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Survivor 20-6 – Banana Etiquette

"Why are we all sitting and watching JT?"

Season 20: Week 06

Banana Etiquette

Airdate 03/24/2010


Boston Rob sets his sights on Russell. Russell reciprocates.

Heroes, Night 14

The heroes return after voting Tom out. James asks Colby if he needs a hug. Colby declines, which James seems to be surprised at, for some reason. Candace interviews that she voted for Tom because he was going to lose anyway and no sense making everybody mad at her. Amanda interviews that no one trusts Candace and she needs to go. Rowr.

Villains, Night 14

Over in Villains camp, Russell seeks out Boston Rob for a heartless to heartless. He says he doesn't want them to be at each other's throats (but later interviews that he's just saying that to put Rob off his guard and is really totally about eliminating Rob.) Rob tells Russell that 'a lot of people' are mad at him for looking for the idol. Not Rob, of course, but 'a lot of people'. Russell maintains he hasn't found the idol. Rob tells him if he has, he'd best hang on to it, because he's going to need it. Rob interviews that he's doing everything he can to make Russell paranoid. "These are not amateurs - he's playing with the big boys now." Rob and Russell part cautioning each other to "watch your back."

Heroes, Day 15

The Heroes get a vague email that mentions 'holding on your rope' which seems to imply a challenge but doesn't say if it's reward or immunity at stake.


Parvati and Danielle share surprised looks at Tom's having been voted out by the Heroes. And Danielle says they were sure it would have been James. Peachy takes back the Villains' immunity idol, telling us something. But in a further twist, today the tribes will compete separately for individual immunity, because they're both going to tribal council. It's the old 'hook onto a rope and follow it over, under around and through an obstacle course' challenge. First one through wind individual immunity. Then the two tribe winners will compete against each other, and the winning tribe gets to enjoys hot dogs while watching the losers' tribal council. Coach, JT, and Tyson have done this before, JT and Tyson going to the final and Tyson winning it in the Tocantins season. Villains win the right to decide and send the Heroes out first.

The first round obstacle is pretty much a three rail fence run the long way, and competitors throw themselves over under and through the rails. Amanda takes an early lead. James is trying admirably hard for a man with a gimp leg, and even takes the lead at one point. Candace finishes the first section in the lead with JT close behind. Finally Candace reaches the last post and WINS.

JT figures this means Colby is done for.

Now it's the Villains turn. They all throw themselves into the task, but Sandra and Jerri seem to be having some difficulties. Rob is the first one through the first section, followed closely by Tyson, then Russell. Boston Rob finishes with the WIN.

Now Boston Rob and Candace will match themselves on a different and more challenging course. Rob even takes off his Red Sox hat and places it on a post (keep your eyes on Russell). The play off course has more vertical and requires more climbing. Robs keeps his lead all the way through and looks exhausted when he finishes, but he does win and gets cheers and promises of 'the biggest hot dog' from his tribe.

Colby interviews that he's pretty sure he's gone tonight.

Villains, Day 15

The Villains return to camp full of smiles and praise for Rob. Parvati interviews that this could be ad for her, putting Ron in an immense position of power. Rob calls his alliance together - pretty much everybody except Russell, Danielle, and Parvati - and outlines the plan, which is to vote three for Parvati and three for Russell, keeping the pressure on Russell making him think it's him going down to draw out the idol. Even if Russell's group casts three votes for someone in the alliance, the subsequent tie-breaker will allow then to concentrate n whoever doesn't have the idol, assuming it's used.

Later Boston Rob keeps up the paranoia pressure, telling Russell "If you really don't have that idol, you need to go get it." Russell says he's going to make Boston Rob "eat them words." Russell tells his tiny alliance that he's giving Parvati the idol tonight.

Heroes, Day 15

Colby says his performance was off today, "James, with a brace and all managed to beat me." He tells his tribe "I know I'm going home tonight, so there's no need for any scrambling. There's no hard feelings on my part so let's just have a relaxed afternoon and go in there tonight and give them as little information as we can." Then he basically spends the rest of the day sunbathing and swimming. So there's obviously no way anybody but Colby's going home tonight, right?

Colby and James have a heart to heart where James tells him that he wouldn't have any trouble if Colby was winning but losing to "a fat man and a cripple" (i.e. finishing further back than Rupert and James) won’t cut it. Amanda, JT, Rupert and Candace discuss the situation while James and Colby soak in the surf. JT points out that James isn't going to be gathering any firewood for a while and eats like a horse, Rupert pointing out that James grabbed four bananas on the way to the challenge, and three more on the way back. The group is clearly worried about coming though the night with the strongest group of five possible. Amanda is pressing to keep James and JT, Rupert and Candace are clearly dubious.

So Amanda goes to James and asks if he can run, and tells him he needs to demonstrate it. She also tells him he needs to stop 'stealing' bananas, which flabbergasts James - "Everybody eats bananas!". Yeah, she says, but when you get a banana you should get one for somebody else - that's the 'banana etiquette.' So James sets up a 'hero Olympics' to show he can still hack it. So while Colby floats in the lagoon and contemplates the bottom, James and JT are going to have a foot race, with Rupert officiating.
Rupert interviews that he really doesn't want to lose James, a loyal ally.

The race turns out proving something James would rather it hadn't. JT easily outraces him and turns around and does it running backward. James accepts the results with good humor, and later turns and asks "Hey, JT, would you like a banana?"

Villains, Day 15

Back at Villains camp, the dimbulbs are discussing different voting schemes and Boston Rob tries to conduct damage control, insisting that they stick to the plan, three for Russell, three for Parvati, and they can't lose or be back-doored. Tyson shares the exact voting orders. "Rob, myself, Sandra, we're voting for Russell - Courtney, Coach, and Jerri are voting for Parvati.

Russell calls Tyson aside and tells him he (Russell), even though it breaks his heart, is voting for Parvati out of self preservation. This is exactly the sort of strategy the weak minds can understand because it's the exact way the weak minds think anything to get myself through another tribal council, regardless of the effect in the long run. Tyson later interviews that this opportunity made it an excellent opportunity for him to vote for Parvati himself? I wonder what his reasoning for this is? Id Russell switched, then the votes come in Parvati-4, Russell-3, and Tyson-2. So Parvati goes home and it's all win, right? Or if she has the idol, Russell goes home. Where's the down side for Tyson? Russell interviews that he's trying to decide if he gives the idol to Parvati, and it's a really tough decision, tougher than the last time they played the game.

Tribal Council

The Villains pull into tribal council as the sun sets. Asked how Survivor has changed from her first time in season two, Jerri says it's 'game on' much earlier and the survival element seems less important. Rob says the hidden immunity idols are a big difference from his first season. Sandra nods agreement and says they all know who has it. Russell says it's not hard when you don't have it, there's nothing to strategize over. Tyson says the numbers are so disparate the idol really can't help much. Sandra says Parvati's connections with the other side worry her tribe. Courtney say Rob seems to be a bell-weather - people either love or hate him.


Danielle votes.
Jerry votes for Danielle.
Boston Rob votes for Russell "Welcome to th big leagues.'
Parvati votes for Tyson.
Coach votes for Parvati. "You're some damned (something) - that's what makes you dangerous - that and your friends on the other side. Night, night."
Courtney votes for Parvati. [Have we ever seen this many votes revealed, before?]
Sandra votes for Russell. "You need to get out of here and wash your back. I can't stand you and I can't wait for you to go home."
Tyson votes.
Russell votes.

Jeff comes back from tallying votes and invites anyone with the hidden immunity idol to play it. Everyone looks around and the show breaks for commercial. Russell stands and says he's taking the target off his back. Every one grins, none more than Boston Rob. Russell walks all the way to Jeff, who reaches for the idol, but then turns and says "No, not this way." And turns and walks back to the tribe. He faces Coach and says "You know Coach, you always say loyalty and honest is the best thing. I'm going to stick to that tonight." So saying, he hands the idol to Parvati, who looks amazed abnd asks if he's serious. "Mmm, hmm," he says handing it to her in front of a Tyson whose heart has just fallen around his ankles. Rob shakes his head ruefully. Parvati hands the idol to Jeff "I guess I'm playin' it." Then says "Such a gentleman," to Russell as she returns to her seat. Jeff praises the "bold move" by Russell and proceeds to read the votes.

Russell - #1, #2,
Parvati - #3, #4, #5, #6 At the fourth vote for Parvati, Boston Rob realizes something's wrong here and scowls.
Tyson - #7, #8, #9

Danielle shakes her head and asks "What just happened?" as Tyson presents his torch to be snuffed. Parvati seems dazed. Russell shakes his head and smiles. Boston Rob scowls some more. Wow. Russell sure has been involved in some dramatic idol plays. OK, he's got a temporary victory, but he's still down 5-3. Can he last? Tune in next week. Meanwhile the Villains enjoy hot dog and soft drinks as the Heroes troop in for their tribal council.

Closing Remarks

Tyson congratulates Russell on a gutsy move made possible by Tyson's vote switch on the agreed 3-3 split. Bet he's feeling dumb.

Voting against:

Tyson: Parvati, Russell, Danielle
Russell:Rob, Sandra
Parvati (not counting):Courtney, Jerri, Coach, Tyson

Tribal Council - 2

The Heroes look enviously on as the Villains launch into their hot dogs. No faux unconcern for chocolate, here. At least it's raining in the open air tribal council area, James observes "on ya'll parade'. The Villains don't seem to mind soggy hot dogs. Rupert says he's have already had a couple down by now.

Rupert says the line between Hero and Villain is getting blurred with the Villains showing the Heroes how this game is played. James says his prowess has been challenged and he lost a race to JT "the dude from Alabama beat me." Colby says he had a conversation on who should remain. James repeats that Colby got beat today by a "cripple and a fat dude". James says he's still read to take on challenges and he's even learning, such as today he learned that there's such a thing as a 'banana etiquette'. "If you go get a banana, you have to ax every person who's in your vicinity if they would like a banana." Whereas, he says, "In my world, if you're hungry, you go get a banana." Amanda doesn’t say much, just looks sad.

Colby says it's embarrassing not having performed as well as he expects of himself.

Voting time, Jeff says, meaning Villains must finish what's in their mouths and lay the rest down, drawing a Nelson-like falsetto "ha-ha" from James.

Rupert votes
James votes for Colby.
Amanda votes.
Candace votes.
Colby votes for James.
JT votes.

The votes come back. Jeff doesn't ask if anybody has a hidden immunity idol. Did they put another out after Tom used his? Who knows? I'd be lookin'.

Colby: #1
James: #2, #3, #4, #5

James gives Amanda a hug. She says "I love you," and he replies "I love you, too" As James's tourch is snuffed and he makes his way down the winding staircase from the treetops, JT calls "Have a shot for us," and James replies "I'm going to be good and drunk in the next five minutes."

Next Week

The voiceover says Russell is defenseless without his idol Boston Rob is shown trash-talking Russell, whch leads me to believe Russell has another move worked out.

Closing Remarks

James shows no ill feeling over the vote and wished his team well. Again the combination of closing music and soft-spoken survivor make discerning the words difficult.

Voting against:

Colby: James.
James: Everybody else. Even a sad-eyed Amanda.


Remaining Survivors:

Heroes (Blue)SeasonsVillains (Red)Seasons
Jerri Manthey2, 8
Amanda Kimmel15, 16Rob Mariano 4, 8
Parvati Shallow13, 16
Danielle DiLorenzo12
Candice Woodcock13Sandra Diaz-Twine7
Colby Donaldson 2, 8Russell Hantz19
James Thomas, Jr.18
Benjamin 'Coach' Wade18
Rupert Boneham7, 8
Courtney Yates15

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