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Survivor 20-5 – Knights of the Round Table

"Watch those hands, buster!”

Season 20: Week 05

Heroes vs. Villains

Knights of the Round Table

Airdate 03/11/2010


Russell hunts for the idol, Rob hunts for Russell, Coach hunts for a little respect.

Heroes, Night 11

The Heroes return from tribal council. Colby interviews that JT was a hero, saving him from certain ouster. JT spins his vote to his betrayed alliance that he was voting for the good of the tribe because Cirie was unreliable in the end-game and he'd have discussed it with them in advance but he only made up his mind at the last second during tribal council. Rupert is not buying it.

Heroes, Day 12

JT swears up and down to Amanda that that he'd never vote for her honest! Amanda's not buying it either. "Game on," she says privately.

The intro Survivor pics are back. I missed them.

Villains, Day 12

Coach leads the Villains in tai chi on the beach, except he calls it "dragon-slayer chi". The gang (except for Russell) follow along, although Sandra and Courtney share amused grins when the singing part starts. Parvati shares more of a grimace. What do you want to bet Boston Rob talked the tribe into going in order to make Coach feel more a part of it?

Russell interviews that they can have that 'meditatin crap', he'll use the time to look for an idol. And by golly, he finds it, right about where he's been digging for two days. Guess they're making them a little harder find this season.

Reward Challenge

It's the rugby-basketball challenge. Three survivors from each team start in the pit, three on platforms at either end. The ones in the pit try to get the three rugby balls (shaped sort of like footballs but not as pointy) back to their teammates on the platforms, the ones on the platforms try to throw the balls into a basket in front of the other team's platform. First team to make two baskets wins.

The reward is a trip to a beautiful water-hole and a feast of all forms of chocolate. And to whet their appetites, Jeff passes out paper plates of small chocolate treats. The Villains, especially the women, dig in greedily. The Heroes pass their plate back untouched, saying grimly they're concentrating on winning. (We'll take theirs, Jerri whimpers.)

The Villains sit out Sandra, Courtney, and Parvati. The Heroes sit out Colby.

Starters in the pit -

Heroes - Candace, James and Tom
Villains - Danielle, Tyson, and Russell

On the platforms -

Heroes - JT, Amanda, Rupert
Villains - Jerri, Coach, Rob

The Heroes get all three balls on the initial scrum, but none of their throwers can hit. After a little back and forth, another Heroes throw falls short and James tries to catch it but falls in a tangle with a knee injury. He tries to rise but goes down again and medical is summoned. The knee appears stable and James tries to walk it off, but it immediately snaps out on him again and medical pulls him from the game. The medics think it’s the medial collateral ligament, and I can tell you from personal experience that one's a bitch. The Heroes have to play short (why couldn't Colby substitute?). JT shares that if James is pulled, it changes a lot of his (JT's) strategy.

Action resumed, the Heroes snag two of three balls. JT rims one, then Coach rims one in the other direction, then Amanda scores - Heroes - 1-0

The pit and platform layers change places for round two.

There's a great deal of back and forth, and a lot of close misses on either side. There's also a lot of physical action in the pit. JT's being ganged up on 2-1. After one clinch releases, Coach smacks JT in the chest with a backhand. JT responds with a rasslin' hold, picking Coach up chest high and slamming him on his back in the mud. Seeing his boyfriend slammed, Tyson takes careful aim and scores, making it a 1-1 tie and game point. Just as the score occurs Rupert slams Jerri into a side rail and she goes down, Boston Rob rushes in to possibly retaliate but Jeff stops the action as Rupert apologizes saying he did not mean to do that. He tries to help her up but she shakes herself away and there's apparently no love lost on either side.

The pit and platform teams change sides again.

Again a lot of action in the pit, even with the Heroes outnumbered. A toss from Boston Rob looks like it might score, but JT invents a new tactic and knocks it away with his own ball. Boston Rob immediately returns the compliment doing the same to a toss of JT's at the other end. JT tosses an in-and-outer and it looks like the Heroes are having no more luck than UNC did last night in the ACC tournament. Jerri tosses in a winner and the Villains have won.

Does it seem like there have been a lot more injuries in Survivor in recent seasons? There have been injuries before but many were accidents like the contestant who fainted and fell into the fire in Australia. Now injuries seem to more often come from the challenges. Are they getting more dangerous, or are the Survivors getting more aggressively competitive? Maybe it's just my biased recollection but it seems like there are more challenges involving contact than before.

The Villains depart for their reward, the Heroes back to camp, except James who's held back for more attention from medical. The medic says she's worried about that knee, but will splint James up and see if he can walk on it.


The Villains dig in to a chocolicious feast. The girls are going crazy over the carbs. Me, I'd have liked a little protein better. Jerri says she's getting a 'chocolate headache'.

After the feast, the group goes swimming in a cool grotto that looks like it's a lava tube with a collapsed roof. The tube connects to the sea and the water is salt water and swarming with colorful fish. Russell and Parvati are relaxing in a pavilion while the rest swim. The swimmers discuss Russell and assume he's found the idol, as much time as he's spent looking for it. Russell tells Parvati he's got it. She's amused, and they toast with milk that doesn't look like chocolate milk. Russell reveals his idol-possession to Coach as well and propositions him to join Russell and Parvati in advancing in the game. He says he'll even give it to Coach if necessary to advance 'his people' in the game. Coach is flattered by the attention, and interviews that while he wants to play the game with Boston Rob, he is uneasy about betraying another player's trust. He kneels for Russell to 'knight' him and tells Russell this is a monumental honor, which feed Russell's monstrous ego and 'king of the island' fantasy no end..

Heroes, Day 12

Back in Heroes camp, Amanda is upset at the prospect of losing games, moved almost to tears. Well, taken back that 'almost'. JT and Rupert are more matter-of-fact about it, figuring James has been gone too long and is most likely not coming back. Tom can take it or leave it.

Then a tall figure hobbles into sight down the beach - James. Amanda cannot contain her joy and runs down the beach to greet him, shortly joined by all the other Heroes. James says medical can't say exactly what's wrong, but they wrapped the leg and left it up to him to see how he could do.

The Heroes' feelings about this are mixed. Candace feels James is too limited and 'obviously' has to go.

Immunity Challenge

It's a puzzle challenge (ruh-roh, Heroes). Blindfolded teams of two will scour a field for giant, heavy puzzle pieces, directed by a single sighted caller. When all the pieces have been retrieved, they can take their blindfolds off and attempt to fit all the giant pieces together into a cube with the tribe's logo.

The Villains sit out Tyson and Danielle. The callers are James and Jerri. The field is littered with obstacles as well as puzzle pieces, and the blindfolded teams immediately begin banging into them. The Villains spring out to a lead, but toward the end, the Villains seem to not be able to find the last pieces and the Heroes finish with a substantial lead, despite James having yelled himself hoarse while Jerri's voice is still as fresh as when she began. Lead or no lead, the Villains' puzzle power takes over and once again the Heroes are headed to tribal council.

James interviews that the whole problem is Tom. Didn't seem that way to me, seems more like James just has a need to demonize someone when the team fails, just like he did with Stephenie.

Heroes, Day 14

Tom and Colby think they need to get rid of James. Rupert and JT think James is still stronger than Tom, even with the bum leg, but Candace begs to differ, thinking keeping James would be a dumb move. JT advocates thinking real hard and acting together. James waddles up to say he's 'good'.

Rupert informs Amanda that Candace is pushing hard for James which is almost enough to make him go for Candace instead of Tom. Almost.

JT and Candace talk and JT says James is the more logical choice and that he and Candace are in trouble being the swing voters.

Amanda and Rupert agree that JT is flakey but they're depending on his vote tonight.

JT, sitting with Tom and Candace, says it makes perfect sense to get rid of James. Candace agrees. Toms is glad to hear it, but expresses nervousness.

JT tells Rupert he's sticking with him, then later tells Colby he's voting with him.

Tribal Council

Early discussion centers around James' condition. James says he's OK and getting better but Peachy says his niece could beat James in a race right now. JT agrees he'd never ask to be voted out with an injury so he can understand why James doesn't want to go, either.

James points the finger (literally) at Tom and Candace as being the major reason the team couldn't solve the puzzle. Candace says James is just mad because they've raised the subject of whether it makes sense to keep James with a bum knee. Tom says James is not being kept for any (potential) physical ability, but because of his vote. He says James' 'shut up during the challenges' policy is big game strategy, not challenge strategy and "if he's quiet during the challenges it's probably because he doesn't know what's going on." JT says it's no use pointing fingers at any one person because they're losing as a team. Tom says he's in trouble tonight unless a couple of good people vote for the team instead of their alliance. James challenges the team to vote him off if they really think Tom is more valuable to the team than him.

Voting time:

Colby votes.
Rupert votes.
Amanda votes.
Tom votes for "James - all mass, no class."
Candace votes.
James votes for Tom.
JT votes.

The votes come back:

Tom - #1, #2, #5, #6
James - #3, #4

Tom presents his torch for snuffing and cautions the tribe "Be safe out there, guys."

Next Week

Boston Rob is out for Russell's hide. Russell strokes his idol and fumes. They caution each other to 'watch your back".

Closing Remarks

Tom says he's bitterly disappointed (but says it with a smile), and says he wishes he could fight it out to the bitter end with the team - he still doesn't think James is up to snuff and thinks the team will wish they had Tom with them later on.

Voting against:

Tom: Rupert, Amanda, James, Candace, JT
James: Tom, Colby


Remaining Survivors:

Heroes (Blue)SeasonsVillains (Red)Seasons
Jerri Manthey2, 8
Amanda Kimmel15, 16Rob Mariano 4, 8
Parvati Shallow13, 16
Danielle DiLorenzo12
Candice Woodcock13Sandra Diaz-Twine7
Colby Donaldson 2, 8Russell Hantz19
James 'JT' Thomas, Jr.18Tyson Apostol18
Benjamin 'Coach' Wade18
Rupert Boneham7, 8
James Clement15, 16Courtney Yates15

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