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Survivor 20-11 - Jumping Ship

"Awesome move last week, Parvati!”
“Let’s be BFF for at least, oh, three days, Amanda.”

Season 20: Week 11

Jumping Ship - Preview

Airdate 04/29/2010


Can the Villains work together to eliminate all the Heroes now that they have a numeric advantage, or will internecine warfare break out (as it almost always does?) Can Russell keep his girls happy? Will the girls wake up and say - hey we've got a 6-3 majority here! - and do anything about it?


Night 27

The tribe excitedly talks about the tribal council events. Of course the Villains are more excited than the Heroes, but all is not well in Villainy, either. Russell wanted to know if anyone else knew Parvati had a second idol. “Nope” is the universal reply, even from the ones that knew.

Russell asks Parvati directly and she tells him when and where she found it but says she wanted to keep it a surprise. Russell doesn’t like surprises, at least when they are on him. Danielle chimes in supporting Parvati, and Russell doesn’t like that, either.

Rupert and Amanda discuss the former Heroes predicament, now down 5-4. Rupert agrees to talk to Sandra and see if they can flip her over and become the new majority. Rupert interviews that they had a chance with Sandra before but he doesn’t know if she’s still open, but she’s his allies’ only chance.

Day 28

Candace and Russell talk on the beach, and Russell does his best to convert her, realizing that Sandra may be the shaky member of his alliance. He talks Candace over with Danielle and Parvati.

Reward Challenge, Day 21

Survivor shuffleboard. The board is a map of the Pacific with a big X on Samoa, where, Jeff informs us, Robert Lois Stevenson is buried. The Survivors will be randomly divided into three teams of three, and each will be given two pucks to shove at the X. When all are finished, the team with the puck closest to the X wins an overnight trip to the museum at what was once Stevenson’s home, where they’ll get food, clean sheets, a chance to clean up and a screening of “Treasure Island”.

The teams are:
1) Black: Candace, Parvati, Jerri
2) Red: Sandra, Russell, Rupert,
3) Blue: Danielle, Amanda, Colby

Candace leaves hers a foot in front of the X.

Sandra shoots hers off the board.

Danielle leaves hers in front of Candace.

Parvati leaves hers to the right of the other two.

Russell slides his a few inches to the right to the X, closest yet.

Amanda leaves hers in front, the shortest yet.

Jerri slides hers through and taps Russell’s, but not enough – he’s still closest.

Rupert taps Jerri’s on the left side, deflecting his to the left and making it the closest now to the X

Colby’s knocks a front puck out of the way but does not end up in contention.

Second Round:

Candace knocks a blue piece out of the front, but she was probably trying for a red.

Sandra slides hers way right and short – out of all contention.

Danielle knocks Rupert’s puck out of contention, but ends up further away than Russell’s.

Parvati knock a front-lying blue puck closer to the X, but not as close as Russell’s.

Russell leaves a blocker out front, hoping to protect his original puck.

Amanda leaves another short one in front.

Jerri knocks a blocker out of the way, but becomes a blocker himself.

Rupert hits a blocker and goes nowhere.

Colby slides in a perfect shot that kisses a front puck and deflects right on top of the X.

Blue wins!

Sandra is disappointed and tells the winners “We’re eating up all the rice so don’t come back looking for it,” as she shoulders her bag for the trek back to camp.

Reward Day 28 – Robert Louis Stevenson House

The winners tour the museum and handle objects that Stevenson once used, and see first editions of some of his books. That night, they lounge together on a big bed with popcorn as “Treasure Island” (The thirties Lionel Barrymore version, not the – in my opinion better – fifties Disney version.) starts on the big screen video player. Amanda interviews that she didn’t pay any attention to the movie because she was spending all her time trying to figure out where the clue could be – somewhere in this room, she figures. (Meanwhile, I’m wandering – is there only one bed for the three of them? Whoopee, Colby!) As they sit there Danielle finds a rolled up scroll in her popcorn and ‘casually’ slips it over the side of the bed and drops it on the floor – the camera focuses right down on it, and again you have to wonder, how can the other two people in the room not know what’s going on? I mean, a camera pointing right at the floor must give you some kind of clue, right?

Amanda, at least, is no dummy, and slips out of her side of the bed and sits on the floor beside Danielle. Colby, in the center, is oblivious and just concentrating on the movie and that swell popcorn. Amanda slides a foot under Danielle’s side of the bed, pulls out the scroll, and holds it behind her back, following which Danielle goes bat-doody crazy. They wrestle around on the floor, and Danielle makes accusations of psychosis. They both appeal to Colby like daddy settling the argument, and he pronounces that Amanda must give it back and she does. They once announced that the only “rules’ in survivor are 1) no violence and 2) no colluding to share the prize, so I don’t know what keeps Amanda from just opening the scroll and reading it, but she doesn’t.

Day 29

The rewardees return in a driving rain. Colby confirms that they shared one bed. [WooHoo!] Russell, of course, is more focused on clues than beds, and can hardly wait to get Danielle alone. She confirms to Russell and Parvati and Jerri that she got it. The clue says it’s near their water source. Russell goes with her to ‘help’ look, and finds the idol immediately, but conceals it and doesn’t tell Danielle.

Russell reveals the idol to Candace to secure her loyalty. Candace figures she can’t tell her fellow Heroes lest they use the information against her.

Day 30

Colby works on Sandra and she appears amenable to flipping, she being the first to go among the former Villains. Colby interviews that he’s sure Danielle has or will have the idol.

Russell talks to Sandra and tells her he’s flipped a Hero (without saying who) and should she defect she’d still be on the short end, which would be ‘very bad’.

Sandra talks to Rupert and says she’d love to boot Russell, so if that’s who the Heroes want, he’s gone. She tells him about Russell’s information about a defecting hero. Rupert really wants Russell out. Colby talks to Amanda about Sandra. He thinks she’s sincere.

Immunity Challenge

Each survivor must build a ‘domino tower’ (actually plastic tiles about 4x6 inches) ten feet tall to win immunity.

Many different construction techniques are employed. Many towers fall and have to be rebuilt. They have step ladders next to the construction pedestals to help when they get too high to reach. Russell and Jerri have the lead, Jerri slightly in front. Russell gets to 9 ½ feet and runs out of tile, and now has to play a little ‘Jenga’ to build his any higher. Jerri’s tower wobbles as she tries to add the last layer. She finally breaks ten feet with two leaning together A-frame style to win her first immunity ever.

Sandra interviews it’s Russell’s time to go home. And “this is for Courtney, Boston Rob, Tyson, and even Coach who I don’t care about but I’ll stick him in there, too.”

Day 30

Russell says he’s happy as long as any of his Villains won. He sets his sights on Amanda, saying she’s aggressive and intelligent, kind of like Boston Rob, but in a girl’s body, which shows he’s no better at figuring out the other side than JT and Rupert, but at least he’s not dumb enough to give an idol away. Oh, right, he already did that twice this game. Well, at least not without getting some loyalty in return… I think. He gives Candace the word to vote for Amanda.

Candace interviews that she’s going to anger people any way she votes, but Russell’s possession of the hidden immunity idol tips the balance and she’ll go with the Villains. Candace confirms that Sandra is with the Heroes, and Russell confronts Sandra to tell her so. She protests her loyalty. Candace joins them and Russell tells them both even if they flip there’s enough votes to send Amanda home. Privately, he worries that if that BOTH flip, it could be him going home.

Sandra tells Rupert that Candace is flipping. Candace denies it. Sandra thinks the villains will give Russell the idol now. Colby and Candace join them and Candace again swears she’s not flipping. Rupert’s theory is that Danielle has the idol and may or may not give it to Russell, so the best thing to do is vote for Parvati.

Now Sandra lobbies furiously with Candace offering to get anyone she wants voted out if she’ll only stay loyal, and Candace dithers. Sandra even has the nerve to tell Russell and Danielle to bug out when they come upon the conversation.

Tribal Council

Rupert says there’s no real reason for a Villain to flip. Sandra says she knows that it’s better to stay with whom you’re with. Amanda says to get someone to flip they need to offer them a better deal. Russell says Sandra has a pretty good deal now – weak in challenges, on the outskirts of her old tribe – doesn’t this sound like someone you’d want to take with you to the final tribal council? (Is he forgetting that Sandra is a million dollar sole Survivor and he’s not?)

Russell says all the Villains play a different game – he and Danielle play an aggressive game, Jerri a calmer game, and Parvati a charming game. “What about me?” pipes up Sandra, echoing Ben Linus. Russell must have seen the Lost S-5 finale, because he doesn’t say “What ABOUT you?” back, instead opting for “Sandra, she’s just there with us.” Check her hands of knives Jacob Russell. That fire looks mighty handy to kick a corpse into. In the jury, Courtney is amused by the verbal knives flashing. Rupert says he wishes he’d known about all this distrust before just finding it out now. And keeps a straight face.

Russell says he likes having an aggressive player like Danielle on his side, they both support each other in advancing, and applauds her ‘aggressively’ getting the idol clue while on reward. Colby says he and the Heroes are sure Danielle had the idol. Parvati agrees that Danielle having the idol, or even just everyone thinking she does, makes her – Parvati – more vulnerable, and sneakily says she ‘gave all her protection away’ reminding at least two potential flippers of their debt to her from last week. Russell agrees he’s a target, and knows he has to take risks to get further.

Voting time:

Russell votes for Amanda- “You’re a very strategic player, but I believe I know what’s going on tonight, so I’ll be using the idol to get rid of you. And I found it, not Danielle.”

Danielle votes.

Jerri votes

Rupert votes.

Amanda votes for “Parv” – “I have to play my game and you have to play yours.”

Colby votes.

Parvati votes.

Candace votes.

Sandra votes.

Jeff goes of to count the ballots and returns and invites anyone with an idol to play it. Russell rises to chagrinned grins from his fellow Villains, saying he thinks somebody has flipped, and to keep them all honest he hopes he’s doing the right thing playing it for himself. The Heroes just goggle a bit, each in their own way.

Jeff reads the votes:

Amanda: #1, #2, #5, #6, #7
Parvati: #3, #4

Amanda gives her patented ‘sad look’ and brings her torch to Jeff. “OK, Jeff, I know you’ve been waiting forever to do this.” That’s right, Amanda made the finals in each of her two seasons, so never has had a torch snuffed before.

Then Russell whispers to Parvati “I had to. I’ve never been that nervous.” Parvati whispers back that “You wasted one.” More than that, Russell has made himself look vulnerable and made a miscalculation that will undermine his mastermind reputation. We’ll see how that works out next week.

Next Week

There seems to be some friction among the Villain big three - Russell, Parvati, Danielle.

Closing Remarks

Amanda says she made too many mistakes, which is what gets you booted. She says she should have never given the clue back to Danielle. She thinks the rest of the game will be really crazy, making her kind of glad she won’t be in it. At least she won’t blow her jury speech for the third time.

Voting against:

Parvati: Rupert, Amanda, Colby
Amanda: Sandra, Russell, Danielle, Jerri, Parvati, Candace


Remaining Survivors:

Yin Yang - can you believe that name?(Black)Seasons
Jerri Manthey2, 8
Parvati Shallow13, 16
Danielle DiLorenzo12
Candice Woodcock13
Sandra Diaz-Twine7
Colby Donaldson2, 8
Russell Hantz19
Rupert Boneham7, 8

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