Rupert votes.

Candace votes for Rupert. “Mom always told me – ‘If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.’ ” [But I must point out you’re saying something, Candace.]

Danielle votes.

Jerri votes.

Sandra votes.

Jeff calls for the hidden immunity idol. Rupert squirms a little and produces nothing, drawing smiles from the Villains.

Jeff reads the votes:

Rupert: #1, #2, #3

Candace: #4, #5, #6, #7, #8

Candace rises and presents her torch for snuffing, then gives a little wave and a smile and says something unintelligible to the players.

Closing Remarks

Later she interviews that she made a risky choice and it didn’t work out. “I guess karma’s a bitch sometimes.”

Voting against:

Candace : Colby, Russell, Rupert, Jerri, Danielle
Rupert: Parvati , Candace, Sandra,

Night 31

Russell says they just blew it because they should have split their votes between Rupert and Colby, and he makes no bones about telling the women in his coalition it was stupid to concentrate on Candace. He says Parvati is an equal power to his own now, but he has a plan to take control of the game back.

Immunity Challenge 2, Day 32

It’s a three stage challenge.

1) Dig up a peg an maneuver it through a table maze. First 5 to finish move on.
2) Use four other pegs to climb a steep ramp, fitting them into holes (each peg is unique). First three move on.
3) Solve a sliding puzzle, winner is immune.

Round 1 – Rupert digs out his peg first, followed by Parvati, Sandra, Danielle, and Russell, Colby running dead last. Rupert, with his big lead, finished the maze first, followed by Sandra, Russell, Parvati, and Danielle.

Round 2 – Russell makes a strong run and get half way up the wall before having to plant his first peg, and finishes first, followed by Rupert and Parvati.

Round 3 – The puzzle is a Survivor logo. Russell edges out Rupert to win. Rupert’s again sure he’s going home.

Day ??

The tribe treks back to camp in daylight in a pouring rain with no torches in their hands, so I’m pretty sure they aren’t just coming back from an overnight trek to tribal council, but why no day identification? Probably because the producers don’t want to reveal the hasty edit to put two tribal councils in the same program.

Parvati interviews that she’s pretty sure Rupert does not have the idol, and wants him gone.

Parvati, Russell and Danielle talk on the beach, Parvati emphasizing how they need to get the two remaining Heroes out next.

Russell doesn’t like the ‘coupleness’ he sees in Parvati and Danielle, so he says he needs to break them up and hatches a scheme. His plan is to make each of them think the other is gunning for them, it not this tribal council then the next, and counseling each to keep their conversations private from the other. Parvati and Danielle immediately cross him up by conferring and comparing stories.

Russell says he’s getting rid of Danielle tonight and then Peter will be so scared she’ll do whatever he tells her to. He enlists Rupert and Colby to help him achieve this, which they’d only be too happy to do,

Peter interviews that Russell is running scared and she and Danielle are outmaneuvering him. Peter enlists Jerri and Sandra and swears them not to vote for Danielle.

Russell tells Jerri she has to help him get rid of Danielle tonight or “they” will turn on her next. Paranoia reigns.

Tribal Council #2 (day not stated)

Rupert says he doesn’t know who’s running the show right now, Russell or Parvati. Danielle says the Villains decide together. So, says Jeff, it must be peaceful in camp, right, Jerri? Uh, no. Danielle and Parvati say today was mad chaos, crazy. Peter explains she sees Russell testing their loyalty. Russell spins a tale of Danielle coming to him to get rid of Parvati, and talks over he when she tries to object with some truth. Danielle loses it in more than one sense of the world when she breaks down in tears. At one point Danielle says “I’m closer to Parvati than you think.” Drawing an eyebrow lift and an “Oh, really?” from Russell, and a sigh from Parvati, who understands Russell’s paranoia.

Voting time:

Danielle votes.

Parvati votes for Rupert. “OK, second time’s the charm, right. Hopefully, you’re going out tonight.”

Sandra votes.

Colby votes.

Russell votes for Danielle. “You’re ‘closer to Parvati than I think.’ That makes me think that ya’ll got something going on. So I’m gonna have to cut that tie.”

Rupert votes.

Jerri votes. “I have absolutely no idea what just happened… but with this vote I’m sealing my fate.” But we don’t see who she voted for.

No one plays an idol.

Jeff reads the votes:

Rupert: #1, #2, #3
Danielle: #4, #5, #6, #7

Parvati whispers “That’s messed up,” to Russell.

Danielle has her torch snuffed with a little backwards wave and a quiet ‘bye’.

Next Week

Russell is on the out with the Villains, so he tries to turn the Heroes to the dark side.

Closing Remarks

Danielle says she might have been a little too aggressive, and ,made a mistake calling Russell out at tribal council “Put my foot in my mouth.”

Voting against:

Danielle: Russell, Rupert, Jerri, Colby
Rupert: Danielle, Parvati, Sandra


Remaining Survivors:

Yin Yang (Black)Seasons
Jerri Manthey2, 8
Parvati Shallow13, 16
Sandra Diaz-Twine7
Colby Donaldson2, 8
Russell Hantz19
Rupert Boneham7, 8

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