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Survivor Fodder

Survivor 20-8 – Expectations

"To Hero worship!

Season 20: Week 08


Airdate 04/08/2010


Tonight the Villains have to put things back together and learn to compete without Boston Rob, who was integral in almost all their victories.

The Heroes try to sustain their recent win streak. Can Colby come through for them again?


Villains, Night 18

Russell and Parvati cry crocodile tears for Boston Rob. Russell interviews a little brag. They both snicker a little too much if anyone can hear them.

Coach feels the tribe made a mistake (which the contributed too, of course, with his throwaway vote for Courtney) . He says Russell is a bully. Jerri says she’s sorry now for voting for Rob, but Coach calls her on it. Coach is depresses and says the Villains are toast and will never win another challenge.

Heroes, Day 19

JT wanders off to look for the hidden immunity idol singly, which of course he wasn’t supposed to do. He finds it! Before he can stuff it down his pants and make it back to camp, Amanda, who’s tailing him, finds him and he shows it to her, then Candace walks into view and the jig is really up, so he walks back to camp showing it to one and all as if that was his intention all along. Amanda and Candace are not fooled.

Villains, Day 19

Russell and Danielle eat toasted coconut and Daniel worries about ruining her teeth. Treemail arrives promising a challenge that’s ‘good clean fun’ and ‘a meal’ and the Villains decide this means a merge and haul their while camp along.

Reward? Challenge

When the Villains arrive and see a hut with a spread of pizza, they’re sure they were right about the merge. When the Heroes see the villains have brought their whole camp, they wonder what clue they failed to pick up on. When Jeff questions Rupert he blurts out that the exit r Boston Rob seems to confirm his view that there’s a woman’s alliance on the Villains side, drawing a quiet smile of satisfaction from Russell. He thinks this gives him an advantage at the merge. Colby’s disquieted by the Heroes’ apparent failure of observation. But it’s just Survivor being catty – Jeff tells them to “Drop. Your. Expectations.”

It’s survivor bowling. One on one, to balls, most pins scores a point, first team to three wins. The Villains have to sit out two, provoking some discussion, nobody wants to volunteer in or out, or to make a decision of any kind. Finally Jeff calls on Coach for a decision, for no particular reason I can see except possibly sexism on Jeff’s part, and Sandra and Courtney are name to sit out, meaning the will be IN on the immunity challenge, which is more likely to be physical, a tactical error. But who do we pin it on?

Round 1 - Rupert vs. Parvati

Parvati bowls a gutter ball. Rupert knocks down three. Parvati bowls another gutter ball and the House have a point.

Round 2 - JT vs. Danielle

JT scores 6. Danielle rolls a gutter ball. JT gets nothing on his second. Danielle gutters again and the Heroes have 2 points.

Round 3 - Colby vs. Russell

The balls, by the way, are coconuts, and roll about like you’d expect a coconut to roll (i.e. wobbly). I wonder what keeps anyone (Colby say)0 from just lofting it down there to land in the middle of the pins without touching the alley at all. Rules we haven’t heard? Wish they’d tell us all the rules so we could make up our own strategy. Colby does loft his, but only about ten feet, resulting in a gutter ball. Russell hits a light 4-7 pocket, knocking down 5 pins. Colby knocks down 1 and it’s Heroes 2 - Villains 1.

Round 4 - Amanda vs. Coach

Coach knock over 5. Then Amanda does the same. Coach knocks down 1 with his second. Amanda just brushes one pin. It quivers and falls sideways, taking another with it and the Heroes win the reward.

The Reward

The Heroes exult in their reward and their third straight win, and talk about how to handed the ‘women’s alliance’ over at Villain-ville come the merge.

Villains, Day 19

The Villains rebuild their camp and bicker over their stupidity in breaking it down to begin with. They also bicker over their stupidity and sitting out Sandra and Courtney. Sandra thinks she’s being blamed for the loss, which is NOT what was being said, and interviews about how much she hates every Villain except Courtney. Sandra begins scheming with Courtney to work on Russell’s paranoia by making him think Coach is plotting against him.

Villains, Day 20

Sandra begins working her wiles, outing a bug in Russell’s ear about Coach. Russell falls for it and brags about his ability to manipulate the vote any way he wants, and revenge himself on Coach. Parvati goes along with the deception, consciously or not, I can’t tell.

Immunity Challenge, Day 21

It’s a mud obstacle course. Teammates will be belted together in pairs and race through the mud over and under obstacles, retrieving a flag and bringing it back. First to two points wins. One matchup will be one on one. Jerri and Danielle sit out.

Match 1 – Amanda/Candace vs. Russell/Sandra

It starts off equal, but Sandra poops out about before even reaching the turnaround point, and cannot even squeeze under the first obstacle going home before the Heroes have won their first point.

Match 2 – Rupert vs. Coach

Coach is faster and his slimmer profile helps in on the crawl-unders, plus Rupert’s beard but weigh twenty pounds by the midway point. Rupert scores some catch-up by crawling the straights and not even trying to stand, and actually creates a lead going in the last crawl-under, but Coach’s speed wins out on the final sprint. Barely. 1-1 tie.

Match 3 – JT/Colby vs. Parvati/Courtney

It’s not pretty, unless you’re a mud-wrestling fan. Parvati or Courtney (hard to tell which) is getting some blurage around the bikini bottom, and they both poop out around mid-way. JT and Colby finished before the Villains even have their flag, I think. Plus Courtney seems to have sprained an ankle as well.

Daniel interviews about how much she wants Courtney out, it not being fair to the rest how she pulls them down in challenges.

Villains, Day 21

The Villains wash off in the ocean, while Coach would rather interview about how he’s coming into his own and shining. He thinks they really need to get rid of Russell, but for now he’ll go along with getting rid of Courtney and improving their challenge work. He talks with Russell who says he’s “getting rid of the he can’t trust” which Coach thinks means Courtney, but Russell interviews means, in fact, Coach.

Danielle talks with Russ and pushes to keep Coach and get rid of Courtney or Sandra, but they can’t reach any understanding and Russell freaks and refuses to talk to her. Sandra enjoys the conflict.

In a strange moment, Russell comes to Danielle and Parvati and says he’s had a change of heart and is down with voting Courtney.

Tribal Council

Danielle tells Jeff they voted off the two strong men because that was their strategy. Jeff throws a little disrespect Courtney’s way saying she would have been a much more logical vote off. [Of course that’s only of your prime motivation is to win challenges, when really it’s to win the million bucks, something even the game-runners seem not always to understand.] Coach says the tribe is a laughingstock now. Courtney uses the topic to blame Coach for the immunity loss. Parvati say’s they’re definitely less athletic than the five remaining Heroes. Russell says he just wants to keep the tribe strong.

Voting time:
Coach votes for Courtney.
Sandra votes.
Parvati votes.
Courtney votes for Coach. “You’re frigging lunatic. I’m just glad I won’t have to live with you anymore. Nice feather in your hair.”
Danielle Votes.
Jerri votes.
Russell votes.

Jeff reads the votes (not mentioning the possibility of a hidden immunity idol):

Coach: #1, #2, #6, #7
Courtney: #3, #4, #5

Coach is voted out and becomes the first jury member. Hm. 11 players left in the game. Will it be 10 jury (with a tie possible) and two finalists, or 9 jury and three finalists? Coach rises with a “good luck, guys”, a pat on the shoulder and handshake for Russell, and a hug for Jerri.

Next Week

Jeff reviews all the stupid moves we’ve seen in 19 seasons of Survivor. But says next week we may see one that tops them all.

Closing Remarks

Coach say he had so much more he wanted to accomplish, and he’s exhausted and still in a state of shock, but also “probably more pissed off than I have been in a number of years. And you know I’m not really a vindictive person, but I hope they get wiped off of the face of the map.”

Voting against:

Coach: Danielle, Sandra, Courtney, Parvati
Courtney: Coach, Russell, Jerri


Remaining Survivors:

Heroes (Blue)SeasonsVillains (Red)Seasons
Jerri Manthey2, 8
Amanda Kimmel15, 16
Parvati Shallow13, 16
Danielle DiLorenzo12
Candice Woodcock13Sandra Diaz-Twine7
Colby Donaldson 2, 8Russell Hantz19
James Thomas, Jr.18
Rupert Boneham7, 8
Courtney Yates15

Posted by Cecil on April 15, 2010 3:24 AM
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