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Survivor Fodder

Survivor 20-9 – Survivor History

"Don’t go away mad. Just go away!"

Season 20: Week 09

Survivor History

Airdate 04/15/2010


Can Russell mend his tattered coalition? Can the Heroes avoid making the biggest Survivor bonehead play of all time?

Villains, Night 21

Sandra exults over her fait accompli in convincing Russell to target Coach for bumping, Jerri worries since she was so closely identified with Coach, that she’s next, but Danielle assures her that’s not the case.

Jerri talks with Russell and is appalled to learn he was a little blind-sided himself. Russell assures her she has nothing to worry about, and promises the camera that Courtney or Sandra will go next.

Side note – has everybody noticed that the motto on the Survivor Logo this season is not “Outwit, Outplay, Outlast” but “Return, Revenge, Redemption”? Just sayin’.

Villains, Day 22

Tree mail announces the next “Reward Challenge” will be pain-endurance – standing on narrow-ledges on the outsides of the feet, in pairs with the opponents. A point if you outlast the one you’re paired with. First to three wins. JT, of the Heroes, won this challenge in Toncantins. Each team is to rank their players from first to last, and will be paired with the person similarly ranked by the opponents.

Sneaky person that I am, I’d put my worst player at number 1, my second worst at number 2, then my best three at 3, 4, and 5 respectively. Now what’s “best” here? Basically lightest, meaning the smallest women, both for having less weight to press down on a small area, and smaller feet to get a greater percentage of their area on the limited support area available.

Courtney has a pleasant flash of memory of Coach’s screaming as he stepped down on his try in Tocantins. Russell claims he’s the strongest, but also recognizes he’s the heaviest, so they decide to sit him out. Danielle says the ‘guys with the big egos’ on the Heroes team won’t be able to resist ranking themselves highly.

Heroes, Day 22

Rupert makes Danielle prescient by claiming “I’ll be able to do great at this.” JT, who’s actually done it, says weight is a negative and Rupert is probably the ‘weakest’ for this challenge at least..

Reward Challenge

Seeing Coach gone, Rupert thinks his diagnosis of a woman’s alliance is confirmed, and says so. JT pretty much agrees.

The challenge: Bare feet on three sets of increasingly smaller ledges. Besides feet, only arms allowed to touch the sides of the boxes they’re in. At ten and twenty minutes, move down to a smaller ledge. First teams to have three out loses.

Reward: A feast from ‘product placement eating place’ (PPEP). Steak, shrimp, potatoes, fixins.

The matchups:

1. Candace vs. Danielle
2. Amanda vs. Courtney
3. JT vs. Parvati
4. Colby vs. Jerri
5. Rupert vs. Sandra

No backs, butts, hips or shoulders – forearms OK.

As the contest begins, Jeff congratulates Amanda for being the first person to reach 100 days of participation in Survivor. Sandra shares that she loves PPEP, because she and her husband ate there before he deployed to Afghanistan. JT uses his secluded niche to mouth ‘hang in there’ to Russell, sitting on the bench. Russell makes a ‘praying hands’ gesture back to JT, and later interviews that his plan is working perfectly to make the Heroes think he’s being persecuted by the girls.

At twenty minutes they move to the third and narrowest ledges, only about a quarter inch wide. Almost immediately Colby, whose little toe doesn’t even fit the ledge, grimaces and drops out. Point for the Villains.

Jerri calls to Sandra to hang in against broken-toed Rupert, reminding her she’s ‘popped out babies’, a much more painful ordeal. “Two of them,” Sandra agrees, “didn’t even get a aspirin.” Rupert’s beard is soaked with sweat and he drops down. Sandra says she’ll stay up another minute just to rub it in.

Amanda drops soon after and the Villains have won. Sandra makes crying eyes motions, and ‘wah’ noises at the losers trudge off.


The Villains trek a short distance to a sand spit on the ocean where a replica of a PPEP is erected, and start off with a round of drinks – fruit drinks it would appear. They must be dehydrated because the suck down a lot. The women all exclaim over the salad course coming up [I’d be chanting the heck with salad, bring on the protein!] and sit at a long wooden table. As Parvati, who’s at one end, unwraps her napkin, a small rolled up slip of paper falls into her lap and she quickly stuffs it into her underwear. Russell and the gals cackle over Rupert’s ‘confirmation’ of the all-female alliance. Do none of the women think “Hey, that might not be a bad idea?” Not that we can see, anyway. In comes steak and stuffed baked potatoes. Parvati excuses herself to go to the bathroom and in best female dining out tradition Danielle jumps up to go with her. Parvati reveals her hidden immunity idol clue to Danielle. They’re looking for a place to put their treasure [no pockets in bikinis] and Danielle suggests “Put it in my boobs,” a spot with plenty of room all right. Parvati interviews she’s building a debt into Danielle and they’ll fill Russell in on a need-to-know basis – which is not right now.

Heroes, Day 22

Out loud JT tells the tribe “Who needs steaks?” but inside he bemoans the loss. He reveals his master plan to the tribe – if Russell is indeed the next victim of the “all girls alliance” over at Villain Ville, slip him the hidden immunity idol to allow the ouster of presumed AGA leader Parvati, thus earning Russell’s eternal gratitude and vote after the merge. In a private interview Amanda voices some doubt about the soundness of this plan. She tells only Candace who says it might accomplish two things giving “us” (presumably meaning the Heroes plus Russell alliance), “the numbers” and also getting the idol away from JT’s hands, where she doesn’t trust it. That apparently is the limit of these two’s brainpower, because just stare open-mouthed at each other after putting in their bits.

Villains, Day 23

Parvati and Danielle look over their clue which tells them to go over the bridge and look for the ‘dancing trees’. They carry the camp shovel with them, not to be obvious or anything, and find the idol with just about zero effort. Parvati decides keeping Russell out of the loop for a while is just fine. Russell is videoed symbolically walking down the wrong path.

Heroes, Day 24

JT is writing a long note to Russell. In which reward were steno pads and pens one of the perqs? He’s telling Russell exactly how to play the idol and against whom. It’s a pretty long-winded note. But then he hasn’t seen Russell’s season (it was broadcast while this one was being filmed.) Innocent little Russell is good at giving the impression of being a little naïve.

Immunity Challenge, Day 24

It’s an underwater obstacle course, except this time it’s a bag of puzzle pieces attached to a line that must be threaded over/under/around the obstacles in the water, and when all the bags have reached shore, the tribe must assemble a totem pole from the pieces.

The villains sit out Sandra. The first two off the raft with a bag are Rupert and Jerri. The bags get heavy and more frictional as they get wet, and Jerri’s initial lead evaporates as Rupert’s mass and muscle make themselves felt. JT gets started and reaches the first (of 4) obstacles before Jerri finishes, allowing Danielle to start. JT maintains and possibly extends the lead and Amanda gets a start for the Heroes. Danielle, despite coming equipped with her own flotation devices, slows in the latter part of the course as well. Finally Parvati gets a start at Villains #3. Amanda gets her start and moves quickly through the course. Parvati reaches the end and Courtney starts the Villain’s fourth bag.

Temporarily this leaves only Colby and Russell on the side-by-side rafts, and Colby quickly whispers the idol plan to Russell, telling him if the Villains lose to make sure he goes to JT who has something for him. They don’t have long to talk because Candace finishes and Colby starts the Hero’s last bag. Russell, alone on the raft, mouths a silent “wow!” as rain begins to fall. Russell, give him credit, doesn’t slack, but Colby still finishes substantially ahead and the Heroes begin assembling their totem pole. Puzzles are normally somewhat dim Hero’s Waterloo, but this isn’t a very hard puzzle, and the Heroes finish it before Russell even gets to the beach, and the Heroes have won their third straight immunity.

The Heroes make a big display of sportsmanship, which should have set off some Villain’s threat-radar, but doesn’t, and JT pulls the idols and note from his shoe and surreptitiously slips it to Russell who puts it in the pocket of his baggy shorts.

Russell interviews in a bit of a breaking Andy Devine-esqe voice that he no longer even has to find idols, people are giving them to him.

Heroes, Day 24

JT exults over the success of his plan. “Did I make Survivor History [lol, episode title] with this one today guys?” [Probably not the way you think, JT.] JT badly needs an ally like Stephen [see Tocantins] to do his thinking for him. Rupert beams over how full of Joy Russell must be right now.

Villains, Day 24

Rupert got that one right. Russell and Parvati guffaw over JT’s ‘private’, burn-before-reading, double-plus-secret note.

Courtney and Sandra are watching the mirth over at the Russell-Parvati log and getting all paranoid. Sandra interviews that it looks like the Russell/Danielle/Parvati troika will decide which one of them goes home, and neither of them seems to be doing much to prevent it. I say again – does it never occur to any of the women that this might be an excellent time to boot Russell? The troika decides tentatively it’s Courtney. Courtney argues to Parvati that she could pull in Amanda after a merge. At one point Courtney says “Whatever Happens Happens” [lol, Lost episode title - almost].

Parvati shares she’s rather keep Courtney as more likely to be loyal to her than Russell in the end, but doesn’t want to appear to advocating for her fear of alienating her current alliance.

Russell and Parvati show Jerri and Danielle the idol the Heroes gave him, resulting in more merriment. They actually discuss the Sandra vs. Courtney issue without anybody leaving in huffs or saying the other makes no sense this week. A lot of chin scratching goes on.

Tribal Council

In comes Coach, the first jury member, wearing a patchwork coat and a long feather on his necklace. Jeff asks Sandra if trust is the issue tonight, and she says from her living room observations of Survivor, the person that question is asked to is the last person who should be answering it. Nice dodge. She says she knows either her or Courtney is going tonight. Jeff asks Courtney and she agrees. Jeff asks Russell if that’s because Sandra and Courtney do most of the sitting out at challenges and Russell gives his most innocent “No, not to me.” Reply. It’s trust, he says. Danielle, asked for an example of Sandy’s untrustworthiness as Sandra can manipulate people. Asked for an example by both Jeff and Sandra, she says “I’ve seen you put into people’s minds things that weren’t true.” No one shouts out ‘Yeah, like convincing Russell that Coach was gunning for him last week.” Except me, in my living room, of course. Danielle says Sandra and Boston Rob pulled in Courtney and Tyson, but wouldn’t talk to her (Danielle) leaving her nowhere to go.

Jeff asks Parvati if she’s the boss. Parvati says “Of course, if you ask the Heroes.” Parvati says it’s not trust with her but alliances. Russell says that strong trust is why he, Parvati, and Danielle are still sitting there. Jerri tries to avoid being cast as a manipulator, but Courtney says she did vote against her current alliance, and “flipped just in time to save your butt.”

Voting time:

Sandra votes.
Courtney votes.
Danielle Votes.
Jerri votes.
Russell votes.
Parvati votes.

Jeff reads the votes (again not mentioning the possibility of a hidden immunity idol):

Jerri: #1,
Courtney: #2, #3, #4, #5

Courtney hugs Sandra, Russell frowns, Coach strikes a Buddha pose in the jury box. Courtney leaves with a smile, a wave, and a “Luck, bitches.” And off to Ponderosa where her reward is three days alone with Coach and his feather. A-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-e.

Jeff notes the Villains and the Heroes are now even at 5-5, and that tomorrow Parvati will join Amanda in the 100-day-Survivor club. Coach and Jerri exchange winks as the tribe leaves the council.

Next Week

It looks like the merge happens. The Heroes note Parvati is still there. Russell promises the Heroes he’s “on board with y’all.” Sandra tells Rupert Russell is running the show.

Closing Remarks

Courtney says she’s proud of herself for making the jury and now she can get all pretty and make all the Survivor Bitches jealous.

Voting against:

Jerri: Courtney
Courtney: Everybody else.


Remaining Survivors:

Heroes (Blue)SeasonsVillains (Red)Seasons
Jerri Manthey2, 8
Amanda Kimmel15, 16
Parvati Shallow13, 16
Danielle DiLorenzo12
Candice Woodcock13Sandra Diaz-Twine7
Colby Donaldson 2, 8Russell Hantz19
James Thomas, Jr.18
Rupert Boneham7, 8

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