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Survivor 20-10 - Going Down in Flames

"But I don't do snuff!”

Season 20: Week 10

Going Down in Flames

Airdate 04/22/2010


Will we see a merge tonight? Will Russell die laughing at the Heroes? Will the Heroes die of embarrassment?


Heroes, Day 25

The Heroes sit around the fire hoping their valiant gesture saved poor little Russell at the last tribal council. Rupert and Amanda find a huge box at tree-mail and a note telling them not to open it until they have the key, plus to prepare for visitors who will be arriving soon.

Villains, Day 25

The Villains find a key and a map directing them to the Heroes camp. They all jump up and down with glee at the impending merge. Did they learn nothing last time about anticipations? Serve them right if they walked into a surprise tribal council instead. Their plan is for Rupert to pretend to defect and direct the Heroes’ votes to Parvati.

Privately, Russell crows about having the only hidden immunity idol and keeping knowledge of it on a need-to-know basis, and using it to knock off a Hero at the next tribal council.

The villains load everything up and make the trek down the beach. Parvati interviews about how she’s keeping her own hidden immunity idol secret from Russell to use as she sees fit.

Heroes, Day 25

As the Villains come into view, JT is shocked to see Parvati still with them, but glad when he sees Russell’s stubby little legs sticking out from under the box he’s carrying. He figures that means Parvati had the idol, used it, and thus the game is now idol-free. Inside the box they find new, black, buffs, and instructions to come up with a merged tribe name, plus a ham and veggies (wonder how well it kept for however long in that unrefrigerated box?)

Colby interviews that – merge or no – they’re still really two tribes in competition with each other. Among suggestions for a new name are “All Villains” (which bothers Rupert), and Yin Yang which is stupid but wins.

JT finds Russell for a private time, and Russell tells him He and Parvati both played an idol at the last tribal council, resulting in Courtney’s ouster. But Russell is not supposed to know about Parvati’s idol – did he just make up a story that happens to be partially true, or does he know something? Rupert and JT take the story hook, line and sinker.

JT interviews some self-doubts about his strategy giving Russell the idol. What if her was never really in trouble? What if he’s really the leader of the ‘girls’ over there? Naaah. JT figures Russell is a good ole boy and he (JT) did exactly the right thing.

Rupert and Sandra run into each other and Sandra basically spills the whole story of Russell’s plot and how Russell is in charge and no immunity idol’s were played last night. “This,” Rupert says, “is where the game gets crazy.”

Day 26

The Heroes are cooking eggs for the Villains, and the Villains are quite ready to accept their services, almost as if they were their due. After breakfast Parvati and Danielle wander out to the huge hanging stalk of bananas and violate “banana etiquette” under the watchful eyes of Rupert and Colby, which incenses Rupert.

JT, Amanda, Candace, and Colby discuss Rupert’s new information. JT is skeptical and thinks they can trust Russell. The others aren’t so sure. They think Russell is leading them to vote for Amanda, then giving her the idol, thus eliminating a Hero with Villains’s votes.

JT interviews about how he’s the brains for Rupert, guiding him along to the ‘correct’ vote.

Amanda and Parvati confer. Amanda tells Parvati everyone wants Parvati out. Parvati worries Amanda is some sort of genies and is misleading her. Parvati tells Amanda she has an idol as a means of gaining her trust. They part with a ‘secret handshake’ and swear mutual trust.

Day 27

JT and Colby agree with Rupert’s reasoning and figure they must vote for either Sandra or Jerri.

Now Sandra’s worried and figures she’s stuck with Russell for the moment.

Russell digs up his idol and gives it to Parvati to ‘protect’ herself, getting a hug for his gallantry.

Amanda and Parvati talk some more. Amanda, playing the Heroes’ strategy, tries to convince Parvati she’s in danger and needs to play the idol herself. Parvati sees through the lie, but plays along and tells Amanda to vote with the other Heroes and they’ll confer after the tribal council.

Tribal Council

First off, Rupert brings up the banana etiquette problem, which mystifies Danielle. On the jury Courtney whispers “banana wars” to Coach. Russell says “So what! about bananas, let’s play the game.” And this is the most important vote in the game. Russell says he’s talked to more Heroes than Villains today, and Sandra says she’s fine with that. Parvati wonders why she’s viewed as such as threat. Jeff asks JT is there’s been any talk about who might if the hidden immunity idols (Jeff uses the plural) if there are any in the game, which should have tipped somebody off about something right there. JT says it’s a huge topic, and Parvati agrees.

Voting time:

Russell votes for JT “You seem like a real cool guy. It was a real dumb move giving me the idol, and because of that, I gotta vote you out tonight. [I dunno, if you really believed that wouldn’t you want to keep the dumb opponents in and vote out the smart ones?]

Sandra votes.

Parvati votes for JT. “This is my love letter for you, (She adds “xoxo” at the bottom.) since you tried to vote me out, I think I should return the favor.”

Danielle votes.

Jerri votes for JT. “Hoping my name doesn’t come up tonight.”

Amanda votes for Jerri.

Colby votes.

Rupert votes for Jerri. “I hope Parvati plays that idol and shows everybody that Russell is a liar.”

JT votes.

Candace votes for Jerri. “Jerri, we’re voting for you tonight because, if there is an immunity idol, you’re the least likely person that they would give it to.”

I think that’s the most votes ever displayed in tribal council voting.

Jeff returns with the votes and invites anyone with an idol to play it. “You know what, Jeff “ Parvati says, not rising but digging into her bag, “I think it would be downright depressing to sit and watch green bananas turn yellow without my debaucherous little Villains, so, Sandra, that’s for you…” handing Sandra an idol.

“Get out of here, is that for real?” Sandra blurts, smiling.

The Heroes are all smiling too. Their plan has worked to perfection!

Then comes THE MOST STUPENDOUS IDOL PLAY IN SURVIVOR HISTORY, when Parvati REACHES BACK INTO HER BAG, PULLS OUT ANOTHER IDOL AND HANDS IT TO JERRI “… so, Jerri that one’s for you, too!” The Heroes’ faces all drop five feet, as JT mutters a (mild) expletive. Russell rubs his brow in puzzlement, too.

Jeff reads the votes:

Jerri: #1, #2, #3, #4, #5 (none counting)
JT: #6, #7, #8

JT says “Well done.” and shakes Russell’s hand, then rises to hug Colby.

Russell whispers to Parvati that she’s got some ‘splainin’ to do, Lucy. [Actually the “Lucy” was me.] So I guess he was just inadvertently semi-accurate in his story to the Heroes. “Secret.” Parvati says, shrugging and smiling. JT gets his torch snuffed and wags a ‘hang loose’ hand symbol at the tribe saying “good luck, fellas.”

The Villains all look smug, the Heroes glum as they are dismissed.

Next Week

The voice-over says Russell loses control of his alliance and Sandra takes control of the game. Typical survivor spin, I’d say. How many times, this season and last were we told Russell was in trouble. Sandra talks with Colby and promises “Russell’s gone.”

Closing Remarks

JT says he feels like a total idiot, being voted out by his own idol. The moral he draws is “never trust a villain”, but, “worse than that, don’t ever trust women,, ever, ever, ever.” “It was a big move tonight, do or die, and tonight I died.” Oh, well, he’s got a million things at him to console him, and not all of them are cows.

Voting against:

Jerri: All 5 Heroes (none counting)
JT: All 5 Villains


Remaining Survivors:

Yin Yang - can you believe that name?(Black)Seasons
Jerri Manthey2, 8
Amanda Kimmel15, 16
Parvati Shallow13, 16
Danielle DiLorenzo12
Candice Woodcock13
Sandra Diaz-Twine7
Colby Donaldson2, 8
Russell Hantz19
Rupert Boneham7, 8

Posted by Cecil on April 29, 2010 2:23 AM
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